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  1. added a selectable for Cat Ancestry, added descriptions for weapons, armor, gear, added setting field for Characters
  2. hmmmmm, i'll look into it on the list of todos
  3. added a ⚙ for all the clickable stuffs
  4. Thanks for the feedback too! I'll be adding more, ya know, when I get around to it.
  5. In the Emporium. You can add a custom career for runemaster by clicking on the custom button for careers. Also Minnesota represent! SKOL!
  6. SkyJedi

    RoT PbP here?

    Usally you make a new server, inbite the dice bot, then you can make oc, ic, off topic, dice roll channels and what ever other channel you want in about 2 minutes. Then just send the server link. It's amazing simple and fast to make your own little rpg server Anyone in the Genesys server can help.you at any step of the way.
  7. SkyJedi

    RoT PbP here?

    @c__beck is right. My webroller sucks. Discord is where it's at. One stop shop for everything pbp or voice gaming. Genesys Discord Server http://discord.gg/3vNJa6t
  8. Yeah, mobile Safari has it's own way of doing things. I have to circle back to that at some point. Edit: iOS chrome does the same thing I believe. Mobile code is harrrrrred
  9. SkyJedi

    RoT PbP here?

    I also have a web roller https://genesys.skyjedi.com
  10. The gear icon is a good idea!
  11. Nope nothing for star wars at the moment. You can remove skills by clicking on the category heading(general, combat, etc) It's not immediately apparent and I really need to make an options tab.
  12. cybernetics will be a part of the gear manager, it'll alter stain, characteristics, skills as you would expect. ETA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. SkyJedi

    Genesys Master Resources List

    added added, have you seen this guys work? https://github.com/aflegel/FantasyFlightIcons
  14. I'm currently (slowly) getting a database of all the gear from the books. Once that is in place it'll probably wipe out the current gear for characters. No timeline on that so keep your backups current