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  1. gear qualities is functional and should calcuate dice for the gear. I also fixed a problem that deleted a bunch of data when you deleted a piece of gear or custom data
  2. Discord Server for all things Genesys.

    Just a reminder if the server. It's a great place ask questions, get feedback, roll some dice, find out the lastest happenings, or find a group to play with!
  3. couple of fixes Defensive talent is now functional elf archetype defense now works vanguard auto adv now displays delete character warning archetype talents now display on talent list more mobile formatting
  4. Oh, custom datasets (skills, careers, soon Archetypes and talents) should be available across all characters on your account.
  5. Custom Careers can now be made. click the custom button in the career row. You can add custom skills to the career as well, just make sure to input the skills first.
  6. This header, not that one
  7. mobile layout slightly better
  8. custom skills done, pushing now. click on skills header to add/remove custom skills @CitizenKeen's character bug also patched
  9. got a fix done, I'll push it when i finish up custom skills in the next day or two
  10. Huh it's not saving, weird. It actually probably saving then overwriting. Anyway Refresh the page before making your second new character saves it all. I'll throw it on the list of things to double check
  11. The character names can't refresh until you refresh the page. All the other data is presistent though
  12. everything should automatically save to the currently selected character once you input any data. No save data button necessary. Specifically it saves once you click out, tab out, or select another text box or select anything from a dropdown menu
  13. seems to happen when you click into a lower level talent, then click submit, it clears all the higher level talents. I'll throw it on the list.
  14. Genesys Master Resources List

    Linked to this thread