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  1. Are the armada upgrade cards reprints, reprints errata or something completely new? Do we even know?
  2. Not quite what I was thinking of. Still nice though. If you look at, I think it was the Hipper but could be wrong. The main gun turret layout was A/Y/Z. A single triple turret fore and two triples aft. Broadside was 9 guns but to the aft it was 6. This was unlike most naval ships of the time that were either balanced fore and aft or heavier on the fore. By the same token, the French and Brits both had battleships that placed the entire main battery to the fore and all the secondaries aft. This design could also make for something different to play with. Consider an all red front arc but side and aft arcs nothing but blue/black. This is kind of what I am looking for in my thoughts. Something different from the norm but certainly still viable in every day use.
  3. I would like to see a medium Rebel ship designed like some of the German cruisers of WW2. By that, I mean some quickish but with the primary armament mounted to the aft rather than the fore. Make it lightly "armored" or heavier on AA, whatever to keep it balanced and all. I am just thinking a ship that has a stinger in the tail rather than broadside or nose would make for a different kind of challenge. Oh you want to chase my fleet, here's 3 red from the aft of my whatsit light cruiser as a surprise. Just something different.
  4. Recussent, Venator, Invisible Hand, Pelta, Upgrade Card pack amd of course, the infamous dials. All are listed as currently embargoed on the Canadian source website. No clue if any of this is legit but sound as good as anything I have heard so far. Let the complaints about the Pelta repackage begin! 🤣
  5. Just saw a post from someone in Nova with names of CW ship classes coming out. If I can find the links I will add them or that person can add them here assuming he is watching the boards today.
  6. My son is now almost 16 but has been playing x-wing and armada with me and others in the local scene for close to 5 years now. He owns most of our imp collection while I own the rebs. Playing far too often thanks to 'rona.
  7. Dude, when you discuss the game, you provide really good points for discussion. Very well articulated and reasoned even if I and others do not always agree, they are good. Your problem is that if someone disagrees with you, you get angry and defensive so fast that we all forget that you can and do make valid points elsewhere and can only see your petty tirades worthy of a petulant teenager. Try to lighten up, not take everything said as a personal attack and just enjoy the wonderful discourse about this great game. Don't bother to respond to me on this comment as I will not get dragged into one of your endless rants either, I am only pointing out how you come across to the vast majority of posters here. @Reavern your last post just made my point. It was snarky and really did nothing to further the discussion of OP's original question. It only served as a jab at someone else who disagreed with your relative perspective on books and movies, something that is inherently subjective by their very nature.
  8. Many Bothans have died trying to get this information...
  9. I don't comment very often about people, but seriously dude, give it a break. The more you say and try to defend your position, right or wrong, the more you are going to get dogged. Just let it go and move on to something more productive and worthy of your time, whatever that may be. I am not even suggesting anything snarky, just saying, this thread or any other is not worth getting so worked up about. Throw a rack of ribs on the grill and grab a brew and play with some plastic ships with your buds.
  10. Has Admiral Nelson returned under an assumed name? This thread reminds me a lot of those heady days. Ah the arguments that were so off topic and the insults of such magnitude that only a preschooler could hope to compete. ***please note, I have not mentioned any one by name, assume at your own risk*** 🤣
  11. Marketing efforts in the current world are totally new and different. The closest thing you have is post WWII sales where people were restricted from purchasing soooo many things because of the war that when manufacturing restarted, people spent like mad buying all kinds of things that were unavailable for months or even years. This will be much the same situation. People will buy spaceships as fast as their incomes will allow because they want to have fun again.
  12. Here is a fun little exercise. Let's assume a corvette type uses a single command dial, a frigate is 2-3 and a cruiser type is 3-4. Then assume that the packs will include enough crap to make 6 dials. Just making up numbers so we can have a discussion here. If you are running a small rebel style fleet with a bunch of corvettes, a single dial pack may be fine. If you want to run say a double ISD or triple VSD, then you now need at least two packs of dials. You may end up with more dials than you really need. If you have a complete collection except for that brand new Klingon Viper Mk2 and you go pick that shiny new plastic ship up from the flgs. You now need some dials. Oh my that thing only needs a single dial but you now have to buy 5 extras just to play your new spaceship. There is all your waste coming back to get you. I guess to be good to the environment, you now need to buy even more ships so as not to be wasteful. Anyway, if you can follow the lockdown addled logic used here, you can see that having dials removed from the standard contents, may not be doing anything to help reduce packaging waste at all. The only thing that is for sure is that, following the prevalent theory being expounded upon above, ffg stands to make a lot more money off of all the gamers regardless of why they would move the dials to a separate package. And isn't that really the entire point of any move made by businesses everywhere?
  13. The dials being omitted makes as much sense as any other theory going so far. However... in my area, we have seen 4-6 games a year where the point totals per side are in excess of 5000. Yes the games literally take a weekend to play but d***, they look cool. 4 ISDs abreast with numerous other ships supporting against a conga line of 6 MC80Hs cutting across the imp line while swarms of CR90s flank. And that is just part of the action. You need all of those silly extra dials to field your entire collection against multiple opponents doing the same thing. Maybe I am odd, but I want everything needed to field any and all of my spaceships when and if the time comes.
  14. Everything feels normal again. Armada fans get wound up and then let down. This feels just like the good old days of wave 3, er.. 4 no wait 5, or was it 6 or maybe 7... I don't know, it just feels like it always has. Back to normal.
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