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  1. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments. I'm hoping to release a "V 1.1" sometime soon, and I'll be taking a lot of this into account. Feel free to keep commenting with your thoughts. I promise I'm reading every bit!
  2. My buddy PCGamerPirate#2665 is back with another Terrain Tutorials; this time we're talking foam board craters! Excellent work from him as usual. Please forgive the off-schedule posting - trying to accommodate my return from NEO, vacation next week, and tomorrow's preview stream! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/07/08/terrain-tutorials-craters-guest-post-by-pcgamerpirate/
  3. One of the most common questions I get in DMs is what paint brands beginners should start with. I was always hesitant to actually put a recommendation out there since it's so much down to personal preference, but I figured it was finally time to put finger to keyboard and hash this stuff out. I'm ready for the flaming to begin. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/07/02/what-paint-brand-should-i-use/
  4. Sabine Wren drops next week, and she is going to be an absolute doozy to paint. Inside, I go over some of the reasons I love her character, provide a few reference templates, and point out a few quality tutorials for some of the trickier bits of her design. Enjoy! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/06/18/capturing-the-aesthetic-of-sabine-wren/
  5. I agree with you to an extent. Part of the first round of creating this format was wanting to keep it simple, and I found that there were more unknowns about changing deployments and conditions than I liked. I think there's absolutely room for them in the future, but I also think that as of right now this format works really well as more of a quick, basic format where fewer things have to happen before the game itself starts.
  6. It is with great pleasure that I can finally release my recent pet project out into the wild: a playtested, standardized 500-pt, 75-minute format for Legion. I see people asking all the time what they should do below 800 points, and with this guiding document I think we've got something really solid both to bring some novelty to veteran players and help draw in newer players. Please let me know your thoughts - I try to keep all my posts in one thread so it's not too spammy, but I really like this format and would love to hear from forum-goers about what they think! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/06/04/creating-a-500-point-format-for-legion/
  7. Celebrating one year of the blog! Thank you all so much for your continued support and engagement. I look forward to approaching the Clone Wars release with you all later this year! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/05/31/celebrating-one-year-of-imperial-discipline/
  8. New rules explainer up! If you're unfamiliar with Tanks and Landspeeders, this whole article is chock full of information for you. If you're a bit more experienced, you might want to scroll down to the two fringe case explainers: the double-reverse Palp bomb conundrum, and what happens when your bounty target dies in a vehicle. Enjoy! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/05/21/not-how-the-force-works-transporting-units/
  9. Hi everyone, As part of everything that has been going on within the community, Nick and LJ have decided not to renew the legionimpact.com domain. Instead, they've asked that I archive the general articles and unit analysis from Impact X on Imperial Discipline, which I've done. Gathering Legions will live on as a separate project in the future. While I'm sad to see Impact X go I'm happy that I can preserve the extremely insightful content they created, and have tried to make the distinction clear between their content and my own on my website. As far as I know, the original domain should be active for the next several days, and then should officially expire sometime next week. The new archives can be found below: https://imperialdiscipline.blog/impact-x-archives/
  10. As promised, the thrilling conclusion of my 0-5 Invader League run! Inside I talk a bit about my last two games, as well as a whole host of things I learned about the meta and my own playstyle along the way. I put a lot of heart into this one, so I do hope that you enjoy. Thanks for all the kind messages yesterday, too - I really do appreciate them all. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/05/08/dispatches-from-the-dog-walker-part-2/
  11. This week I've got a somewhat atypical post in which I bare my soul a bit and talk about how I went 0-5 in Invader League season 3 with a stubbornly off-meta list, and what I learned about failure and the meta along the way. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/05/07/dispatches-from-the-dog-walker/
  12. A month ago I asked for your most-wanted basing tutorials. When the Death Star was up at the top, I was confused - wouldn't you just do a glossy black surface? But after some thought, I've handcrafted a printable template for a really unique Death Star look for your minis! Hope you enjoy. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/04/23/how-to-create-a-freshly-waxed-death-star-base/
  13. If Invader League Season 3 has taught us anything, it's that double bounty hunters are going to be a force unto themselves. But do you know what happens when you've got two bounty tokens to place and only one enemy Commander/Operative to place them on? The answer to that and more inside! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/04/09/not-how-the-force-works-bounties/
  14. We're a year into Legion now, and that year has seen a lot of very interesting developments to the meta. So if you're a new player looking to hop in or a lapsed player looking to make your grand return, let's take a look at where we've been, where we are, and where we're going - one year in! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/03/26/imperial-101-established-meta-armies-spring-2019/
  15. Some very fun blog news today - Imperial Discipline posts will soon be translated into Portuguese by Gabriel Takahashi from Terrain Factory. We're both very excited to be joining together for this partnership, and I'm honored to try and help grow the Portuguese-speaking Legion community. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/03/15/imperial-discipline-em-portugues/
  16. Can't wait to finally join! Had to miss the last two seasons.
  17. With a new set of vehicles just around the corner, what better time than now to re-visit the rules on Displacement? You know, just in case you need to know what happens when one of your two Airspeeders lands on some friendly trooper units. Click for rules explainer goodness! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/03/12/not-how-the-force-works-displacement/
  18. Awesome! Added you all to my "Resources" page
  19. In this week's basing tutorial, we step up our game a little bit and head to the spice mines of Kessel. Hope you enjoy! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/02/12/how-to-create-a-kessel-spice-mines-base/
  20. Per the current RRG, on page 17: If a player running Boba and Bossk killed both bounty targets with one unit, would that unit only be able to gain a maximum of ONE Victory Token at the end of the game if they're still alive?
  21. With the Las Vegas Open just around the corner, I'm capping off my series on competitive Legion by taking a look at the official FFG "Organized Play" structure and previewing LVO for first-time tournament attendees. Whether you've attended a dozen tournaments or zero, this article is for you! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/01/29/a-legion-competitive-primer-and-las-vegas-open-preview/
  22. And we return with Part Two of Orkimedes' article on the fundamentals of list-building. This week, he's talking upgrades, activations, and more! Hope you enjoy, and be sure to pay a visit to NTMTO and Notorious Scoundrels while you're at it. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/01/22/competitive-list-building-for-dummies-pt-2-guest-post-by-orkimedes/
  23. I am so excited to be joined this week and next by Orkimedes from Never Tell Me the Odds and the Notorious Scoundrels podcast. He's written a fabulous two-part piece on the fundamentals of competitive list-building for Imperial Discipline, and I've got part for you right now. Check back in next week for part two! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/01/15/competitive-list-building-for-dummies-guest-post-by-orkimedes/
  24. A couple weeks back I posted a buying guide for newcomers and returners, but what if you've already got a full army and some extra money to spend? Well, let's take a look at turning Star Wars toys into beautiful terrain for your custom battlefield, featuring a short list and two super quick tutorials! Link below: https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/12/18/turning-toys-into-terrain/
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