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  1. I got 5 in 5 boxes. More like uncommon distribution numbers.
  2. Commons I normally bundle and give to new players. Uncommons I fill out the needs of a couple of lads I play with or throw them in a sweetners with multiple rares if trading up for a legends.
  3. Hoping FFG upload one soon if not has anyone got one already done for us to kindly download?
  4. I have done 5 booster boxes per release and will do the same with EaW. Had 6 per box so far in all 10. Never duplicates in the same box either.
  5. Confirmed as the 21st by my FLGS as well.
  6. I came 3rd with my deck. To be honest though I could have just of easily finished 1 win 3 losses instead of the opposite. Two games went down to either a bad roll from my opponent or a god roll from me. My one loss was a pummeling against FN trooper Kylo. Vader insisted on rolling resources and shields and when he did roll well Doubt or isolation took it away. I only managed to use leadership once in 4 games and not use price of failure at all as Phasma was going down pretty quickly. Would probably drop Praetorian from my deck. Possibly put in an imperial inspection and possibly a rise again.
  7. I have put together a Phasma / eDarth (awk) deck for my local SC tomorrow. Leveraging price of failure, leadership and Praetorian guard to keep Vader in the game and sacrificing Phasma. Phasma special can be a real game changer as well with Darths potential early damage output. Have boundless ambition in there as well to spam the rerolls.
  8. 6 legendary in each box of 36. The rest are rares. Each of the 36 packs will also contain one random uncommon card.
  9. All our UK pre launch events have been announced for the weekend of the 15th and 16th. So guessing we won't see it here until a week or two after this.
  10. Lordy! Vader tie is going to see A lot of play! Surely it should be legendary as well?
  11. Half the issue I see with Poes ability, I don't get me wrong here I have played Poe/Maz and Poe/Rey so I'm not a hater as such is the ability to use the special to resolve any upgrade, irrelevant of colour, play restrictions or class. I have been on the wrong side of a double Thermal Detanator turn one, and at that point you might as well call the game! Not sure of the solution. Fast hands has defo helped alleviate it slightly though.
  12. unsure. It looks like some kind of catalog with the page numbers in the corners. Possibly the new ffg one they throw in with the likes of the Xwing and Rebel assault starters.
  13. Stole it from a Facebook group I am a member of.
  14. Looks like we have a Lando, Asoka and a thermal detonator variant inbound for EaW.
  15. SC travelling man Newcastle UK. 12 players. 1. Poe Maz 2. Unsure 3. Poe Rey 4. Emo twins I took 3rd but played the winner who went 4/4 in a game that decided the champion for the day. Turn one being thermal detonated twice for 12 damaged sealed my fate. I killed Maz start of turn 2 pre activation but too much damage had been done already. A swift use of new orders putting emperors throneroom back in play sealed my fate... 10 damage on Poe and he played Planetary Uprising. Got Poe down to 5 health left before he claimed for the win.