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  1. Thanks. I play veers quite a bit, and bossk is one of my favorite pieces in the game. I had just gotten an e-web so I wanted to try it. The list was a little janky because i wanted to play new stuff, but I like the list above. Thanks for the advice regarding scenarios as well, it makes sense.
  2. So we've been playing skirmish more often now in our local area. At 500 points the republic token sharing and now the republic commander seem miserable. Rex and clones use recon to get within range 4 on turn 0. Rex hides with a standby and Republic player plays the card where you can increase the range of your attack. Anywhere you move, they trigger standby because of overwatch, and use fire support. And because of the captains, they disregard the suppression that was poured on and still activate. I'm not one to use the word Broken, but this list sucked to play against. The republic player is one of the best players in our area as well, which doesn't help people going against it. Any ideas other than just hiding everyone on turn 1? The ability to use the tokens while hiding took out complete units before they could activate.
  3. So I finally got krennic and shore troopers tonight for secret Santa. Very excited to get him on the table. looking at krennic, shore, mortar, death troopers, storms dlt, and other stuff to season. My question is the command cards. For krennic players how are you using annihilation looms and Voracious Ambition? Ambition seems nice and the easier of the two, just for order control. But what about AL? thanks,
  4. I don't have him yet, but any first impressions of armies built around Dooku? Running Dooku and Grievous together?
  5. Just getting back into legion since the initial launch. Nothing against it, just time. I've got a league match coming up and I want to play new pieces. I just got Palp and Bossk. Thought is Palp in middle IRG on each side and 3 units of stormies for guardian. Bossk to flank and sniper to, well snipe. Shoretroopers seem to be the rage, but I don't have them yet. thoughts? Emperor Palpatine (210 + 30 = 240)--Anger (5), Force Guidance (10), Force Reflexes (10), Esteemed Leader (5)Bossk (115 + 12 = 127)--Hunter (6), Endurance (6)Stormtroopers (44 + 0 = 44)Stormtroopers (44 + 0 = 44)Stormtroopers (44 + 0 = 44)Stormtroopers (44 + 0 = 44)Imperial Royal Guards (75 + 29 = 104)--Electrostaff Guard (25), Tenacity (4)Imperial Royal Guards (75 + 29 = 104)--Electrostaff Guard (25), Tenacity (4)Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48)--DLT-19x Sniper (28) Commands: Merciless Munitions (1), And Now You Will Die (1), Reptilian Rampage (2), Give in to Your Anger (2), Coordinated Fire (3), An Entire Legion (3), Standing Orders (4)
  6. Gosh @Trudem, way to break the forums!
  7. I've been interested in using Hux as well, but seem to constantly struggle with it. I sit between maximizing the ability and getting any actual damage output from it. I like your attempt here, would be interested in hearing how it goes.
  8. Thanks Frimmel, I appreciate it. I hadn't really thought of starting with small squads. That helps.
  9. So my 10 year old nephew and 8 year old daughter both want to play xwing. I'm looking at lists to let them learn on. I'm thinking of doing 4 T-70's with Heroic for one lists. It's fun, simple actions, and just aim and shoot. Trying to come up with a counter list to run against it. Any ideas would help.
  10. I'm here for the Legion. I think if we do more of the 300 point Ops Mission that it will grow in our area (Jax). We have a much bigger x-wing community than Armada, the smaller map and 75 minute rounds has a lot of appeal. With IA going downhill, the IA players would look for a tournament style game where the 75 minutes would be perfect. I'm definitely not against the standard play, I just think this would be a good stable entry point that could last here.
