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    YasukiKaito reacted to Bayushi Tsubaki in "We have a plan..."   
    I will eat my humble pie with pride!  I'm happy to be proven wrong.
    *om nom nom* ?
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Shiba Gunichi in "We have a plan..."   
    I see you're either new to L5R fandom or simply forgetful- the best that can be hoped for is abashed silence.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Sake-house-brawl in "We have a plan..."   
    Will there be some humble pie to be had now that it looks like they do actually have a pretty cool and flavourful plan with way they've done the Scorpion previews!?

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    YasukiKaito reacted to Isawa Enns in Bayushi Shoju   
    Chi-death lives! 
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Galahadenough in Spoiler: Shosuro Actress   
    Spoiling the scorp cards by sneaking them into other articles is just so perfectly scorpion - I love it!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Foxtrot Four in Calling All Fudo, and Heretics   
    So I know I'm probably in a vast minority, but I absolutely love the Fudo movement, and while I love Heresy as a whole; it'd be pretty confusing and overall not effective if we simply allowed for any and all heresies to just show up. Fudo needs to be a honed edge, a scalpel, to dismantle the established Status Quo of what it means to Enlighten and how one achieves such ends. I personally think Fudo should be the Heresy that we tie out banner to, the hill upon which we stand. So this thread I'm going to keep a running tab of the core tenets of Fudoism, what it means, who is attracted to Fudoism, and just do as much as I can, with all community input, and I would LOVE your help, to build a core foundational belief of simply, "What is Fudo?".
    But there's a little bit more, here I also want to talk about infections. The big one question is WHO? WHO shall we begin infesting with Fudo? One Clan? Two Clans? We shouldn't put all our eggs in one basket, but we absolutely should at least agree on two, maybe even three clans to begin a focused community effort to bring Fudo into their midsts. So I'll also keep a running tally on public opinion on what Clans we should begin to move towards. [Now granted this movement might simply be just me, and while that would be sad, it would not be surprising. However, I hope to convert a few with some compelling arguments]
    What is Fudo?
    Abandonment of anything that might hold one back from Enlightenment Enlightenment by Any Means Necessary "My path may lead to your death, or mine samurai. But what matter such things, if the goal be enlightenment" Enlightenment in parallel to your path, and even by your path. Meaning, you can find Enlightenment anywhere, no matter your position. Samurai, Peasent, Geisha, etc Use of Corruption and Maliciousness as a means to an end, see The Heart of Fudo. Lies, Pride, Passion, Envy, and Hatred, from the False Rings. And to be such things unapologetically, with no regard for saving face. Truth to Oneself, at the Cost of Honor. Understanding Breeds Understanding. Now granted this isn't a whole lot, but I'm more than open to suggestions, the more fleshed this movement becomes the more we can weigh our influence and try and get some foot holds in some interesting places. Kolat may have been destined for greatness, and Shadowlands may always have been a staggeringly large threat internally and externally, but Heresy is just as interesting. I mean, near the end of Old5R Fudo followers were being slaughtered in the streets for Wrong Think, which is some 1984 stick that I think would compliment itself so beautifully to the L5R Setting.
    But where and what clan should we begin building? Here are some of my thoughts...
    Crab. Enlightenment by Any Means would likely appeal to them as well as the abandonment of Honor as an ideal would appeal as well. [Only downfall is that they already have a Kolat infestation, both in fiction and out of it lol] Lion. This one I'm pretty partial too, they don't even read the Tao so i'd be easy to encourage them that they can achieve enlightenment simply by doing what they're doing already. Also the Ikoma Family has been putting honor aside since before the old patriarch died. Scorpion. This one I'm a little unsure about, The Scorpion players are an odd lot, and pretty harshly rooted into the dogmatic status quo, but the abandonment of Honor is something they do already so I don't see them as too far a stretch to maybe persuade them. Dragon. Pretty cliche but I won't deny that the flavor text on Way of the Dragon is pretty much the core tenet of Fudoism, but they above all else would be most aggressive at stamping out heresy. So what are some of your thoughts? I would like to pretty much take the reigns and make Fudo just as much a player movement. I mean The Mantis Clan forums were a den of Kolat, so many of the player base identified as Kolat, or at least the top/loudest/most well know players were at least. Yoritomo Raiden aka The Kolat Informant was at least. So let's make something interesting, something compelling. Let's recreate The Protestant Reformation in L5R, let's see what happens
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    YasukiKaito reacted to psychie in Custom Playmat I Made Over the Weekend   
    I think it looks really good! Personally, I don't see any need to fill in the white space any more than it already is, as the way it is now seems fairly reminiscent to the classic Japanese charcoal art, and that is a big part of what I like about it.
