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  1. Angry Ewok vs Nerf_Herder2187 10-1 win to Ewok with a turn 4 conceed,
  2. Angry Ewok vs @TheRedScourge Ewok 7, Red 4 77 pt. MoV
  3. Angry Ewok vs Louis-Andre 6-5 Win for Louis-Andre with 55 MoV
  4. you always nit pick anything I say, and it IS 12 hours in a 24 hour period. You are "correcting" me by pointing out that it is not 12 CONTINUOUS hours but that is not what I said. However, you simply like to argue. I am glad the community is getting to play, but am suggesting that we consider at least alternating between these blitz events and more conventional vassel events, like VWC. Moderation seams easier to manage than one huge rush of an event. People with multiple small children, people who have to work on that particular day, people who have something unforeseen come up, basically any fixed obligation that lasts a considerable amount of time on that day. All these things can prevent someone from playing on a given day, but could much more easily be manage in an extended format. Why not give people the flexibility to play around life's obligations instead of railroading the event into a very rigid time slot. I may be the only person who thinks this, and by all means ignore the voice of 1 person, but I know there are a few ppl in my local group wishing it were not so drastic, and there are probably others. I am not trying to detract from this event in any way, but hope to offer a voice opposed to this type of event becoming the norm in our community for the reasons I outlined above.
  5. Biggs why cant these events be done in a more reasonable pace? Forcing people to play online for 12 hours on a weekend day and basically ignoring their family seams very extreme. Why not do events that are spread out across a week or 2 weeks? These frantic events offer people with ANY OBLIGATIONS AT ALL during the time you are holding it, no way to participate. It seams much more reasonable to extend the event in a way similar to the VWC, but when every vassel event is one of these mad dashes, many people simply can not play. I understand that you want the IRL tournament effect, but that is a novelty and not needed in a digital format.
  6. That many Y-wings with Nora... My vote is use the points for a BCC (6 point swap compared to comms net) and then get a Boosted Comms on something, mostly to allow you to recall Shara, Tycho and Corran from a far flung position back into the fight. TLDR swap Expended Launchers for Ex. Racks, BCC (in place of a Comms Net) and pick up a Boosted Comms somewhere. Would consider swapping Aspiration Title for a Flight Commander on Yavaris,
  7. I hope this topic is a jest. Squad heavy has been dominate for basically every. Not all successful fleets have them, but all successful fleets must have a plan to mitigate them, That is how powerful they are, they are one of the check boxes every list must pass in order to be considered a viable tournament option. Most good players I know ask their self, "can I deal with mass squads?" when considering a list. That tells me they are still a factor. Squadrons should NOT be the best form of offense in the game due to how forgiving they are to use against ships. They have minimal movement restrictions and deliver damage in 1-2 die packages which defense tokens have a hard time mitigating effectively. Point for point squadrons are vastly more effective DPS then ships and have easy access to rerolls via BCC, and/or just setting dice to hits (Steele, and Lando) The only think limiting squadrons from being a complete damage dealing easy button is range and other squadrons engaging them. While it is much tougher to deliver a well placed double arc, set up forks, flank to isolate a portion of the enemy fleet with movement, or manipulate activations correctly to set up optimal engagement tempo, etc. with combat ships than it is than to mindlessly herd your bombers toward an enemy capital ship while running away with your carriers, the squadron-on-squadron game is a chess match of great skill and requires a lot of experience, range band manipulation, and threat recognition to do well. Squadrons are good, they have limitations and that is a good thing, A fleet should not we able to win on the back of its squadron wing alone, no more than it should be able to win on the back of a single 134 point ship alone. Armada is a game about FLEET engagement, and squadrons should be a viable and necessary PART of that fleet, not the whole battle plan. I for one, am happy to see any down trend in the use of the "fight with 134 points of aces and run away, with most everything else," fleets. TLDR: Squads are best DPS in the game on a point-for-point basis. They should not be strong enough to win on their own, but are good enough that most players consider them when stress testing lists. This would seam to indicate that they are in a good play right now. All that said, Rebel squadrons are having a hard time right now due to their speed, or rather the Imperial abundance of speed. The alpha strike advantage is so heavily stacking in favor of the Empire both in the bombing and dogfighting game its hard to justify rebel heavy squad without specialized tech to weather the alpha. Not sure what FFG was thinking when they allowed 1 whole faction to be 1-2 speed faster than another whole faction in the squadron game and then allow players to start activating 5-6 squadrons at a time with flight controllers, all wrapped up in a Pryce fueled first last package. Before wave 8, range limitiations allowed rebel fleets to approach slowly and give their bombers time to get into position. Now with the threat of being attacked starting with the first activation, that slow developing engagement is no longer as reliable a plan and is probably the reason for the decline in Rebel squadrons.
