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  1. I might just do that actually - it's not too far away from me. I think I figured this out before but I want to make sure: are we only supposed to build a force for one side: ie just Rebels. I'm used to Star Wars CCG where I needed to build Dark Side and Light Side decks for tournaments. I presume that it's the standard 100 point build as well?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to see what would work out best between these stores. I would hate to come to a tournament with my current understanding of the game and be a total noob.
  3. Is the list of games in SE Michigan current? RIW was the only store I could find still listing X-Wing games on their schedule. I live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area and was looking for a group that has a usual set of games that I could hopefully join in with. If they didn't mind, I would like to observe the first few games to get an idea of a strategy.
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