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  1. Carrier fleets have to engage now without the security of a flotilla in the corner keeping them in the game. This allows non- carrier and even squadless fleets a viable battle plan against a 134 squadball. More fleets have more ways to win... makes for more tactically deep gameplay.
  2. I took a "Flak Demo," to a regionals recently and it can be good and does surprise a lot of people when it goes off. However, I am going to move away from it because I could not figure out how to fly it in order to be both a ship and squad killer in the same game, and in a lot of situations getting in position to attack squads caused me to miss out on a better angle to attack ships, or end up getting shot at more than I would have wanted to normally by long range fire. I am now working on a way to do similar things with a Red flak Quasar and RS. A Quasar with RS, first player, and Pryce can autokill a 3 HP ace. Quasar goes Last with Pryce and launches Mauler and some RS fodder in to attack, Mauler does 1 auto dmg. Then you flak and RS. Activate first, and move Mauler by having intel mixed in there somewhere, to proc your 3rd auto dmg. With no rolls involved, you can force down 3 HP scatter aces with this approach. Lots of people are looking to do this Last/First Alpha with Sloane, and it is devastating, but you don't actually need her in order to really hurt ppl with auto dmg. Now... where the points come from to fit in a quasar... not sure about that one. If it were me trying to run Imp. MSU my money would be on a quasar like I just described and several D.Cap, Heavy Ion Emplacement, Raiders under Screed.
  3. @TheEasternKing I was about to suggest this change to Mauler in order to double down on the auto damage theme. APTs on all the Raiders may be better spent on Ext. Wracks, I am sure you considered this and took APT to pair with Screed and I get that, but would suggest using Moff JJ or Ozzel, comboed with Ext. Racks to get a bigger bid for 1st. That many Black Dice will usually give you the crits you want any way. They are slow so they may not pair well with your fleet idea, but if you want a bullet spung squadron, a Lambda is just as good as a Defender and may allow you some better mission play in the event of going 2nd. Most ppl would not want to pick 1st player against 2 Lambdas and 6 ships to pick up Fire Lane/ Sensor Net Tokens.
  4. I think 1 more activation from SA is a waste. I would suggest using something else like Raymus, or Intel officer. I would also suggest that you could swap which ship you are coming in with, maybe change the Assault Cruiser to a Command Cruiser and use it as your flagship. This lets you push 4 squadrons a turn with its squad 4, and raymus can provide an extra token from turn 1 to get you the ability to ET turn 1 and 2, which is about all you will need to close in. Intel Officer is also a good option in fleets that do not have the number of shots to over heat token. You are effectively shooting twice a turn at a ship, Intel O cuts through tokens very fast even with few shots. My advise would be Intel O on both ships and XI-7s. Just keep targeting the brace with IO and let the XI-7 take care of the redirects.
  5. I have been runnin an MC 80 Star Cruiser as my Raddus ship and it does hit hard, but in a chase it needs 1st player to really do the work it needs to. Without first player the alternating activation mechanic can allow a slower ship to avoid black and even blue range even if the other ship is much faster. I try and come in at a 90 degree angle out of hyperspace and then turn in hard to pursue, starting in the back arc is harder to manage if the activations start to drop/ things get off tempt.
  6. Inviting all interested players to PM me for details on a CC we are setting up out of Columbia SC, starting on April 14th at 10 AM at Firefly Toys and Games. Come expecting to play 2 campaign games and a possible pick up game afterward if you are interested.
  7. Its basically a 1+3 that we see done with Star Destroyers, but more oriented toward defense. Squads do more work than the Interdictor. Its strength is that BTA has a hard time killing it with all the defensive tech.
  8. I am looking to set up a CC that meets and plays thier rounds on the first Saturday of the month in Columbia SC. We are looking to start the first round the April 8th, and plan on playing 2 rounds that day. We will continue to meet once a month for a minimum of 2 games per session, until we conclude. The local players that have expressed interest are from several parts of the state so we are trying to make it easy for people to commit to only 1 weekend a month traveling for Armada, which is why we are planning to play so in frequently. If the group pushes and wants to play more than that we may consider it. If interested please PM me and I will add you to the SC Midlands Star Wars Armada closed Facebook group which I administrate and use to post events like this that we run out of Columbia SC.
  9. @geek19 I am suggesting that some who is out activated has to move with less information available to them at the time of making the decision. Getting into black range is a skill, but having all but one variable fixed before making a decision is easier than when there are more things out of your control, this issue is made worse when one of those variables is twice as erratic since it gets to move twice. Like I was pointing out with the chess, Imperial Assault, and Legion examples, this is a known issue that many games choose to address in order to prevent exactly this disparity in mental load, in an effort to create a more fair play experience for both players.
  10. @UndeadguyThat is not an overload list. You are taking 4 real ships and a flotilla. There is a huge difference between taking that, and taking an ISD and 4-5 Flotillas put in the list only to increase the activation count.
  11. @Undeadguy Play what you want, but don't look me in the eye and tell me you are having to do as much mental work as me to win a game when you get to move 2 times back to back every turn and I don't. The amount of predictive power it takes to counter and anticipate a double move is far greater than the mental power it takes to look at the board and move your ship into and out of range once the other guy is activated out... That's just called driving.
  12. You gotta admit that it makes a lot more sense in the absence of a double move mechanic.
  13. @Undeadguy All I am suggesting is that people avoid the overload principle since it is an easy button. Take solid, well thought out combined arms fleets that allow for all the generalist lists that are being squeezed out at the top tables to also have a chance since they don't have to live in fear of being overloaded. I think making flotillas not count for tabling would introduce enough risk into spamming for activation advantage, that we would see less people trying to overload with activations. @Ginkapo Leveraging First/Last, or leveraging Objective Farming are both examples of overloading, they may balance out, assuming they face off against each other, but what about everyone in between that does not play to one of these extremes? Do they just not get to have a fair game because they did not conform to the meta? Combined fire is one way to kill stuff quickly as you pointed out. BTA, Triple Tap Demo, Last/First Yavaris, (maybe Raddus MC75) have ways to deal with tokens too and also kill stuff quickly, but with a single ship (Which you can hide with Last/First). The difference is that the opponent gets more chance to react to a group of ships, but does not get to react to a Last/First attack from a single ship. Hence why last/first is bad.
  14. I have not lost a game against an MC 30 or activation spam fleets in over 18 months, but that is not the point. My personal play has no bearing on observation. You telling me to play better does nothing to refute my assertion that Last/First, while counterable as we all know, limits one players ability to react to the other players moves during a crucial moment in the game. That is one of the negative effects of overload as we have discussed above. The limiting of one players ability to interact in the game and make meaningful decisions is removed. Black dice ships should be very hard to deliver, they are very potent so they should be hard to use. Last/First lowers the barrier of effectively using them considerably. Why do we suppose other games such as Imperial Assault, Legion, and Infinity, have Hold actions or pass actions included in their alternating activation game systems if not to address this exact problem? Why don't chess matches allow one player to move 2 pieces back to back? Why not in Checkers, Go, or any other strategy game that is played at a highly competitive level? Because that would upset the games balance by allowing one player more chances to affect the board than the other. Activation count overload is aimed at creating an advantage built around this very concept that so many long standing and highly respected games prevent, and they prevent it for a very good reason.
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