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  1. I really want to fly Major Vermile (Krennic crew) with Carnor Jax. What do you guys think the other ace should be? And other reaper crew?
  2. Any chance of adding Adaptive Ailerons for the tie Strikers?
  3. Now that it's been out a while, who.ate your favorite pilots to pair with flight assist astromech? Right now I've been flying a lot of Thayne Kryell and Horton Salm.
  4. Love me some Kyle Katarn. His crew card gives you a focus for clearing stress. This is thematic for 2 reasons. He's a smuggler who works great under stress, also he was an instructor in Lukes Jedi academy, so he rewards you for doing something good like removing stress.
  5. Lol, I run him with Wired, XG-1, LRS, HLC and Linked Battery. Usually paired with Omega Leader and Intensity, Cruise Missle Vader. It's fun, plenty of re rolls on offense and depending on how well I place him, people ignore him for the Tie fighters
  6. On the fly casual x wing simulator, their firespray fix was "you may equip a second title, and you may fire secondary weapons out of your rear firing arc." It worked very well, but alas, I would love to be able to put small ship upgrades on Kath and Boba
  7. Lt. Kestal: Deadeye, TLT, Harpoon Missle x2, LWF -39
  8. I think snap shot, squad leader, expert handling and decoy are my EPT choices for cards that will somehow see an uprising. Otherwise I think it would be cool to see more synced turret, jamming beam, Cluster missiles, and R2-F2.
  9. Tomax Bren: Crack Shot, tie shuttle, tactician, death troopers, LWF. 31 pts Doesn't deal a ton of damage but has a lot of stress utility. What would you pair with such a list?
  10. Depends on the faction I play. When I play imperial I run this: Vader (9): Intensity, Cruise missiles, title, Engine Upgrade and Adv. Targeting Computer - 39 Inquisitor (8): PTL, prockets, title, AT - 34 Double Edge (4): Snap shot, Autoblaster Turret, unguided rockets, LWF- 27 But I love my scum list most of all; "Night Siblings" Captain Nym (8): PTL, Autoblaster Turret, Extra Munitions, Cluster Missles, Cluster Mines, Engine Upgrade and Maul - 52 pts. Assajj Ventress (6): PTL, Lattzz, Glitterstim, BMST, Countermeasures (48). Both lists are super fun and aggressive
  11. Is there a world where quickdraw with snap shot and enhanced scopes sees comparative play? In theory you could move as PS 0, set up the block, enemy moves and triggers snap shot, then attack with PS 9, and potentially take damage and fire a 3rd time. Seems possible, but not sure if it is as viable as FCS and VI
  12. The scum Nym I run is really fun. Night Brother: Captain Nym (8): PTL, Autoblaster Turret, Extra Munitions, Cluster Missles, Cluster Mines, Engine Upgrade and Maul - 52 pts. I know it looks unconventional, but it has served me well in store tournaments. It flys different than most nym's by either pushing to get locks and reposition and fire clusters (and using maul to clear stress), pushing to drop mines in front of high PS aces and then autoblasting (and clearing stress with maul) or just locking and using Maul to reroll both cluster missle salvos (potentially). I mainly fly it aggressively in people's faces and try and leave a wake of destruction.
  13. Browncoat50

    No K2S0

    I think that will depend on how well "Solo" is recieved
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