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  1. Rebels based figure pack wave before moving on to Endor/R1/Solo Rebels: Captain Rex fan favorite, been teased in artwork Merc: Loth-Wolves I mean I still don’t understand why the title to this topic wasn’t Loth-wolves or we riot Imperial: Rukh A character I love after Thrawn Alliances. Would also interest EU fans Other Imp options: Kallus, Imperial Super Commandos w/ Boba fix
  2. Not that I ever fool myself into believing that Fantasy Flight actually reads these forums to get ideas but I thought it could be an interesting idea to see where everyone’s wishes the app will go in the future. I don’t intend this to be predictions. My thoughts are below though the first few are things others have said. 1. More selective spawning of enemies. I don’t wanna have to worry about seeing Wampas in the desert or forest and I shouldn’t have to deselect an expansion to ensure that. 2. Specifically add an option to make it so certain characters don’t spawn without having to deselect there packs. IE Obi Wan, Inquistor, Greedo 3. Future waves should include an app campaign/content at the time they are released. I would do this for both box and figure pack waves. How quickly would people run out and grab a whole figure pack wave if it allows them to play an app campaign? The waves typically have some kind of theme anyway. For example how great would a campaign set pre-rogue one based around Obi Wan, Greedo and the Inquisitior be? 4. Release campaigns spanning more than one expansion box. This game has a vast library of tiles and figures. The app already taps into that library of figures. They should reward the people who have bought multiple expansions. 5. Release campaigns where the big bad are characters we already have but weren’t the focus of their box. IE Boba Fett, Grand Inquisitor, Bossk 6. More use of allies in campaigns, preferably through some type of side mission mechanic. Accompanying an alliance smuggler on a mission to steal supplies, rescuing enslaved Wookiee’s with Chewy, blowing something up with rebel sabs, etc... 7. Incorporate a skirmish squad builder into the app. If xwing can have it, so can we. 8. Add a reroll option for when random unique figures are spawning.
  3. So now that everyone has celebrated that the app is coming soon I thought it would be a good idea to have a conversation about what people think/want the future of the app to be. I for one hope that the app will open up a new range of stories that would not have been practical as a campaign box. The first two things that spring to mind are campaigns set on endor and based around Star Wars rebels. I really think the app can allow for a more flexible campaign design to fit within either of those idea. I also hope the app can really be supported well. At this point if the app campaigns are going to only be 6 missions I think it would be a big disappointment if there wasn't a new app campaign at least every 3 months. Maybe someone with experience with the descent apps can chime in and say home often content was released for that. What are everyone else's ideas for the unique things the app can bring?
  4. Possible yoda mission off the top of my head You've been tracking imperial chatter and learn a scouting party has been sent on behalf of Darth Vader and the Emporer to the Dagobah system to investigate its strong ties to the force. Intent on keeping any force related secrets out of the empires hands you gather your strike team and head for Dagobah. When you arrive you secret your ship at the edge of a lagoon and set off towards the heart of the imperial operation. On your way to their camp you encounter a small intelligent green life form who offers to be your guide. From (insert strongest hero's name) shoulders he shows up a short cut the Camp. Proceed to have a swamp based mission where Yoda is a badass. At the end of the mission... the small green life form, whose name you think started with a Y but for some reason none of you can remember, came up each of you and waived good bye. Even though you all remember fighting you can't remember any details. The only thing you all agree on is this was not the planet you were looking for... Side note on Yoda. I for one really want him in the game but would be disappointed if they made him solely a support character. There's no reason to believe he's not totally capable of fighting in ep. 5. Remember Yoda's fighting style was totally dependent on using the force to aid in movement. In ep. 5 he's still capable of lifting a starship meaning he's easily capable zipping around with a light saber.
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