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  1. # 1.7.4 added check to stop duplicate data import you'll need to remake your export files in order for this to work.
  2. all SOTB databasing is done for the emporium. I still have to get the talents that allow a choice of careerskills to work
  3. ETA: when I have the time There is no filter right now so all custom objects are loaded regardless of what setting is selected. Just tested skills, talents and weapon all are working. Import duplicates right now, haven't thought up a better way to handle that
  4. Custom setting are disabled right now. All the custom data should be in there and should work just fine If you're missing skills double check they are enabled in the skills list.
  5. added the stream cards from AoE into the discord bot
  6. A twitch extension to display Archons for your viewers! https://www.twitch.tv/ext/x9cozmg7olcep6cguwwzwfl109ij49-0.0.1
  7. Yeah that's a technical issue called "busted as butts" I'll look at it tomorrow
  8. I have it as Ranged. Do you have a custom weapon Bow set to Ranged Heavy?
  9. Archtype talents are the special abilities that archetypes have. I should call them "archetype abilities" but I'm not a smart man.
  10. !randomhand will now display a, poorly made, Maverick Variant of the card
  11. SOTB Archetypes, skills, careers are live # 1.7.2 SOTB Talents big guns is functional, the careerskill givers are not yet
  12. 1. Create a new skill and assign it to what ever characteristic you want. 2. In custom weapon , assign new skill
  13. @Solkar77 yeah that's not quite right, should only be happening with ave human. edit:fixed (i hope)
  14. Power and Chain Live in the Bots!
  15. 1.6.16 removed custom settings migrated custom motivations removed the last of the old customdata framework
  16. # 1.6.15 skills and talents to new structure
  17. Added SAS and AERC stats to !deck
  18. Twitch bot now can deal random hands and I've sorted the random hands by house for both bots
  19. #1.6.8 weapons, armor, gear to new structure
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