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    ImperialOfficer reacted to Cleto0 in Skirmish Struggle   
    Clones are extremely easy to deal with currently as long as you follow some basic points. 
    1. focus on one squad at a time
    2. bring a lot of suppression, their captains can ignore suppressed but not panic
    3. out activate them. This builds on #1 because if you have more activations, your big guns are going to hit them multiple times without a reaction back
    4. Pierce. Pierce ignores red saves, which clones have. Stop defensive rolls and make them take the wounds. 
    Here is a list that I think would mash some clones back into the genetic soup they came from:

    491/500 (6 activations)
     - General Veers (80): Aggressive Tactics (10) = 90
     - Bossk (115): Hunter (6), Offensive Push (4), Emergency Stims (12) = 137
     - 2× Shoretroopers (52): T-21B Trooper (32) = 168
    Special Forces:
     - 2× Strike Team (20): DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 96
    •Maximum Firepower, •Ambush, ••Reptilian Rampage, ••Push, •••Imperial Discipline, •••Coordinated Fire, ••••Standing Orders
    You will likely win the bid, which is a big deal. in skirmish, you can choose any of the 4 edges of the board to start from instead of the two long edges of the normal 800 point game. Pick the one that gives the clone player the least amount of cover distance 1 away from their deployment zone. Why distance 1? this is the area they will be shooting from, so the fewer spots to shoot from with cover, the more predictable they become. On the other hand, you need to have good scatter you can hide behind but still shoot from, so find the spots that will give you this. I would focus on getting elimination as the objective and would also recommend trying to get anything but faceoff and dawn. 
    Shoot to kill and you likely have more shots at far range than they do. This list also can take out most other factions with ease, but watch those droids! 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to Cleto0 in Krennic   
    VA is currently one of the most powerful 1 pips in the game. Something you may have missed is cunning, which allows his 1 pip to beat everything but dooku and han in a 1 pip vs 1 pip. The order control from the card + entourage from deathtroopers means that you can have perfect order control on this turn.  
    Annihilation Looms is just as easy, and it works well in all phases of the game, but I prefer it mid to late game when action economy is a vital asset. Being able to compel your units while forcing your enemy to not shoot or move in crucial turns can dramatically effect the game. 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to manoftomorrow010 in Covert Ops   
    This seems fairly clear to me, but I'm assuming, Marksman will "improve" a result, so blank improve to hit and a hit can improve to a crit. This makes the ability better than Sharpshooter, and explains the absence of those keywords.
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to costi in Skirmish Vader   
    I was thinking of running Vader, IRG, Dewback and 2x naked Storms.
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from FatherTurin in Optimized Prototype   
    Gosh @Trudem, way to break the forums! 
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from Trudem in Optimized Prototype   
    Gosh @Trudem, way to break the forums! 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to jddilfer in One more game, few more qestions   
    You are correct on all counts. My guy had a great way to maximize though. He had a job he needed that crew for on same planet as bounty. He did job first turn. Second turn delivered cargo to that planet and did fight. Third turn delivered bounty. It was a beast move. 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to jddilfer in One more game, few more qestions   
    You still have to battle, but you can do it that way. I had someone just last night use the crew for a job and then turn them in for bounty afterward. 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to Magnus Grendel in Learn to Play Lists.   
    I'd agree with smaller starting games. The starter set felt a bit small and swingey but 2 vs 4 makes for nice games. Consider looking at the old scenarios (just double the allowed points) if you want to try something simple and fun.
    If you want a nice, simple squad that 'feels' movie-appropriate, consider the following:
    Blue Squadron Rookie x 4 Integrated S-foils R2 Astromech (Simple, very tough X-wings that can recover shields if they survive a turn of fire and run away)
    Epsilon Squadron Cadet x 6 Pattern Analyser (Simple, very manoeuvrable TIE fighters who can pull turns and loops and keep fighting at full effect)
    Both sides are entirely I1, so no-one gets killed without getting to shoot back, the X-wings take a ridiculous amount of killing with 2-dice primaries and the TIE fighters feel as zippy as they should do. With every ship on each side being identical, there's comparatively few moving parts to remember (the squad doesn't suffer that much if you leave the S-foils configuration off for the first game).
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from Frimmel in Learn to Play Lists.   
    Thanks Frimmel, I appreciate it.  I hadn't really thought of starting with small squads.  That helps. 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to kris40k in Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker   
    Rey is Leia?
    Leia is Rey!
    Finkle is Einhorn!!!
    Kylo Ren is going to want his own mind wiped.
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from hargleblarg in Afterburners Timing   
    @nitrobenz and @thespaceinvader, hey guys thanks, I sure appreciate it.  
    Hope you have a great day.  
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from nitrobenz in Afterburners Timing   
    @nitrobenz and @thespaceinvader, hey guys thanks, I sure appreciate it.  
    Hope you have a great day.  
