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  1. SkyJedi created a topic in Legend of the Five Rings: The Roleplaying Game
  2. Naked MV, KFC. DoK, BT links will now trigger the deck embed and the bot will automatically delete the ugly posted link. server owners need to update the bot's permissions to get the delete functionality but clicking the !invite link and selecting the server https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=519903193149210626&scope=bot&permissions=288832
  3. Also Do people still use ABCE or AERC? SAS is pretty popular from what i see. I'm wondering if I should remove some of the massive number block and let people click the links to get those stats
  4. post a deck link to KFC, KFG, DoK, BT and Archon Matrix will pop its decks command automatically
  5. Twitch bot updated -updated data structure for new set -added -pl -pt, -zh lang
  6. v1.2.0 -updated data structure for new set -added -pl -pt, -zh lang
  7. # 1.7.4 added check to stop duplicate data import you'll need to remake your export files in order for this to work.
  8. all SOTB databasing is done for the emporium. I still have to get the talents that allow a choice of careerskills to work
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