    Then again, I'm not much into art, so its possible that I'm completely misunderstanding what's supposed to be going on, or misremembering classic Japanese charcoal art, but either way it's really good, way, way better than anything I could ever hope to do!
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Totengraber in Custom Playmat I Made Over the Weekend   
    Crab Represent!  That is well done!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Totengraber in Custom Playmat I Made Over the Weekend   
    First time I've done this.
    Every medium I tried, including the markers I ended up using, bled like crazy. This was the third mat; the first two ended up ruined by the bleed effect. I think it turned out okay. I only wish I could have filled in more of the white space and made the areas I did fill in a lot smoother.
    So, waddya think?

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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Devin-the-Poet in Role cards   
    Hm, that could be pretty cool if they allow anyone to play with one of the unchosen roles. Then story wise it could represent a faction of that clan following its own path rather than that of the clan as whole. 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Asako Michi in Role cards   
    Honestly, it feels like the horse was dead 4 pages ago at least...maybe we can stop beating it? Sure, the community can keep rehashing their points, clearly there's strong opinions from passionate players on both sides of the argument. I don't see a consensus likely to be reached on the question of the announced role card implementation, let alone anyone on either side of the debate changing their mind at this point. Maybe it would be best to table the issue for now, maybe allow some time (and real world application of role cards) pass before coming back to it. In the meantime, I think it would be awesome to discuss the cards themselves. Seems like there's little chatter aside from the "obvious" choices for Crab and Phoenix, what about other clans? Or which roles do folks think they would personally get the most utility from, for what deck/strategy, and why? 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to BD Flory in Role cards   
    I agree. I've been pretty firmly in the, "FFG is going to do things the way FFG does things, and that's for the best," camp since the announcement, and this is a great development. I really like that there are clear, achievable goals with specific and defined impact on gameplay, and that both the Hatamoto and Role systems seem to be designed to promote clan loyalty among those who care for it, but are easily ignored by those who don't.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to BD Flory in Role cards   
    You could say the same about individual characters and families being clan aligned, though.
    I assume if the role cards do have apparent story significance, it will be in the priorities of clan leadership, rather than in the hopes and dreams of every clan samurai who comes along.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Daigotsu Steve in Role cards   
    Just to throw a bit more gas on this fire, apparently there are actual cards in the game with text in them that's something like "Seeker/Keeper role only"...
    Either way I'm excited.
    People seemed worried about the meta for this game changing too slowly and getting stagnant. Well, on a yearly basis the playing life of the tournament hound, and especially those of us with our eyes on Hatamoto Glory will change a lot.
    I am so very looking forward to this game. The meta structure and tournament programme is unlike anything I've seen in 15 odd years of this, and I love it.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Tashiro in Coming in Fresh - a Veteran   
    Hello everyone!
    It's been a long, long time for me.  In L5R, I go by 'Bayushi Tashiro', and was in the game since the 1st edition of the Roleplaying Game.  I played off and on with the card game, but my first love was the RPG.  I just cracked open all my old fiction from the campaigns I ran, and looked over the characters my friends played, and decided to come peek in here.
    I'm looking forward to trying out the card game, stepping back into L5R, and I'm glad they're starting from the beginning(ish).  I'm curious to see what stories they tell.
