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  1. New post is up! Today we're going back to the deserts of Tatooine for another basing tutorial. I absolutely love this Agrellan Earth product, and I'm going to be revisiting it. But for now it's some pretty easy stuff for a really simple, eye-catching base.
  2. Today's post: That's Not How the Force Works: The Attack Resolution Chart ...in which I try and explain the fairly complicates steps involved in attacking and defending in Legion. Probably a good refresher for everybody, but especially for newbies!
  3. Thank you! I really appreciate it
  4. Hi folks! Wanted to show off a closer shot of my Scarif AT-RT, the process for which I outlined in this post. I'm really proud of this one, primarily because of the basing. While, yes, it's missing the firing arcs, I did this as a chance to push my ability a bit and I'm so happy with how the waves and the foam came out. Of all my minis in the picture up top, this is the base I'm most proud of. Would love to hear any constructive feedback!
  5. New post up today: No Such Thing as Luck: On Mental Math in Legion I really struggle with the numbers side of games like these, and so I tried to lay things like probability out in a way that is more intuitive for beginner players to calculate. Would love to hear your thoughts!
  6. My first two new posts are also up - a quick look at the early meta for commanders who have bought into Legion but aren't sure what to run for their first army: Imperial 101: Early Meta Armies Rebel 101: Early Meta Armies Hope you find these useful, or that you can pass them on to those who would.
  7. Hi all - you've been very kind to me with feedback on my blog aimed at first-time war gamers and Legion players, Imperial Discipline, so I decided to make a dedicated thread on the forums for all future posts. In the meantime, feel free to check out a couple of my top posts thus far: How to Create a Scarif Beach Base Buying Into Legion (Part 2: Paint and Supplies) Photographing Minis Like a Pro (With No Experience Required) If you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again for the support, and happy commanding.
  8. And here's my AT-ST, which I'm mostly proud of for the base:
  9. Thanks! I don't have photos on me, but I'll happily share the much more competent inspiration: https://imgur.com/a/C8S4II9
  10. Hey everybody, along with my new blog for beginners I thought I'd start a thread for some of the fun paint jobs I'm doing. This is my first true war game (outside X-Wing, which is obviously much different) so I'd love feedback! To begin, my Rebel Core Set minis: Scarif Assault.
  11. So I'm taking a look at the general early meta, while we're here with limited troop options. For the Empire, I can think of at least three distinct list archetypes: Veers + bikes, Vader & Veers, and Veers Walks the Dogs (plus a generic fourth Vader & whatever). But for Rebels, all I can think of is Luke & Leia, 5 troopers, and 2 AT-RTs. Are there other viable Rebel lists being run out there?
  12. you'll have to let me know if it does anything for you - what I outlined in the post is basically an extremely cheap pseudo-lightbox, so it may not be for you! but if it happens to help, then great. if not, I'd love it if you threw your own expertise into the comments on that post!
  13. New post is up! A quick and cheap guide to making your mini photography better by about 1000%: https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/06/11/photographing-minis-like-a-pro-with-no-experience-required/
  14. Hi everyone! Today I'm pushing out my new blog, Imperial Discipline, designed to be an entry point for people like me who have never played a tabletop war game before and have absolutely no idea where to start. You can find it here: https://imperialdiscipline.blog/ And here are a few of the articles I've already published: Buying into Legion 5 Steps to Table-Ready Minis How to Create a Scarif Beach Base So if you're considering joining the Legion community yourself, or if you've got a friend who is, I hope to see you there!
  15. If I just use a cheap, dry, plastic palette and mix my paints there, am I going to see a noticeable dip in quality?
  16. One more question - what's the best way to fly this list? It seems like I should sort of treat Rey a bit tankier and fly Poe fairly close to her while strafing/flanking as necessary. Is that more or less right?
  17. Thanks for the feedback, and same to @Helias de Nappo - what's the usual etiquette on proxying at FLGS casual nights and/or tournaments?
  18. Hi friends! I just got the game and I'm looking to build a decent list for casual play (to help me practice and learn, mostly) based on the TFA Core Set and then one more set - most likely the HotR package. So I have two questions: 1) Can you think of a better way to build this list given those two sets? Rey (45) Wired (1) Hotshot Co-pilot (4) Finn (5) Millennium Falcon (TFA) (1) Poe Dameron (31) Trick Shot (0) Proton Torpedoes (4) BB-8 (2) Weapons Guidance (2) Integrated Astromech (0) Black One (1) Total: 96 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2) Do you think there would be a better set to buy besides HotR to build a decent beginning list? Thanks so much for your time and advice!
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