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  1. I've already updated my website to point to theirs. I'm flattered, but I would encourage everyone to utilize the official format
  2. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/11/05/what-they-grow-beyond-an-announcement/ It is with a bit of sadness, a bit of satisfaction, and a lot of gratitude that I announce an indefinite hiatus for Imperial Discipline. I've run out of things to say that aren't being said better elsewhere and I'm happy with the totality of what I've done, so I'd like to bow out while things are still good. I did not expect things would go as well as they did, and I feel extremely gratified with how the community responded to my blog. Thank you all so much for your support.
  3. We're doing a real back-to-basics posts this week as we talk about the many ways you can differentiate your units on the battlefield. Many thanks to everyone who pitched in their ideas on the Discord. I'd love to see everyone else's solutions in the comments below! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/10/08/on-differentiating-units/
  4. That's very flattering, thank you! I'll see if I can move things around and if it makes sense, but that's a lower priority for me right now
  5. As you all know, I have taken great pride in writing a blog for Legion beginners for the last year and a half. So I'm very excited to announce the NEW Total Beginner's Guide to Legion as we welcome in droves of new players with the Clone Wars Core Set. I've collected, organized, and updated my best articles and written an intro for total greenhorns. In addition, Jay Shelanskey from the Fifth Trooper created an outstanding 15-minute learn to play video to accompany this post. Please, consider sharing this with your local groups and bookmarking it to share with newbies you see around the Internet. And to all the beginners: welcome! We're so glad you're joining our community. I'm also more than happy to answer questions here on the forums! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/the-total-beginners-guide-to-legion/
  6. Good news! The 500-pt format has been slightly updated. I received a lot of feedback that while the original "Fog of War" idea was good in intent, it often led to very gamey, unsatisfying situations. So I've simply scaled it back to a Limited Vis-style range/LOS limit of range 3 for each unit during the first turn. If you're playing the format and enjoying it, please continue to let me know! And if you have critiques or feedback, I'd love to hear that too. Many thanks to those who have already chimed in via email, on Facebook, in the discord, and in the comments of my blog and the FFG forums! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/06/04/creating-a-500-point-format-for-legion/
  7. This week I'm tackling the first of my prequel bases - Geonosis! While you could certainly slap down some Citadel Martian Ironcrust, I give two example sof some other fun ways to make easy, unique, and thematic bases for your Droids or Clones. Hope you enjoy! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/08/20/how-to-create-a-dusty-geonosis-base/
  8. Whether the word "sprue" has good, bad, or exactly zero connotations for you as a wargamer, they're now in Legion. But if you've never worked with sprues (i.e. the little plastic frames hard plastic minis come on) or want to know more about how they're coming to Legion, click on through! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/08/06/what-sprue-means-for-you/
  9. Totally fair! The primary reason I put them with Jyn is because that whole tier is about finding unique faction identities. They're very unique to Rebels, whereas Fleet Troopers don't necessarily bring anything special to the table in the same way. That is certainly a debatable point (as is their overall efficacy), but one I feel best represents the experience of the faction for beginners.
  10. New! The fully updated Legion Buying Guide for summer 2019, and the last one before the Clone Wars factions drop this fall. It's everything you need to know for buying into each faction as a beginner, with a whole host of helpful links to boot. I want to hear your takes on what I've said, so let me know in the comments or below. Apologies for the separate post - I think these bigger articles are better served on their own. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/07/23/the-legion-buying-guide-summer-2019/
  11. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments. I'm hoping to release a "V 1.1" sometime soon, and I'll be taking a lot of this into account. Feel free to keep commenting with your thoughts. I promise I'm reading every bit!
  12. My buddy PCGamerPirate#2665 is back with another Terrain Tutorials; this time we're talking foam board craters! Excellent work from him as usual. Please forgive the off-schedule posting - trying to accommodate my return from NEO, vacation next week, and tomorrow's preview stream! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/07/08/terrain-tutorials-craters-guest-post-by-pcgamerpirate/
  13. One of the most common questions I get in DMs is what paint brands beginners should start with. I was always hesitant to actually put a recommendation out there since it's so much down to personal preference, but I figured it was finally time to put finger to keyboard and hash this stuff out. I'm ready for the flaming to begin. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/07/02/what-paint-brand-should-i-use/
  14. Sabine Wren drops next week, and she is going to be an absolute doozy to paint. Inside, I go over some of the reasons I love her character, provide a few reference templates, and point out a few quality tutorials for some of the trickier bits of her design. Enjoy! https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/06/18/capturing-the-aesthetic-of-sabine-wren/
  15. I agree with you to an extent. Part of the first round of creating this format was wanting to keep it simple, and I found that there were more unknowns about changing deployments and conditions than I liked. I think there's absolutely room for them in the future, but I also think that as of right now this format works really well as more of a quick, basic format where fewer things have to happen before the game itself starts.
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