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  1. Jakuu Gunrunner is the best blocker in the game IMHO
  2. I'm with the 'why' bit of the previous poster. Since FFG made a Poe X-wing just use that? If you want to paint your own, here's a YouTube guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usTvD_STAac
  3. Hopefully a place to post my mods and re-paints. First up a 30-minute Star Viper mod and re-paint: I don't really love the way the stock FFG Star Viper model looks straight out of the package. To me the ship looks a bit to passive. I saw someone modify theirs to sweep the wings back and I wanted to give that a go. The article had a complex procedure of disassembling the model, re-shaping parts, removing glue and re-assembling. I just forced the wings back and hit each with a drop of super glue. Done in 60 seconds. The stock white star viper is good for the ace Guri, but I wanted to have a second one with a different look in order to distinguish the two. This one I went for a bronze look with a simple sepia ink wash all over, then re-painted the highlights appropriately with orange and yellow. I followed this up by highlighting the guns with some steel dry brushing and a final liberal application of wear and tear with two colors using the torn sponge method. Total time 30 minutes...and well worth it I think!
  4. Something like this? https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!44:36,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:36,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:36,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;199:-1,2,187:-1:20:&sn=A and B noobs
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. First games crew are limited to cost of 1. The X-wing idea is tempting. I will re cook the list to try that.
  6. Wings of War would be a great fit as well.
  7. Local casual play, we are doing a campaign where starting out pilot skill can be only 3 or less. I want to run some B-wings. Here is what I came up with: https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!44:36,-1,1,126:-1:-1:;44:36,-1,136,126:-1:-1:;44:36,-1,136,126:-1:-1:;64:-1:-1:-1:&sn=A and B noobs We are all beginners. I expect tie swarms, but since we are all new players, both I and my opponents won't be flying the best. Thoughts on my list? Thanks
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