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  1. if you already have Push the limit that already gives you a an stress token and Expertise that doesn't work whit stress tokens, y prefer Scavenger crane that dont put more Stress on your ships
  2. Captain Jostero (24) Crack Shot (1) Harpoon Missiles (4) Glitterstim (2) Guidance Chips (0) Munitions Failsafe (1) Vaksai (0) Cartel Marauder (20) Harpoon Missiles (4) Glitterstim (2) Guidance Chips (0) Munitions Failsafe (1) Vaksai (0) Cartel Marauder (20) Harpoon Missiles (4) Glitterstim (2) Guidance Chips (0) Munitions Failsafe (1) Vaksai (0) Cartel Marauder (20) Harpoon Missiles (4) Glitterstim (2) Guidance Chips (0) Munitions Failsafe (1) Vaksai (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  3. Zuckuss (28) Veteran Instincts (1) Dengar (3) Talonbane Cobra (28) Push the Limit (3) XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1) Inertial Dampeners (1) Guidance Chips (0) Engine Upgrade (4) Autothrusters (2) Vaksai (0) Fenn Rau (28) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Concord Dawn Protector (1) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  4. Or if you have 4 clusters and 4 proximities, you can give it a try to this list -Step 1: make a nym's Island in the middle -Step 2: use minefield mapper to place 1 cluster and 1 proximitie in the map, -step 3: Drop every bomb in your squad or use the missiles. in case they get close to Emon use the Emp device and drop a bomb after that Emon Azzameen — Firespray-31 36 Cluster Mines 4 Cad Bane 2 Harpoon Missiles 4 EMP Device 2 Proximity Mines 3 Extra Munitions 2 Guidance Chips 0 Slave I 0 Ship Total: 53 Captain Nym (Scum) — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 30 Veteran Instincts 1 Twin Laser Turret 6 Extra Munitions 2 Cluster Mines 4 Proximity Mines 3 Minefield Mapper 0 R4-E1 1 Havoc 0 Ship Total: 47
  5. If FFG nerf the JM5K why they nerf the Attani, Why the Attani T_T
  6. not so predictable, the range of decoy is 1-2 the phantom can fly with the Epsilon ace Ps12 or with Quickdraw Ps11 and have a lot of space to be a phantom
  7. After seeing Nym being Ps 10 and whisper having a difficult time with his ps 9 i try to make a build with a ps higher ps whisper , and taking advantage that i get a rebel z95 (and and finding out about the existence of the decoy) I make this build focus on whisper, yesterday I fly against Nymranda and this build give me good results, i lost, because of the dice, all blanks, even whit TL and Focus...(really really bad luck) but my oponent have a realle dificult time against this build. -Im not sure about the whisper crew, do you have a better one?, maybe another upgrade in the build?? "Whisper" (32) Decoy (2) Fire-Control System (2) Hotshot Co-pilot (4) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) "Quickdraw" (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Pattern Analyzer (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) "Epsilon Ace" (17) Comm Relay (3) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  8. JcDemented

    Cantina Brawl

    Hera Syndulla — VCX-100 40 Fire-Control System 2 Twin Laser Turret 6 Han Solo 2 Ship Total: 50
  9. 50 points companions Captain Jostero — Kihraxz Fighter 24 Crack Shot 1 Harpoon Missiles 4 Munitions Failsafe 1 Guidance Chips 0 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 27 Cartel Marauder — Kihraxz Fighter 20 Harpoon Missiles 4 Guidance Chips 0 Munitions Failsafe 1 Vaksai 0 Ship Total: 23
  10. but quickdraw, works diferent, is't ability doesnt trigger in a phase, triggers when he lose a shield. quickdraw baffle his last shield, Jostero hits quickdraw, kill quickdraw, in this atack QD doesnt lose a shield he lost his oportuniti, he die it's diferent in case, that QD baffle his second shield, Jostero attack, QD lost his last shield in the attack, now he can hit, even if he is dead
  11. i think that quickdraw would be destroyed if he baffle his last shield and jostero have iniciative
  12. -Jostero have initiative -Quickdraw, moves, uses electronic baffle, lose his second shield, (only one shield remaining), Jostero's ability triggers, he hits and kill quickdraw. 1.-Quickdraw can hit Jostero before he left the table? 2.-Quickdraw can't hit jostero because his ability is not after Attack
  13. If Quickdraw use electronic baffle, and lose a shield in activation phase, who hits first? Quickdraw or Jostero? a.-Quickdraw because if pilot skill 9 b.- the player who have initiative because the attack is not in combat phase c.-Quickdraw because he is activating the effect of lose a shield first
  14. 1.- Jostero's ability triggers with Protom boms? 2.- Jostero's ability triggers with BMST? 3.-Jostero's ability triggers with ISYTDS?
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