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to Greebwahn in Hyperspace Imp Aces   
    Vader with FCS, Soontir with Predator, Duchess with Predator, and Wampa - the extra ship, especially Wampa, seems well worth it to me
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from wurms in TIE Salad: Top 16 at Hyperspace Trials   
    Congrats on the dice, and great write up.  Enjoyable read. 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to wurms in TIE Salad: Top 16 at Hyperspace Trials   
    Hyperspace Trials Time.
    A couple days before Trials, I put the squad on the table but swapped Deathtroopers for Sense on Vader and gave it a practice game against Rebel Beef (Wedge,Biggs,Selfless Horton,Uwing) and one of the best players in the area. It was a close game, I lost, sense came in handy once when Wedge did a kturn, so Countdown was able to get range 1 and the kill shot. I kind of suspected the 4k turn (non Leia kturn), but seeing just made it all more reassuring. After that game, I dropped Sense insearch of something else.
    Saturday and the Trials arrived and I settled on three crackshots, and seismic bombs on Countdown (encase I come against vulture swarms, etc.). I also took the new Gas Clouds obstacles. They have no effect on ailerons, and Vermeil sloops alot and I dont have to worry about them there either. Vader can hide behind them for evades and setup his lock, then blast over them and just use lock and force. Seemed great.

    Round 1: - BYE
    I cashed in my bye from last summers store champs win. Woo hoo.
    Round 2 vs Triple T70's (blackone on Poe, Nein, Ello)
    The T70s were spread out, not too much, maybe range 2 of each other. I brought my three I4s up the middle and kept vader out of combat for awhile, waiting to pounce. Vermeil did an aileron stop, and only Ello and Poe had shots, Nein out of range. Opponent did not spend his focuses, saving it for defense, and Vermeil took no damage, meanwhile my 4s dropped Ello's shields and put 1 dmg into him. Ello would drop next round for some damage on Vermeil. Poe went after vader, but I played cautiously with Vader and kept him range 2-3 of Poe running away. Vader setup a lock on Nein and eventually turned in and dropped Neins shields. Next round, kturned behind Nein at range 1 and finished him off. Gideon dropped. Vermeil got some damage on Poe, and then Vader and Poe exchanged range 1 shots and Vader won.
    Win: 200-80
    Round 3 vs UYYY (norra,dutch,selfless Gold, Saw)
    Lots of maneuvering by me to open up. Countdown down left edge, Gideon slow roll behind him. Vermeil up the middle, and aileron right and sloop backwards, keeping range. Vader coming up far right edge. The UYYY doing one 1 straights up the middle. I want them to commit. They finally go after countdown and I aileron toward edge. Vermeil and Gideon move in and drop the Ys shields. Next round, the Y gets dropped to two hull remaining, and I lose Countdown. This is where I mess up. The YYY kturns, and I think I can aileron Vermeil to bump the Y, and take no shots and still have room to aileron away from the edge. I didnt calculate the slight tilt angle the bump would put Vermeil. Gideon kills the Y though. Next round, a full health Vermeil ailerons and a corner of his base is barely off the board. OUCH! It was 3 on 3, now 3 on two. Vader starts hurting Norra. Gideon does what he can. I get Norra down to 2 hull. I was really feeling good about this game and my position, and just totally screwed the pooch.
    Lose: 72-165
    Round 4 vs Wedge, Luke, Dutch (all with proton torpedos)
    Not much to say about this game. I attacked Dutch first cuz I could. Then went for Wedge and opponent rolled evades with naked Wedge and I just plinked 1 dmg for 3 rounds on Wedge, ugh. I went aggressive with Vader (definitely a no-no) and it cost dearly as Wedge and Luke dropped him to 1 hull remaining after a dutch block. I kept Vader alive as long as I could and eventually got Dutch. Wedge eventually got Vader. Plinking away at Wedge is a formula for how to lose. No bueno red dice. I would like to have this match back
    Loss: 93-200
    Round 5 vs my brother! Flying Tie Salad also. Oh joy!
    This sucks. We got paired at last years regionals also. UGH! We play it out, and he loses Vermeil, I lose Gideon. Then my vermeil range 3 lights up his vader who blanks out on green dice. He loses Vader in the game and just calls it.
    Win: 200-31
    Round 6 vs Poe, Talli, Lulo, Bastian
    I'm 3-2 and need a good win with solid MOV. This is gonna be tough.
    I set my sites on Bastian, with a possible PS kill in one or two engagements. My opponent flies away from me and around some rocks. My ailerons are faster and he turns in with Bastian. I jam his focus with Vermeil and him and countdown dropped his shields. Vader and Gideon attack Talli and drop her shields. Poe attacks countdown (WOO!) and 4 hits turns into 1 dmg. Win win for me! Next round, Gideon and Vader take out Bastian. Vermeil blocks Lulo, and countdown takes a shield. Gideon gets in Poes way, and Talli bugs out with a 5 straight doing nothing to vader with her buttshot.