  8. so it allows blue dice to effectively fire at long range though right, that bmean likely ships to use this are basically 2 blue flak ships with a Turboalser slot. The options that come to mind are ASF Mk 2 A version., the Squadron 2 nebulon, the MC80 Home One, ISD 2, and that's about it really. I could see a solid flak build for Vanguard with Aux. Shields to beef up its side arcs and make it more resistant to squads, maybe a use for the ASF Mk 2 with Gun teams to throw red dice and red flak.
  9. so we are all in agreement that based on the card text we have seen, it does allow a ship with only blue or black flak dice, to substitute them out for reds and attack with reds at long range? If that is the case it could be pretty good on a 2 Blue Flaking Nebulon. Their side arcs are really wide and could probably hit the enemies whole fighter wing, Nebs don't usually use the turbolaser slot, It would also seem that w Liberty with this and LTT could flak out at long range and reroll one of those reds from LTT, would that apply to each flak shot or just a single shot in the volly like a CF token?
  10. Are you available to play December 14th? I will be in Kings Mountain on that day for a family weekend and would play.
  11. Carrier fleets have to engage now without the security of a flotilla in the corner keeping them in the game. This allows non- carrier and even squadless fleets a viable battle plan against a 134 squadball. More fleets have more ways to win... makes for more tactically deep gameplay.
  12. I took a "Flak Demo," to a regionals recently and it can be good and does surprise a lot of people when it goes off. However, I am going to move away from it because I could not figure out how to fly it in order to be both a ship and squad killer in the same game, and in a lot of situations getting in position to attack squads caused me to miss out on a better angle to attack ships, or end up getting shot at more than I would have wanted to normally by long range fire. I am now working on a way to do similar things with a Red flak Quasar and RS. A Quasar with RS, first player, and Pryce can autokill a 3 HP ace. Quasar goes Last with Pryce and launches Mauler and some RS fodder in to attack, Mauler does 1 auto dmg. Then you flak and RS. Activate first, and move Mauler by having intel mixed in there somewhere, to proc your 3rd auto dmg. With no rolls involved, you can force down 3 HP scatter aces with this approach. Lots of people are looking to do this Last/First Alpha with Sloane, and it is devastating, but you don't actually need her in order to really hurt ppl with auto dmg. Now... where the points come from to fit in a quasar... not sure about that one. If it were me trying to run Imp. MSU my money would be on a quasar like I just described and several D.Cap, Heavy Ion Emplacement, Raiders under Screed.
  13. @TheEasternKing I was about to suggest this change to Mauler in order to double down on the auto damage theme. APTs on all the Raiders may be better spent on Ext. Wracks, I am sure you considered this and took APT to pair with Screed and I get that, but would suggest using Moff JJ or Ozzel, comboed with Ext. Racks to get a bigger bid for 1st. That many Black Dice will usually give you the crits you want any way. They are slow so they may not pair well with your fleet idea, but if you want a bullet spung squadron, a Lambda is just as good as a Defender and may allow you some better mission play in the event of going 2nd. Most ppl would not want to pick 1st player against 2 Lambdas and 6 ships to pick up Fire Lane/ Sensor Net Tokens.
  14. I think 1 more activation from SA is a waste. I would suggest using something else like Raymus, or Intel officer. I would also suggest that you could swap which ship you are coming in with, maybe change the Assault Cruiser to a Command Cruiser and use it as your flagship. This lets you push 4 squadrons a turn with its squad 4, and raymus can provide an extra token from turn 1 to get you the ability to ET turn 1 and 2, which is about all you will need to close in. Intel Officer is also a good option in fleets that do not have the number of shots to over heat token. You are effectively shooting twice a turn at a ship, Intel O cuts through tokens very fast even with few shots. My advise would be Intel O on both ships and XI-7s. Just keep targeting the brace with IO and let the XI-7 take care of the redirects.
  15. I have been runnin an MC 80 Star Cruiser as my Raddus ship and it does hit hard, but in a chase it needs 1st player to really do the work it needs to. Without first player the alternating activation mechanic can allow a slower ship to avoid black and even blue range even if the other ship is much faster. I try and come in at a 90 degree angle out of hyperspace and then turn in hard to pursue, starting in the back arc is harder to manage if the activations start to drop/ things get off tempt.
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