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  1. Fenn can't have an illicit or fire control system. Fenn doesn't have the full array of one speeds. The Starviper can one straight and one bank and one hard turn, and they're all white or green. What other small base can do that besides for a Striker without Adaptive Ailerons? Fenn is better, but the Starviper is only overcosted by a point because of Virago. It's Fenn that's undercosted. The Starviper, with free Virago, is just fine.
  2. Yeah, and Ryad with PtL, x7, and MK II was a point more than Soontir, or 5 points more than the Inquisitor. Fenn when used with Mindlink is just a super jouster. He could be PS 5 and Parattanni would have still been just as effective.
  3. Yeah, and you have 2 of those ships in your list to cover for the Starviper's lack of greens. Like I've said before, if the Virago title was just free for all Starvipers, even the PS one guys with Autothrusters and FCS would be a solid option. Guri's only a point overcosted since she has to pay for Virago. This is the problem. If you just give the Starviper as a whole a 4 point discount, you'll end up making Guri too strong. Xizor's ability is kind of lackluster in general and doesn't work against TLT, so he's overcosted for different reasons, like Rexlar Brath.
  4. Mindlink has been out for how long now? And people still think that not having green turns for one of your 3 ships in this list is a problem? Because Mindlink ships give a rats ass about being stressed. Aw shucks, I slooped with with my Starviper and I ONLY got a focus token and a target lock. The next turn I couldn't clear my stress because I didn't have a green hard turn, I ONLY got 2 focus tokens and a Target Lock. Man, how will I EVER use Guri's pilot ability, Mindlink, and Fire Control System when I'm stressed?! I can't be assigned tokens when I'm stressed!
  5. When I flew the list before with a U-Wing, I didn't have enough focuses to support Shara. You need to have one for her offense, R5-P9, and ideally also have one leftover for defensive rolls, and you also want to target lock for Norra. I ended up facing a Wes Janson too and Stresshog too. Rey alone wasn't normally enough and if I only focused + Rey with Shara I would never get to utilize her pilot ability. Norra needs extra focuses too. One for an extra hit result, one for an extra defensive result. So Shara can do 2 actions a turn (1.5 really with Rey). She actually needs 4. Norra can do 3, Push the Limit and Kyle. This should be enough most of the time, but an extra would help. Ahsoka's ability and Ops Spec should patch the action economy of the squad. If both ARC's have shots, it's likely that at least one is missing. So that's an extra focus, sometimes 2 a round. That's a shield regen I wouldn't have had or an extra evade result, or an extra Rey focus I can bank so I don't have to choose between shield regeneration and banking focuses.
  6. It can reward you before you fire. Ship A fires and misses, which triggers Ops Spec and can gives ship B a focus before it fires. If you have high PS, it can work defensively too. I think it's a reasonable comparison. Both can add a few extra focuses to a list. I acknowledge that Mindlink is generally better. LOL holy ****, calm down. And you're calling me hyperbolic.
  7. Both Mindlink and Ops Spec can add a few extra focuses to a list. Mindlink is generally the better card, but there are corner cases where Ops Spec can be better and Ops Spec isn't limited to Scum. I don't think the comparison is hyperbolic.
  8. What is it? When combined with Jan Ors, Ops Spec basically hands out an evade token. That's Palpatine for 5 points. Huh.
  9. Fair points, but it's not far behind. Also, Tomax would have Lightweight, so 3 agility most of the time. OS has some corner cases where it's better than Mindlink. In a situation where a ship can't focus itself, Mindlink can only pass it one focus. In a situation where a ship can't focus itself, OS can stack as many focuses as attacks that miss can stack on it. It's a corner case, sure, but you could stack 2-3 focuses on something in a pinch. As Sciencius pointed out, maybe you combo this with Mindlink. Manaroo range 1-3 baby.
  10. You would need both TLT shots to miss to trigger OS, but sure. Maybe you use that one attack die primary to intentionally miss LOL. You could also do this with Overclocked Astromech.
  11. I already have paid for 8 TIE Fighters. I'm not buying 8 TIE Fighter update packs. No.
  12. That's a sexy squad. That's literally Attanni Mindlink on Imperial ships. What's easy to miss about the card at first glance is that it doesn't have to be the ship that missed that gets the focus, it's any ship at range 1-3 of the attacker. That's huge.
  13. If you ate someone's breakfast and the only punishment was that they got to eat yours then it would be beneficial to bring a *** breakfast and simply trade breakfasts whenever it would benefit you.
  14. I'm considering that too, but with Expertise becoming such a staple I just don't feel safe wasting the points and opportunity cost on it.
  15. Take a look at this build: Ahsoka with VI, Sabine's Masterpiece, BMST, Captured TIE, Operations Specialist Shara Bey with Adaptability, Rey, R5-P9, Alliance Overhaul, Vectored Thrusters Norra with PTL, R2-D2, Kyle Katarn, Vectored Thrusters, Alliance Overhaul. Your list simply drowns in focus tokens, and you have resistance to stress with Kyle and Rey and Operations Specialist. Operations Specialist is a pretty good card. It's a way to shunt actions to things that wouldn't normally be able to get them. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? It's the next Attanni Mindlink. Another sleeper card with a great effect that people don't realize the power of. This is the perfect card for the Captured TIE. Also, let's look at some Imperial options. Why not pair a Tomax Crackshot TIE Shuttle with some TIE/D's? Then Operations Specialist is lifting a ton of weight for your squad, that's likely an extra 2-3 focus tokens per round. Sound familiar? Omega Leader doesn't always hit, so now when she misses she can get that full stack tho. Everytime that you miss with an attack, you can use it to supercharge the attack of the next ship in line, or supercharge the defense of ships. All of a sudden you're in a bad spot, you (intentionally) miss, and then you get a defensive token. This card is crazy.
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