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  1. SkyJedi

    KeyForge Community Discord

    Come and join the KeyForge Community Discord! Its a place to discuss cards, find local groups, and general tomfoolery! There is already a discord, link updated! https://discordapp.com/invite/PcTGhr9
  2. Once entered it should all work until i break it, then i will try my best to unbreak it Each player will need to load the export. Maybe someday i'll figure out sharing of data.
  3. Already out. Version numbers are at the very bottom of the page
  4. The data structure is pretty simple, so it should work going forward. If I change anything I usually try to bulk update everyones data to ensure compatibility. Also 300?!?!?! Make sure you keep backups!
  5. fixed i believe. thanks! 1.5.2 is a lot of formating stuff. should look slightly nicer
  6. whew, i'm glad you got it figured out! gasp. I'll take a look at this! on your attached image, select modern in the dropdown, check off all the items you want in the modern setting, then click "Add Setting" Sorry, writing that out is not as clear as it should be. Sidenote: sorry i haven't been super active on adding stuff to the emporium. real life's been busy and Discord D1 took a dump so it ate up all my coding time. I'll get back to adding/fixing stuff soon.
  7. SkyJedi

    Genesys Master Resources List

    make threads, i'll link to that added
  8. SkyJedi

    Just got a "shipping soon" email!

    FFG, and it's "Shipping now" on the upcoming products page!
  9. You can now login with google, phone, or a user created user/pass. you can also just anon login to look around. All accounts are separate and do not share any data, export and import if you want to move data.
  10. 1.4.4 -added Char to talent modifier list -added char to talentSelection printout
  11. There isn't a lot of room on the 1st print page. Skills take up a massive amount. At some point I want to make a compact print that is only a single page. I think that would solve your issue.
  12. THEMES! images by http://bigevil.net/ CRB ROT SOTB
  13. https://m.facebook.com/groups/GenesysRPG Genesys Discord Server http://discord.gg/3vNJa6t
  14. maybe i fixed this?