    And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing a new edition of the RPG coming out.  I helped with a bit of 2nd Edition, was a playtester for 3rd Edition and 4th Edition, and even did the conversion from d20 to R&K for the Bloodspeakers book.  I would like nothing more than to step into Rokugan once more.
    Any other old-timers here?
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Daigotsu Steve in Role cards   
    ****, people got the wrong idea about these cards I reckon. Folks a tripping. Tournament play in this game is going to feature clans and those clans will have a subtle but constantly changing power running behind them, and that's just a core part of the game. Is what it is. I'm looking forward to it.
    People are taking this super personal. And it's weird.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Mon no Oni in Role cards   
    You know what's insulting? Calling your fellow players "delusional", "wannabes", "neckbeard". Probably there are more gems like this hidden there, but I skipped to the end when it got annoying in page 2 to see if it got useful again... only to find that this is still going on its 7th.
    These are the rules of sanctioned play. They simply add options that 2-3 days ago we didn't have. If you had no problems with the game until then, it just makes no sense to have them now. These options are mutually exclusive; the method used to decide which option you get to use is meaningless. If you have a problem now, I'd stop and think if the problem is with these rules or if its actually something else.
    Sanctioned play is an additional layer over the basic game. You can own and play the game with your friends and never participate in sanctioned play. But, it you do, you are accepting lots of additional strictures of which the roles are a just a part. If you don't want to to accept those, or you object things like other players shuffling your decks, touching your cards, or random people (like judges or the TO) bossing you around, telling you where to sit and what you can or cannot do. then I suggest that the best course for you is not participating in sanctioned play. Simple as that.
    Otherwise, I further suggest that you accept you have made your point to the best of your ability and the rest of your fellow players simply don't share your concerns. 
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Mon no Oni in Spoiler: Shosuro Actress   
    Spoiling the scorp cards by sneaking them into other articles is just so perfectly scorpion - I love it!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Shu2jack in Role cards   
    Actually, I said play casual or don't buy. The only time these cards matter is in competition (so why are some complaining that the actual competitors get to pick?). Even then, it appears you don't have to use a role when competing. But now that is a problem apparently.
    Honestly, I've been impressed by the amount of effort, thought and passion put into this game. The design has bean great.
    The devs have way more play testing on this then us. I'm going to start a thread this weekend, but I have yet to see an actual discussion on the cards and how they effect each clan.
    Maybe then we'll have a decent assessmentof role cards. Until then, I trust the designers who have done very well with this game so far.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to HirumaShigure in Role cards   
    "They're not MY hatamoto! I didn't vote for them!" 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to HirumaShigure in Role cards   
    I liked that it has the built in check/balance that the same role can't be chosen again.  If a clan ends up dominating the game "because of their role?" the world champion won't get to pick that role again leading to that domination for a second year again.  A year seems like a really long time,  but the card pool will evolve slower being an lcg. I too like the flavor of it,  but hope it won't impact the game in a huge negative way.
    Having said all that,  it won't really effect me,  cause if I spend money on a game,  and I don't like an aspect of it,  I'll play it the way I want,  and "keep flying casual". 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to MrMenthe in Role cards   
    *Jump in*
    I really really like this ! I think it's brilliant and I will be happy to put any role in my deck to honour my clan
    *Fly away like a crane*
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Devin-the-Poet in Spoiler: Shosuro Actress   
    Spoiling the scorp cards by sneaking them into other articles is just so perfectly scorpion - I love it!
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Shu2jack in Role cards   
    I suppose if you view it through the lens of 'I could choose any of these roles for myself based on whatever deck I would to build' then it could be construed as restricting player choice. But I don't think that ever would have been the case. 
    If you view it as 'oh now I have the opportunity to splash more cards/provinces and get some fate based on how I play' then it's not restrictive at all and does allow for more flexibility. But I think starting from the viewpoint that the game would've been designed so that any player could pick any role at any time isn't likely. I doubt they would have included a mechanic like that. 
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Vlad3theImpaler in Spoiler: Shosuro Actress   
    Spoiling the scorp cards by sneaking them into other articles is just so perfectly scorpion - I love it!
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