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  1. Grand Admiral Buford

    Happy Friday

    My ability would be to take any one hit I rolled and change it to a blank. As in why do my dice hate me so much.😂
  2. Grand Admiral Buford

    Terrain for Armada?

    The thing about 3d obstacles that makes them useful is that you are more aware of them amd how they will impact your actions. A mostly black piece of cardboard on a black background gets overlooked a lot until you realize that you have no choice but to crash. All because you did not readily see it. In my experience, 3d terrain affects the choices people make for movement and cover far more that a piece of cardboard.
  3. Grand Admiral Buford

    Any rumors on the re-print of Squadrons 1 packs??

    With the new article up on mega games, I know I will be needing reprints of many things including fighters.
  4. Grand Admiral Buford

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Ok, so how will this impact cards like the 7th Fleet amd Mon Cal Fleet? Will those interact across all friendly players or just within the individual fleets? Will only one player per side get to use the "fleet" cards or everyone? Just some food for thought... it may be in the rules already and I just missed them. I am at work in theory. 😁
  5. Grand Admiral Buford

    Deep Space Nine

    Most excellent. A giant spacestation is always fun with spaceships.
  6. Grand Admiral Buford

    Deep Space Nine

    I am stuck at work currently so cannot listen to the video but would be interested in getting files to print for the cards. I recently finished building out DS9 model and would love to use it in some local games. Are they available for download?
  7. Grand Admiral Buford

    Reminder: you can ignore other users

    I have no desire to get entangled in the hoohaw of the closed thread or some of what this thread has become, however.... I would like to point out that having the previous thread locked down is proof that at least one ffg admin is reading this forum. They know we exist. 😁
  8. Grand Admiral Buford

    Happy Friday - Cross Over Campaigns

    A couple of years ago, Nova Squadron did a game combining Armada and X-wing into a single game running concurrently. Ok, they also used an 11 foot Star Destroyer in the X-wing game, but whatever we can't all be so cool as they are. Stuff from both games impacted each other. Sounded very cool.
  9. Grand Admiral Buford

    Happy Friday - Cross Over Campaigns

    Never done it using any of the star wars games but used to run games similar to this using ww2 minis. Naval minis covered the escorting of the transports delivering units to the enemy shores. The transports that arrived safely "unloaded" their troops. Then the microscale ground battle took place with the goal of both sides to get certain units into a building complex where it shifted to a 25mm attack defense. Quite fun and as each stage depended on the results of the prior stage, made for some interesting choices. Trying this in the star wars universe sounds quite exciting. Too bad, I cannot afford all the minis I used to have. Maybe someone will let me borrow some toys to play with...
  10. Grand Admiral Buford

    Is X-Wing inherently more popular or was it just first?

    Faster and cheaper the dark is. Leads to sadness and death(of the wallet). Always thinking of the next meta breaking ship X-wing is.
  11. Grand Admiral Buford

    Happy Friday - Yup Indeed.

    All my rebs have a theme. My Mon Cals are all in shades of blue and grey to indicate the aquatic nature. The Corellians (and other human manufactured ships) are mostly in their standard paint schemes with varying amounts of blue highlights. My son's imps are done in white with red and gold striping to differentiate each ship. Ties are standard grey and black. Reb fighters are in various dual color schemes, i.e. blue squadron, green, etc... All the rogues match the original as best as my failing eyes can master.
  12. Grand Admiral Buford

    Ignore thread....delete.

    I miss the days of Admiral Nelson. He was fun to read. And aggrivate with logic and reality. Maybe I shall compose some Vogon poetry about him in memory of his enjoyable posts of yore... Just seemed like the kind of thing missing from this thread. ?
  13. Grand Admiral Buford

    Does the Empire need a CR90 equivalent?

    The Imps already have a small support ship to counter the CR90. It is called swarms of TIEs. It is how the Imperial Navy doctrine dictates things be done. CR90 does not fit. Not a weapon that is properly fear inducing, nor capable of dealing with any common peasant uprising. Works great as a fast raider but that is not what the Imperial Navy is designed to do. Local police forces are supposed to handle those lesser duties where smaller ships are better suited.
  14. Grand Admiral Buford

    List of Canon Ships for Armada

    As a former player of WWI and WWII naval minis with ACW ironclads thrown in just for fun, I understand the point you make. I was only pointing out that while it would make good tactical sense to have a well rounded fleet, the very nature of the SW universe makes for a situation where, at least the Rebs are "run whut ya brung". Consider stealing or convincing the entire crew of something the size of a Vic to defect vs. A CR-90. I am looking at it from a practical in universe view. As a rebel player, bring on the mediums, I just don't see many options is all.
  15. Grand Admiral Buford

    List of Canon Ships for Armada

    Just read several comments on the Rebels "needing" another medium based ship. Why? Not saying it wouldn't be nice to have but who says that any given fleet needs any given size. There is no reason why any given nation/state would have a military doctrine calling upon the use of any given size or class of ship. Further, given that the rebels rely heavily of ships that can be stolen or have defected. Smaller ships are more likely to fit that criteria than mediums or larges. As for the MCs, well that is a simple matter of what we see in movies. Imps are more likely to go in for large ships that can be used to intimidate, small ships don't really intimidate pirates flying an armed Action VI nearly as much as a victory. Small or large base, does it really matter as long as it fits thematically?