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  1. New blog post up today! What is Cover and how does it work? An earnest attempt at a simple answer to a complicated question. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/08/27/not-how-the-force-works-determining-cover/
  2. Quiet week at the blog, but a reminder to sign up for the Tabletop Simulator INVADER LEAGUE season 2 before spots close soon! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/08/20/join-the-invader-league-for-season-2/
  3. Yup! Glad you were able to find it. They used to have actual range rulers but it was janky as ****
  4. Today's post is up! It's a thank you and some questions to one of our community's most unsung heroes, Tieren, creator of the TTS Legion Mod! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/08/16/community-spotlight-tieren/
  5. That's great to hear, and thanks for letting me know! All the best luck when you hop onto TTS games
  6. Today we're talking TABLETOP SIMULATOR! What it is, how to use it, and why it's so great for Legion players of all stripes: https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/08/13/what-is-tabletop-simulator-and-why-should-you-use-it/
  7. For all of you beginner Legion players who are looking at the blank grey plastic template of your Stormtroopers and wondering what the **** to do, I'm happy to present a brand new series where I explore a plethora of canon and Legends color schemes for your minis! It's the CORUSCANT FASHION POLICE! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/08/09/fashion-police-stormtroopers/
  8. New post today! In which I go over the steps to make the very cool Endor forest base pictured below: https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/08/06/how-to-create-an-endor-forest-base/
  9. New post up today! We're talking about Veers to Thrawn repaints, and how much I'm digging the new Thrawn Alliances book! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/07/30/mitthrawnuruodo-grand-admiral-of-the-seventh-fleet/
  10. Thanks so much for saying that! Glad it helped. I've just found that Kryolan doesn't always come out even, so when you use it make sure to do short, light bursts and you'll be fine.
  11. Today rounds out my focus on terrain for a week weeks! We're talking height, climbing, and clambering - how to do it right and how to make the most of it. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/07/26/thats-not-how-the-force-works-climbing-clambering-the-high-ground/
  12. Guest post today! My friend PCGamerPirate is showing off his expertise with using foam to make convincing Yavin 4 ruins. Hope you enjoy this terrain tutorial! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/07/23/terrain-tutorials-ruins-on-yavin-4-guest-post/
  13. “So then General Veers starts talking about this magic cup and tells me to watch this dumb box. Weird, right?”
  14. Another new article, and another new bit of terrain-spiration for less than $10. Let's build a statue on our Emperor's honor. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/07/19/terrain-tutorials-imperial-statue/
  15. Blog post Monday is here again! And today I'm going to show you how to make this very cool Shield Generator (based on the one in Empire) with things you can find for a couple bucks at the corner store.
  16. Thanks! I tried both, but it came down to personal aesthetics. I’m not playing Rebels at the moment so I chose based on which looked better for photos.
  17. Endor is a great way to go I'm hoping to do an article on that soon, but you could basically apply what I did in my "How to Create a Scenic Base Article" but also add more foliage, mud, and maybe bits of twigs from your yard and you'd have a great look.
  18. That is a really great question, and one I thought a lot about when I was deciding on my own basing scheme (which ended up being Dantooine for Imperials and Scarif for Rebels). When I think of a base that would apply anywhere, the main thing that comes to mind is concrete/rubble/construction. No matter what planet you're on, it has buildings. There's a really simple rubble base tutorial that I like here: Outside of that, it's kind of tough. I honestly think you'll like it better if you just pick a theme and roll with it. I was worried when I first started playing about how that might clash with changing battlefields, but since then I've given it so little thought. So pick something, do a couple test models, and stick with what you like!
  19. Continuing with the terrain theme... Let's look at the cheapest and quickest possible option for filling up your table: Area Terrain.
  20. For the next couple of weeks I'm going to be tackling terrain for beginners, beginning with the most basic question: What heck is terrain, anyway?
  21. Thank you so much! I love hearing feedback
  22. ha! thanks. You can either think of him as a really frostbitten human, or as Prawn, Thrawn's lesser-known brother.
  23. I know double-posting is a little gauche but I've been experimenting with Agrellan Earth to make some cool, bases, so here are the two articles where I detail how these were made: Tatooine Ilum Ice & Mustafar Fire
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