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  1. What is this retailer sell sheet you refer to? Not seen anything about it
  2. Boba was on the side of the EaW boxes... Just saying...
  3. Really hope upcoming OP cards will be alt art versions of these characters with point changes... or stick them in an upcoming starter or rivals (wishful thinking for current announced releases)...
  4. I like non unique decks. No legendary. No 2 of the same card in a deck. No elites. Lots of fun ways to mix the game up.
  5. Would have preferred some Andy Fairhurst art for Boba. That guy is awesome...
  6. Never had any issues with di for Awakenings or SoR. This time round though I am seeing loads of faults on dice. White flecks of missing colour. Cracking clear sections in the main colour of dice. Then I have noticed my second hounds tooth doesn't appear to have the protective coating on the di, I go to rub what look like a bit of fluff/paper off one of the sides and a quarter of the deal comes away... Bit disappointing. More so because it is a legendary and FFG will send out a random booster for the fault... glad it isn't something more expensive like an ancient lightsaber!
  7. I love people having more than 5 cards so I can tigger lying in wait to max effect. Played someone with 7 in hand a few days back... Painful given it was my last card.
  8. And no space to hold tokens... big fail in my opinion.
  9. I got 5 in 5 boxes. More like uncommon distribution numbers.
  10. Commons I normally bundle and give to new players. Uncommons I fill out the needs of a couple of lads I play with or throw them in a sweetners with multiple rares if trading up for a legends.
  11. Hoping FFG upload one soon if not has anyone got one already done for us to kindly download?
  12. I have done 5 booster boxes per release and will do the same with EaW. Had 6 per box so far in all 10. Never duplicates in the same box either.
  13. Confirmed as the 21st by my FLGS as well.
  14. I came 3rd with my deck. To be honest though I could have just of easily finished 1 win 3 losses instead of the opposite. Two games went down to either a bad roll from my opponent or a god roll from me. My one loss was a pummeling against FN trooper Kylo. Vader insisted on rolling resources and shields and when he did roll well Doubt or isolation took it away. I only managed to use leadership once in 4 games and not use price of failure at all as Phasma was going down pretty quickly. Would probably drop Praetorian from my deck. Possibly put in an imperial inspection and possibly a rise again.
  15. I have put together a Phasma / eDarth (awk) deck for my local SC tomorrow. Leveraging price of failure, leadership and Praetorian guard to keep Vader in the game and sacrificing Phasma. Phasma special can be a real game changer as well with Darths potential early damage output. Have boundless ambition in there as well to spam the rerolls.