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    Scum Aces

    Talonbane Cobra and Boba!
  2. Starviper, Khiraxz Fighter and Quadjumper, the three of them have a lot of different and interesting builds, Talonbane Cobra is still amazing but not OP in competitive terms, Almost any pilot of the Quadjumper is interesting to fly with, and it can be a cheap bomber or a permanent invisible ship with tricks thanks to Cikatro Vizako. Black Sun Ace, or Captain Jostero are also great options in lists, as alpha strike missile carriers with deadeye. Starviper has one of my favourite dials, Guri and THWEEK.
  3. I have only scum ships (except for rebel nym, rebel Hwk and imperial firespray for obvious reasons). I've only played my interceptor G1A twice. The same with brobots, i'm awful with brobots.
  4. Interesting, there is also a group of deleted scenes in in The Revenge of the Sith which shows the building of the rebellion between some reunions.
  5. I suspect they are going to design a different core for armada
  6. My Build right now: (21p) Jakku Gunrunner: Spacetug Tractor Array, Cikatro Vizago, Seismic Charges, Cloaking Device (Swap Cloaking for Scavenger Crane with Cikatro). You have a cheap mini bomber, which can mess with the movements of your opponent. Also, with the bomb and making enemy ships go through obstacles, it can certainly do a surprisingly big amount of damage without making a single attack. It is nearly a must in my tournament lists.
  7. Mi guess: 4/1/9/2. Focus, Boost, ¿Evade? If not evade, a title which can give it free evades, or augment its agility, Maybe if it does a maneuver of 3+ length, similar to Tie Defender's Title. I don't know how is the Gauntlet in rebels, but I'll think in 2 Crew just for avoiding the overlapping of Battle Roles with Hound's Tooth
  8. Missing: G1A-Interceptor (Mist Hunter): poor. (So poor that you have miss it). It has a similar role than kimogila but worst. In my opinion, I would change some ships: Tie/FO: Pushed to Fair just because of Omega Leader. Protectorate Starfighter is mainly played because of Rau, and you've consider it as good, I think this apply the same criteria. Same for YT and Dash Rendar. VTA Decimator pushed to Great. RAC is one of the most overused empire pilots, and its freakingly good. Also, Oicunn can make funny and interesting lists which build around blocking and auto-damage. Tie Phantom is fair. E-Wing poor? It's **** GOOD for Yoda's sake. There is also other slightly considerations I have (For example YV-666 consider as good), but these are my main.
  9. TLT: I think the nerf can go in the same way you propose. The other option is change it to be 1-2. I think every turret in game should be 1-2 range in fact. I don't think they change the Price. Bomblet: The idea seems fine. Problems in wording. My idea: "Before you reveal your maneuver you may place a Bomblet token to this card to a maximun of 1. If you already have one. You may drop that bomblet token. Harpoons: No no no no. The condition is the flavour, the special thing of the Harpoons, in terms of both fluff and mechanics. It just turn to be a redundant mechanic and that is a thing that FFG is trying to avoid (partially) Down the damage to 3 Reds and make the Target Lock to be discarded. To throw a lot of dices without additional effects, without discarding Target Lock and with a low cost, we already have Cruise Missiles.
  10. Maybe what empire needs in terms of "distinct and different pilot flavour" are different "Spec Ops" in different ways. In films, we, basically seen this kind of Imperials: -Regular troopers (Not very represented in X Wing because obvious reasons, go to Legion or Imperial Assault to see troopers). -Pilots (Represented in X Wing as generics) -Officers (Represented in X Wing as Crew) -Anti-Heroes (represented as Aces, like Kylo, Vader or the Inquisitor). -Black Ops (The Black soldiers of Rogue One). THIS is the line in order to make a different thing. Basically, the "flavour" of rebels is that they are black ops with por resources. Every Special Operations army looks different and cool. Also, Imperials are the only army with regular Invisibility. Maybe is time to another Stealth ship. I am thinking in Shadow Troopers. They are very cool. In X Wing, ships as Tie Reaper, Chiss Clawcraft, are visually as different and could fit in those different mechanics as Star viper looks a luxury ship. Hey, and Gunboat seems amazing.
  11. Hi. I am spanish and I am waiting to the release of this game in Spain (and in spanish language). After watching the reléase of Star Wars Legion both confirmed in spanish and english, I am wondering when this game would be released on my country. We have no date confirmed. Anyone can predict or know if this game is going to be translated?
  12. Fluff: X Wing-T65. I think that, in a big part, I am playing this game because of that Rebel Strike videogame I played on Gamecube when I was a child. Wow, I admire that ship. I would mention Firespray but... Just for Boba. Favourite on the Table: Khiraxz. I was decided to make Rebels but when I see the Khiraxz fighter I fell in love. I enjoy them even before Guns for Hire, and I like them now as one of the most interesting small base ships in terms of upgrades. Favourite ship I rarely play: TIE HUNTER. Just because it does not exist in the game at this moment.
  13. Umm... -6 maybe is too much negative cost, due to the fact that it still lets you put another title. For the rest... Good. Very good.
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