    Next, Vermeil sloops and countdown blocks Lulo, trying to 2 turn away and Vermeil takes her last shield. Poe and Vader bump each other. Next round is HUGE for me. Vermeil coordinates a b-roll to Vader who locks Lulo. Lulo 3 banks, and Vader kturns behind him range 1 and wipes him off the mat. Vermeil takes Poes shields. Time is winding down and I way up on points. Vader is stressed, but he just 5 straights and afterburners outta there, running to save points. Vermeil jams Poe, and countdown puts 2 more dmg into Poe for half points, and I lose half on countdown.
    Win: 144-24
    Im now 4-2 and that round went beautifully. All scores are entered and I'm in 10th place after Swiss! The store is doing a top 16 cut instead of top 8, so Im now off to home to get some rest.
    Top 16 vs UYYY (dutch, selfless gold, gray, Saw, and lots of bombs!)
    This is similar to my third round practice tourney a week before (read post above). I know I can wipe a Ywing in one round and thats what I plan to do. We circle around some rocks for a while, then it all collides. Countdown and Vermeil range 1 of selfless Y, Gideon range 2, and Vader range 3. Perfect! Vader, Gideon, and Countdown take it to 1 hull remaining. A few natty evades saved the Y but I still have Vermeil...and he rolls 1 hit  Opponent rolls another natty evade, and the gold lives. WTF! Vermeil takes some damage, and countodnw takes a hit.
    Next round, Gideon has to waste his attack on the 1hull Y, instead of Dutch range 1 dutch! Vader flies away, and sets up a lock on dutch. Vermeil takes dutch's shields before he is taken off the board. Next round, Vader talon rolls range 1 of Dutch and Countdown is range 1 of dutch. They take him out, but he still gets to attacks and Gets all hits on Vader and Vader blanks with just one eyeball and takes hit,crit, and then on ion cannon blanks and vader is dropped to 2 hull left and is ion'd. That is pretty much game. If Vader didnt get ioned I win this game with only 1.5 ships left of opponents. His gray gets range 1 of Vader, and countdown and Gideon work on Saw. Gideon dies, then countdown gets plinked at range 3 from a Ywing and green dice go cold yet again.
    Loss: 200-127
    If that gold selfless Ywing would got killed round 1. And gideon gets range 1 on dutch. This entire game swings my way bigtime. Just the way it goes sometimes though.
    I made some mistakes throughout the tourney (like flying Vermeil off the board!) but overall, I feel like I played great. Tie Salad is really fun to fun. Seismics were a waste. Never dropped them. Not sure if it made my opponent think different. I assume they forgot as well. Would have preferred a 3pt bid for Vader, or even FCS and 1pt bid. But most importantly...
    I GOT MY DICE!!!

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    ImperialOfficer reacted to Ronu in First Hyperspace Event or New Rebel Regen   
    Practice and a healthy dose of patience and perhaps sleep the night before.
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to Opsmason in Cloning Around   
    Not sure the 3 point bid will help you much, might as well put SC on that last Torrent. 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to Glattyator in 2X7 Ace of Legend   
    And it is better than nothing for sure, it still makes me cringe when I can table a fully loaded Hate Vader (76) vs a naked Rexler Brath (82) and if you want to fly a "cheap" Def an INT 1 is still at 70. You can have any other Imperial ship fully loaded with a 4-6 INT ace at that cost and I wont even raise my blood pressure to look at other faction comparisons.
    That all said I do think the optimizations are going in the right direction, I am just slightly tilted that the defender isn't in the same tier as the E-wing... but rebels have that going for them which is nice.
    End rant 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to JJ48 in (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?   
    We were here first, you bat-winged whippersnappers!  Now get off my nebula and get a wing-cut, you hippies!
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to PaulRuddSays in Are the new Points available yet   
    Are we there yet?!?
    Narrator*: No. No, they were not. And they didn’t realize just how long it would take. 
    *In my mind, the narrator is Morgan Freeman. 
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from JJ48 in First Order Inquest   
    @Ronu   I'm there with you as well, I normally check here but I'm not the active Xwing blogger.  
    Just wanted to say thanks for your post, I've been unable to jump in as well.  The sarcastic helpful responses are probably expected, but never helpful.  Good luck and Happy Hunting.
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    ImperialOfficer got a reaction from Turcopolier in First Order Inquest   
    @Ronu   I'm there with you as well, I normally check here but I'm not the active Xwing blogger.  
    Just wanted to say thanks for your post, I've been unable to jump in as well.  The sarcastic helpful responses are probably expected, but never helpful.  Good luck and Happy Hunting.
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to IamtheBendu in Leebo List   
    So I am wanting to put a list together with Leebo. Has anyone had any luck with him in 2.0? 
    so far I have
    Leebo (98), Magva Yarro (7), Veteran Turret Gunner (8), Outrider (14)
    Jan Ors (42), Kanan Jarrus (14), Hull Upgrade (5), Moldy Crow (12)
    Would this be viable? are 2 ship builds viable in 2.0? 
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    ImperialOfficer reacted to buckero0 in Hondo Cards up   
    Sometimes. I thought it was funny due to his name. I think it is stupid i have get news through Rogue Dakotan here on the board. But news is better than no news
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