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  1. Hrm, I feel like some of the "generic fantasy" mainly comes down to "how cool" the miniatures looks, both in uniqueness and visual appeal. Looking at Daqan, really just the Rune golem helps you determine what game the figures come from. The spearmen and calvary are fine, but from a distance, they don't necessarily blast unique or offer too much in regards to eye candy. I think if you wanted to jump out the gates strong, starting with more unique molds would have been better. A starting army of iron bound, rune golems, and some rune wizards vs Lancers, barghast, crow hags would have fought off a lot of the comments of "generic fantasy". These are all creatures in their IP already. I got excited for crossbowmen, but not for the looks, but because the mechanics they offered after I was already versed and hooked on the game. To get that initial hook, you want more unique things for the eyes like golems and Lancers had initially offered. Golems are the thing that got me to pay attention, to read the rules and realize: wait I might actually like playing this game.
  2. Before the ruling with Ardus and unique surges, I believe the understanding was that the built in ability of the vipers to reduce cost of surge abilities would count for the double unique as well.
  3. Oh? I thought it was because he was crushing hard on lady vampire eliza?
  4. Does hedge shroud affect the armor on figure upgrades? Ie I have a support scion. If I tap hedge shroud does its armor change as well?
  5. This is my problem with it as well. If I kill a unit, now I have to jump away to enter in. Oathsworn and thier lack of shift just makes that so painful. Otherwise I feel like I need to play more to get a feel for it. Yeah adding a center line to the trays would be nice for that.
  6. Left lower red trays are oathsworn. Looking at the orientation of the dials it looks like both sides has all fractions
  7. The image is easier to read from the desktop. Cruel Master Skill: you may choose another non-unique ally at range 1-2. It suffers 1 wound then performs either a reform or speed 1 shift Crushing Jaw Melee: if this is the second Melee you perform during your activation gained unique surge: Brutal 1 for this attack Grasping Coils Units engaged with you cannot perform reform or shift during their activation. Lunging terror IMPACT stable Thrashing Tail After you perform a reform you may exhaust this card to cause each enemy at range 1 t suffer 2 damage. Whirling Sinew After you perform a melee while you are not engaged you may perform a reform ------ These following are beastmaster only. Above was for the duo. ------ Bestial Ferocity Before you reveal your command tool you may perform a speed 1 March. This March cannot be used to exit terrian. Cunning strikes MELEE: if you are not engaged with the defender and are not in the defenders line of sight, you may exhaust this card to treat your front edge as touching the defenders back edge for this attack Driven fury When you resolve a Skill to cause an ally to perform a speed 1 shift, that unit may treat that shift as modifies by Charge. Then that ally receives 1 stun token. Tyrants lash Melee: your front edge is also treated as touching the front edge of all enemies at range 1 and in your side firing arcs that you are not engaged with. Skill: choose an ally at range 1-2. that ally suffers 1 wound, then discards all of its banes. ------ Siege figure upgrade adds a red melee die Before you reveal your command tool this unit may suffer 1 woind then perform a speed 1 shift or a reform. This unit does not receive panic tokens when it performs a March or shift and collides with an enemy. Calvary figure upgrade Same as siege but precise 1 instead of red die.
  8. Do you think the single die reroll from warsong would be enough?
  9. How have the new units been working for everyone? Are the ventala causing nonstop rage? Has the Baron made golems so OP I should buy more boxes to field a 6 tray? Is Vampire Lord the new salt mine? So far I only played one game with Ventala and the prince. Using the 2x3 I found that getting the range 3 to be tricky without ending up caught and engaged next round. Going forward I will focus more on just a 3x1. I did not manage proper use of the Prince, but that starting inspiration for close units is nice since I like to run lots of exhaustables. I am eager to run Valor on him for the same reason. Also I realised late that you can charge straight with him while having the shield modifier active since you only cancel the mod if you break up the 3 forward.
  10. Quick link for just runewars: https://holiday-sale.asmodeena.com/search/?q=Runewars Nice deal if you need any of those units.
  11. It is definitely an attack modification. I think adding a die is the shortest mod that fits since replacing a die is too much text to show space. Maybe lethal I think it's similar to the calvary upgrade, as you suggested, "before you reveal your command dial" perform something, March or shift? Aww..... It would be pretty cool if one of the uniques was a discard on at start of activation to swap your equipped unique upgrades to another set of lesser or equal points. Let you adapt on the fly and surprise your opponent with a different set of skills.
  12. The ... jaws looks like it's going to be a copy of Hawthornes attack ability to target multiple opponents. Since he has sweeping strikes built in this would capitalize on that. ... terror is definitely an Impact modifier, but I will guess it's tied to a rune, probably stable? Gra... grasping or grappling. Units engaged may not perform the shift or reform actions during their activations. Man, if jaws is Hawthorne's multiple attacks that can be vicious with whirling sinew. Dial attack attack. Attack whatever is in front of you. Spin to face someone or someones else and attack a bunch again.
  13. Got it, thanks. If you have Meagan you can then also add Blackthorn so then it becomes: blight, two stuns, and an immobilize. Yeah definitely agree on this point. I feel I would not have been as bothered if the Prince and Ventala were illegal or if the vipers at least were valid.
  14. I was mainly just trying to be comedic with the meh. It's an okay upgrade, but not nearly as exciting compared to a potential 3 armor darnarti or archer unit. (4 if I have shield wall?) Since my main opponent is usually Uthick, immobilize just does not have the same impact/value in my mind any more. At range 3, I just don't see too many applications for this, especially against so many other equipment upgrades like tempered.
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