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  1. Okay. So, adaptive ailerons doesnt act like a decloakits just before you flip your dial and move? Thanks.
  2. I have finally switched my empire over to 2.0. I wasn't able to find the sequence to the system phase for strikers. For them to drop and bomb and adaptive ailerons. Also with sense on Vader, which of these happens first to last? Strikers being I3.
  3. I was wondering if they are going to out he FAQ up on he app? It seems very basic to me.
  4. I don't have a star wing sadly. Or harpoons. Also, that would put me at a 2 pt bid. Thanks though. I am an aggressive player.
  5. Was just looking. Maybe Lt. Colzet with title and fcs? Can try as a blocker at first then get those face down damage cards turned up after?
  6. Wondering what's a good 23pt ship to take for a third ship. I'm going to run; Vader - intensity, title, atc, engine upgrade Blackout - ptl, advanced sensors, autothrusters, primed thrusters Need a third cheap ship. Was thinking omega leader with a score to settle and advanced optics but haven't had much luck. Played an aggressor often and haven't been pleased with it. Looking for some insight from the community.
  7. I wanted to use the strikers again and since I got the new silencer I figured I would try that as well. But I didn't want to give up the tie sf. It is my favorite ship. Blackout - trick shot, fcs, at Backdraft - trick Shot, fcs, left, title Imperial Trainee - title (x2) I could use the strikers as blockers and as an annoyance while I have blackout and backdraft kicking around and doing whatever they can do. Thoughts?
  8. Okay. Is the list decent enough or could it use some changes?
  9. Quickdraw (29) Adaptibility (0) FCS (2) LWF (2) Spec Ops Training (0) Major Stridan (32) FCS (2) Systems Officer (2) Rho Squadron Veteran (21) VI (1) Advanced Slam (2) Plasma Torps (3) Unguided Rockets (2) OS-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Which ship would you attack first? Id assume the star wing but maybe the upsilon?
  10. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. Ill be switching my lisy up.
  11. Quickdraw: Adaptibility, FCS, LWF, Spec Ops Training Lt. Kestal: VI, Ion Cannon Turret Starkiller Base Pilot: FCS, Hux, PA My idea here is to Fanatical Devotion Kestal and get the ion on the main target of their list then position my other two neatly for maximum effect of attack. My question though is; what can cancel FD changed hit? If i had that on Lt. Kestal would my focus changed to hit go through not matter what?
  12. MHamerR8

    Debris Gambit

    I tend to fly Quickdraw through the astroids often. Im thinking it would be a good addition to keeping his shields from being taken to quickly.
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