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  1. Fair. Which is probably tied into why I don’t enjoy this one despite its massive promise. But the game itself isn’t fun for me yet and I can’t get any old timers back because it’s just too janky and different. Dishonor and honor players have a small corner now and enlightenment, the heart of Rokugani culture, is gone. I’ve heard it said they tore out the spirit of l5r and it is hard to argue against that point. Ffg seems more interested in player’s money than their enjoyment which seems counterintuitive for longevity. There is room to grow but the box they put the mechanics in is limiting and eventually the game will be stuck against the lid of that box. Basically my favorite metaphor is this: l5r was a bonsai that got cut back to the roots and is now growing back withered and crooked. It can one day be a beautiful tree but for now it is struggling and the gardeners seem unaware of this fact. I’m all for mechanical changes that make sense- this game feels like it was purposeful in its design limitations- a game of netrunner with an Asian skin. And if I wanted to play netrunner or thrones I would, but I don’t. But yeah going back is out of the question now but I’d like to see 2nd edition as more of the best parts of both games, giving us a fair l5r in the sense that all the cards are available to everyone, not locked behind a rarity paywall.
  2. I have hope which is why I still check in from time to time. I actually still like the deckbuilding as that hasn’t really changed too much, and is the same for every game more or less. but the rest of the game proper feels vanilla and awkward with too many moving parts. Tokens for instance just get in the way. The honor dial system is bonkers. Too much poker not enough Rokugan. I think that fate was a decent idea but not having a real economy kind of makes it moot.
  3. Sure there were problems but at least it was interesting most of the time. Like I said it just isn’t fun anymore but deckbuilding isn’t still enjoyable so there’s that. p
  4. I am expressing my opinion. This is allowed. The only way things get better is if we communicate how we feel. We may not believe the same thing when it comes to this subject but we’re still fellow humans. I haven’t been on this forum in months. It’s sad to see it seems to be less about discussion of poor mechanics and more about shilling for a poorly designed game. L5r has its problems for sure but don’t forget celestial edition, that was the fairest it ever was for all clans involved. As a Phoenix player I am very disappointed at the OP nature of their various builds, especially since it looks like we’ll be getting shorter release windows just to make it a multi clan game. Right now it just feels like checkers and the game used to be chess
  5. Fair. But at least it had smoother mechanics. The biggest problem is competitive and the very apparent lack of fun in this new version. And as far as movement shenanigans that was the game it was an actual war with moving armies, a beautiful and elegant dance that is now just draw cards until you happen to win accidentally because this game has very little actual strategy. We deserve better than a soulless IP cash grab
  6. Which is yet another reason why this game is inferior to the old one. Too many rickety combos and superfluous interactions only barely mask the underlying problems that make this game not fun at all. No one plays it anymore in my area and it is on a wait and see mode. Another sign of a bad game: not really playable from launch. Also locking out the community from competition by keeping kotei behind a convention pay wall, killing the old TO system, Ignoring valid criticisms and destroying the existing tournament culture will lead to an even more stagnant meta. Pretty but impersonal, like a good looking woman writing you a parking ticket.
  7. If it takes a long time to load it can be meido.whatever
  8. Disagree. Without clan loyal you are an honorless dog. A ronin, literally lower than the heimin. Choose, or toil forever in a world that wants you worse than dead
  9. As an old school Phoenix I don’t think it likely I’ll be spending any time on a site that glorifies jigoku, talk about fake news, man!
  10. Yeah as a ccg player it feels like the six in six really made a complete core. Of course I’d love quicker dynasty pack releases but once a month from now on is ok. But if they wanted to, say, do three in three every three months that would split the difference and move the meta along faster.
  11. You know: if we got rid of predatory capitalism it would be easier to travel to events... also, I’m a little miffed that someone has already carpetbagged in order to screw a clan. Very unsporting. But what do you expect from predatory capitalists?
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