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  1. I thought the dlc was coming today but so far on IOS I haven’t been able to purchase it yet.
  2. Oh no! The new update is out(playable on the first)! This game is dying!
  3. I ordered from miniature market and haven’t heard anything yet. Who have been the fastest companies to order from?
  4. Read the article. I don’t do forums much but I am starting to catch up on the news. I do hope they support the app more as a lot of times it’s harder to get together for game nights( I have kids).
  5. Anyone hear any word/rumors on more app updates for more content?
  6. The problem is I have to have 1 iPad device devoted to the game, but wanted something else because our family shares the device. Now I bought a smaller android device for this game but can’t transfer the saved games. It’s frustrating. I have a friends game, family game and a solo already going.
  7. I contacted FFG and steam is the only place that offers cloud support for saves. They told me there are currently no plans to add cloud saves for devices but they would submit my request.
  8. Could I pay you to print me a set and ship it to me?!?
  9. I might do that. 3 kids and a wife and 1 tablet makes it not always available. But I will likely finish on that device first. I did contact customer support to see if they plan to add any cross device support for saves. I will update on what I hear back.
  10. We need the ability to transfer saves to other devices or a cloud for the saves. I have to use the family ipad(only one we have) when the game is in use. I decided to buy a smaller tablet but don’t want to start over. Make an easy transfer system please!!
  11. A cloud system would be ideal to share between devices.
  12. Any chance they might add a competitive skirmish mode in the future? Will you make up your own rules to battle with a friend? Thoughts?
  13. The water actually dilutes the paint, this can hurt the integrity of the paint film and slightly the color. The flow agents you get chemically bond with the paint, thus adding better flow without hurting paint film integrity/color.
  14. It's on its way. Can't wait to paint it and start play testing! I am also thinking of creating some new monster battles.
  15. Well, I just made my own Ciri. It took me about 24 hours worth of work and research beginning to end. I have a figure on it's way. Yennifer coming next
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