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  1. I’m thinking it means a new skirmish mode, or horde mode maybe?
  2. It only usually costs an interaction when specified, like an investigation. Usually just follow the cards as the my have special effects when in the same space. On the app, you will see an arrow symbol to interact. Every arrow symbol counts as an interaction.
  3. In my experience the app does some “hand-holding” as well with this, graying out stunned or exhausted enemies. Glad you found the answer!
  4. From any space yes. Keep in mind the card does not add a success and you have to draw it to add it. It’s also completely situational. I think it’s a nice balance. You will honestly trade it out later to get some level 12 cards anyway more often than not.
  5. I have a friend who scanned all his tiny cards in imperial assault and reprinted them larger. It was a pain but it seemed to work
  6. Sorastro on youtube/Patreon. He links everything you need. Great videos for beginners!!
  7. I will be pretty excited to play it! But grey don’t play so everything gets painted first!
  8. I know cleave well. It’s the Legolas staple. I was referencing opportunities for enemies to hit multiple targets as an example, similar to cleave. Anyway, I killed Atarin without much effort. He was the final boss of the campaign but not the first, however I’ve played enough now where even on the more difficult setting I breeze through campaigns without much thought. I also pre ordered the new expansion but haven’t followed any articles as to what is being added. In my opinion, the game needs: 1. More dynamic enemy battles 2. Better character interactions(this to me would give a better story vibe). Otherwise I like where this is going and will likely do 2-3 plays of the new campaign to see how things change and maybe even start over from the first campaign.
  9. Atarin was disappointing. Legolas and Beravor were just crushing him and Aragorn was playing Guardian and providing some defense. I love the game, however I do wish the bosses were more dynamic in their combat than regular enemies(using stuns, cleave to enemies in the same space, etc). I did however enjoy Uluk. I am hoping shadowed paths brings more dynamic battles!
  10. A lot to unpack hear and I would suggest maybe reading through the “How to play” again just to clear up some of the concepts as all these questions are answered there. I will also help you answer these: 1. Do your characters heal all wounds(phys and mental) and start fresh each scenario? Yes. All Damage and Fear cards are returned to the deck(I would shuffle those as well). 2. You do shuffle you prepared cards into the deck on each new scenario? Yes. You prepare your #1 Skill card for your character prior to each scenario. 3. Do you shuffle used cards into the deck after each new scenario? Yes. You also reshuffle your deck if you run out of cards for testing. 4. Do you amend the amount of tokens with leaves on your card? Inspiration is all returned and does not carry over. 5. Do the usable items refresh after each scenario? Yes 6. Each character equips only one usable item per scenario, if i get new one do I have two or must I unequip one? All Items gained during a scenario can be equipped to have more than one. After the scenario is over, you can only pick 1 item to carry into the next scenario. 7. Do you clear your trait(?) cards like hidden or desperate after each scenario? Yes 8. How many times per turn you can use skill card? I would say as many uses as it has as long as you do different tests and it is not discarded.I mean there is a skill card of legolas or hunter saing: "When you add damage using this ability add stun. Damage 1".But it does not say to discard that skill, so what I can constantly use the same skill? Or I add it to each attack action? The card read pretty clear cut and dry. I would like to know which card you reference. The card will let you know if it needs to be discarded. Again, I would encourage you to do 2 things. 1: play a few scenarios on adventure mode referencing the rules reference as you go. 2: Read the how to play guide that came with the game as most of the questions are covered. You will learn more by playing than anything. Play a few scenarios and you should get the hang of it. Good gaming!
  11. Some damage and fear cards have negative affects toward your deck or character in general but do not always end up in your damage or fear count. If the card says to discard it, then it is gone!
  12. Page 11 of Learn to Play “If an enemy is not defeated, it regains all of its armor and sorcery, and it may be prompted to counterattack. The enemy group can attack if it is in the hero’s space or in an adjacent space and has the ranged () icon on its portrait. If the enemy can attack, the hero selects the “Yes” button and resolves an attack as described in “Enemy Activation Step” on page 8.“ Notice it says “the hero” not “a hero,” this referencing the attacking hero.
  13. The enemy figure will only counter attack the hero figure that attacked it. So in your instance, there are no counter attacks that would occur unless the attacked figure was an orc archer and could also range attack.
  14. I think that’s a good combo to try. I would be careful with Aragorn as a pathfinder even with the bow because at some point you will need to clear out enemies fast. Although Bilbo and Aragorn could traverse the map quickly so if you reserve pathfinder only for the journey map that could work, just getting as much covered as possible. Let me know how it goes! Just make sure you have attack/defense/and exploring all covered between the 2.
  15. Great question! However it is much more complicated than just character selection. Selecting the proper combination of roles can be equally as important. I prefer 3 player(single player) games. I typically run: Legolas Hunter for attack Aragorn Guardian for defense(And extra success) Elena Musician/Pathfinder to dish out inspiration and move through the map. With that said these just fit my play style. There is no wrong answer. I would encourage you to switch roles to a different class once you get both 12xp success cards to maximize your success rate. Think about how you play and build from that. In my opinion though....Legolas every game. And I think if you like to mow down enemies the Legolas/Beravor combo might be right for you, just be open to change the class roles up while you play! Hope that helps!
  16. I can tell you that I have had to replace sleeves as games go on. Doesn’t hurt to have extra! I usually try to keep a spare pack around.
  17. Yes! Take the wording quite literal in game. If a card says you may test Wisdom instead, then it’s a go!
  18. From the rulebook: First, the enemy group moves up to the indicated number of spaces toward the targeted hero, taking the shortest path of spaces possible. The enemy group stops when it is in range of that hero. The enemy is in range if it is in the hero's space or if it is in an adjacent space and has the ranged () icon on its enemy portrait. If the enemy group cannot get in range of its target but it can get in range of another hero, that closer hero becomes the new target. If multiple heroes satisfy this condition, the heroes choose which one becomes the new target. If the enemy can get in range of a target, the "Attack" button is selected and the app displays the amount of damage () and fear () that the hero might suffer. If the enemy group cannot get in range of any target, it ignores the entire instruction and the "No Target" button is selected. This provides the enemy with a new instruction, which usually moves the enemy closer to a hero.
  19. Something I think would add some more tactics and character development to the game would be character interactive effects. Something to the extent of a card with text "When adjacent to Legolas and upon Legolas defeating an enemy figure, Gimli may move one space and immediately attack. Discard after use." I think this would add an extra dynamic of character interaction to the game and would encourage partnering up of certain heroes. Just my opinion though! Still love the game.
  20. Thanks for the share. Meddler class looks interesting to play. I’m excited for the new content even thought it was pushed back to July.
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