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  1. Actually that is exactly what it seems. If you have two perfect 3x3 squares no matter how you shuffle them and join them they will always form a 6x3 rectangle.
  2. All this hand wringing about a card that is obviously fake. That is not Obi Wan's real Legion card, someone must have cobbled it together and "leaked" it as a late April fools joke. If you look at it closely you'll clearly see that it is missing the key word: HIGH GROUND! 😂
  3. Looking forward to seeing this finished, very creative indeed.
  4. And a RED die armor save because it has "scaly" hide!
  5. How do I deal with getting beat?! How do I deal with LOSING A GAME?! HOW DO I DEAL WITH FAILURE?!?!?
  6. At least he didn't take one to the knee ................badum-dish!
  7. I think they're busy getting ready for adepticon. Since they'll be streaming the games live.
  8. No one expects ... ... ... ... the Dark Trooper Inquisition!
  9. Actually the stormtrooper's armor is also white so it would also be almost invincible on Hoth. I would just spray paint the base white and add a floating e11 blaster to the base, voila!
  10. I know the most obvious choice for next imperial releases is deback riders and some corps troop (stormtroop variant) choice but I would certainly hand over my wallet if we get mud troopers and this: Wish listing, I know but an asymmetrical release would be so awesome and probably keep more people interested in the game instead of white pawn/black pawn, white rook/black rook.
  11. Yeah, that's true. But Dewbackscout is still left crying in a corner waiting for his. 😜
  12. All right Tauntaunscout, you got your Tauntauns, you should at least let Shoretrooperscout get one unit they want.
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