  11. @Staelwulf hey sorry about that. Yeah we are doing Op scenario for the Jungle event. Two of us practiced it last night, did the first two rounds, had a blast. I ended up taking: Officer Stormies - Concussion Scout Strike Team - DLT Sniper Boba - Hunter, Duck and Cover, Recon Intel Went against Wookies with bowcaster Rebel commandos with big gun fleet troopers Rebel strike team with sniper
  12. Haven't been able to play any legion since the first few months of the launch. Our local area is going to do the 300 point tourney this weekend and I'm excited to jump back in. At 300 points I'm assuming an imperial officer and a couple squads, but I haven't been able to play Boba yet. Anyone been able to put Boba and a generic office in a 300 point list? I have 1 set of scout troopers Veers 4 Bikes 2 snows 1 Scout troop Stormies
  13. ImperialOfficer

    X-Wing sale

    Any of the stuff that had a manufacturer of fantasy flight was not eligible. online the A wing did, it was the only difference in the sku numbers.
  14. @nitrobenz and @thespaceinvader, hey guys thanks, I sure appreciate it. Hope you have a great day.
  15. ok thanks. If challenged, have this put this anywhere to show? I realize the card says it, but the argument that it went into the action queue was discussed.
  16. So I know this might be somewhere already, but I've searched and haven't found it yet. We had a situation come up this weekend with Afterburners. The card says after you fully complete the maneuver, but does the boost or barrel go into the action queue? If you are declaring that you will be using afterburners, can you do a different action first, and then afterburners? Haven't found the rule on this detailed anywhere.
  17. Congrats on the dice, and great write up. Enjoyable read.
  18. Thanks @markrivett, that's interesting. Makes sense from the Ups flyer, would be fun to test it out. Sure seems clunky. We'll see how the point change affects it soon.
  19. Out of curiosity, how was it flown? Are they spreading all 3 out for deployment?
  20. @Ronu I'm there with you as well, I normally check here but I'm not the active Xwing blogger. Just wanted to say thanks for your post, I've been unable to jump in as well. The sarcastic helpful responses are probably expected, but never helpful. Good luck and Happy Hunting.
  21. Just looking to clarify the Heavy Weapon Turret for the Tie SF. It says the missile must treat the forward arc as the mobile arc. The mobile arc can only be forward or backward as well. So that does mean that you can shoot missiles out the rear arc correct?
  22. From a Jank perspective I went for something fun. Making the opposing player choose between taking damage and pitching cards is always fun to watch. What if you amplified that as much as possible between the squad and the cards. 8 trandoshan hunters all declaring an attack within 3 spaces, so they take a damage or pitch a card..... but wait.... take Under Duress.....now they have to pitch 2 cards. In a perfect world, you've milled their entire deck by the end of the first set of combat exchanges. If not, you have chaotic Force, which could cause up to 2 strain to 3 more targets. If the deck has been depleted that's a lot of damage. If they come at you with Melee, uh oh here's a Dirty Trick, take three more strain or be stunned. Maybe through a toxic dart, take a strain and a weaken. Might be able to capture the weary and it takes 2 more strain. If you kill a figure early and happen to have shoot the messenger, that might help mill the deck faster, forcing all of the strain as damage. Whatever you decide, hope you have fun. I'm actually taking your mentality to NOVA. I'm not that great at IA, so I'm just playing the figures I like and going for fun. ◄7 4x Trandoshan Hunter ◄4▪ Greedo ◄3Jawa Scavenger ◄2▪ Under Duress ◄2▪ C-3P0 ◄1▪ Black Market Command Deck: ◄(3) ▪ Assassinate ◄(2) ▪ Chaotic Force ◄(2) ▪ Heightened Reflexes ◄(2) ▪ Tools for the Job ◄(2) ▪ Dirty Trick ◄(1) ▪ Change of Plans ◄(1) ▪ Primary Target ◄(1) ▪ Negation ◄(1) ▪ Capture the Weary ◄(0) ▪ Toxic Dart ◄(0) ▪ Stroke of Brilliance ◄(0) ▪ Take Initiative ◄(0) ▪ Shoot the Messenger ◄(0) ▪ Element of Surprise ◄(0) ▪ Planning
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