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    YasukiKaito reacted to Matrim in Release Kit Ripoff   
    my aren't you 'my glass is half empty'
    retailers don't have to buy the kits and regardless as to the use of a lanyard I would quite like a full art hotaru. Probably won't get one though..
    doesn't matter though as I am happy to be able to play again.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Asako Michi in New Story - 'To the South' Part One - up on main page   
    Clearly this is leading into the fiction intro to our upcoming intrepid hero, Goblin Sneak.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to phillos in New Story - 'To the South' Part One - up on main page   
    Hurry up and release the next installment already.  I want to meet this new Crab character.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Ishi Tonu in New Story - 'To the South' Part One - up on main page   
    That's what I was thinking too. Naga had some interaction with Unicorn and Crab in the old story.  A chance meeting of the Unicorn and Crab both following a Naga and then ending up being the clans that act as leiason between the Naga and the Empire, in order to fight Fu Leng seems plausible.
    Crab and Unicon both figure out they are following the same thing.  They find Naga.  Naga takes them to what really attacked the village as the Naga was tracking it too.  They all decide to be buddies.  Fu Leng sees the alliance formed in his crystal ball, shakes his fist in the air and screams "I've had with these mutha frackin snakes in the mutha frackin plains...."
    Get it? Plains instead of planes.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Matrim in Happy L5R Release Day!   
    I hope all your L5R card dreams come true! Unless you play me in which case I hope you draw really bad combinations that just dont work.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Dahawi in Mantis is real!   
    Wondering a bit off topic here peeps. Congratulations to the Mantis, hopefully this means that you'll be a playable Faction in the future! 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Tokhuah in Home   
    This will be my third time playing L5R dating back to the 1990's, with the last time being Celestial when I was done with the "collectable" aspect of the customizable card game genre.  As I dust off my Origins 2002 L5R shirt in preparation for TO duties at my local FLGS this weekend I have also been reflecting on a game, that has been more than a game, which I have played and loved across very different periods of my life.  I look forward to embarking on the L5R adventure once again!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Hinomura in Home   
    Posted this on my Facebook page today, and wanted to share it here too.

    "All of my dreams, that fell through, and have tasted so sour Take second place, in my mind, for this one sacred hour. Still, I've been moved, for so long, by this strange fascination Here, as i stand, all alone, in complete concentration."   Bear with me. This is going to be emotional.   Today is the official release of the Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game. Fantasy Flight Games bought the IP from AEG, who had produced the game almost continuously for twenty years (with a nod to the time the game spent at WotC/Hasbro), back in 2015, and stripped the game down to redesign a twenty plus year old system into a sleek, modern game.   Five Rings has always been about more than 'just' the game though, and FFG very much took that into account, treating the setting, the spirit, and the community with great respect, and their plans going forward are genuinely invigorating and hugely exciting.   I owe who I am to Five Rings. It changed me for the better, helped me strive to become the person I wanted to be, solidified me as at least a somewhat useful and respectable human being. I can never repay that debt, to the designers, to AEG, to the community, to my friends and peers who provided me with inspiration and example, and continue to do so each day.   I look back at the wave of posts we made following the sale announcement, and I'm so proud of how we all reacted. Many expected anger, bitterness, resentment. Instead, my Facebook feed was filled with so many positive thoughts and memories, and one thing underscored it all: we were not done. That was not the end. Whatever happened going forward, we were not through.   I don't think even the most optimistic of us expected the level of excitement, enthusiasm, and interest that we've seen. Nobody thought we'd be selling seven hundred seats to a tournament at GenCon. Nobody expected to see retailers posting pictures of veritable walls of product. We were always a niche game, passionate but resigned to being that little oddity in the corner where players dressed up and shouted before their tournaments.   My main hope when FFG took over was that, simply, I'd still get to play something similar to the game I loved with friends old and new. They've exceeded that hope by so many orders of magnitude.   This is our first day on the new path, and so many new faces are joining us, just as so many old friends are returning.   This is everything I wanted and more. I can't wait to see where we all go from here.   We are L5R. And we are home.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to phillos in Hipster Clan?   
    I'm sure sleeves are coming. 
    To the OP right now Unicorn is definitely the most hipster.  Scorpion seems to be the most popular.  Of course Crab are the best.  So you should play Crab.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Talandar in Hipster Clan?   
    I don't see it. One is a group of knights defending an ice wall from the forces of evil while getting no respect from the more civilized southerners, while the other is a group of samurai defending a stone wall from the forces of evil while getting no respect from the more civilized northerners. Totally different.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Tokhuah in Hipster Clan?   
    You need to look at behavior patterns to sort out the real hipsters:
    The Crab use tetsubo because the samurai sword is too mainstream
    The Crane only wear kimonos from organic silk worms that produce 30 yards per year and are paid fair trade wages.
    Dragon rock figurative tattoos with ironic allusions to abilities they impart.
    Lions brag about their ancestors deeds as restorative justice and complain about what everyone else's ancestors did as microagressions.
    Phoenix believe black scrolls are cool but do not wear black because that is too obvious.
    Masks are so out of style at court but Scorpions think the way they wear masks makes them retro-awesome again.
    Unicorns as Barbarians is so paradoxical sounding that it is destined to be a thing depicted on a sweater with a hoodie.
    Your answer: All the above
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Mirith in Hipster Clan?   
    Crab Clan, both beard and Man bun:

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    YasukiKaito reacted to Shiba Gunichi in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    I love 4th because it dialed back the absurd cheese that crept into earlier editions. Kinda hope they avoid absurd "take this school if you want to do X, everyone else who tries to do X is absolute trash by comparison."
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Memorare in I am Loyal   
    To Fu Leng. 
    Victory to the Dark Kami!
    Please, oh please, let there be a Shadowlands deck in our future. 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Asako Michi in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    New role cards leaked: Seeker of Puns and Keeper of Puns. One or the other is required to play the role - specific province, Wonderland. It has province strength 3, and its ability reads:
    Reaction: After defenders are declared for a conflict at this province, select one attacker and one defender - switch control of the selected characters until the end of the conflict. 
    Flavor text: "We're all a little mad here. "  
    - Unknown Samurai
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    YasukiKaito reacted to qwertyuiop in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    I like the puns.
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from shosuko in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Shout out to people wondering what the opposite of in is!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Ishi Tonu in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Breaking fake-news:
    There will be a BAN......zai on chanting UTZ/BANZAI at future L5R events!
    Surely someone has used this pun within the last 8 pages.
    If not, shame on all of you.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Shu2jack in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    3 weeks to release. No weekly spoiler....this is rearing us apart!!!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to theninthguardian in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Right?! Let's not even get started on the Rokugani caste system and how samurai are basically merciless, bloodthirsty aristocrats who won't hesitate to murder hapless peasants for looking at them funny (or really just looking at them, period).
    ...and before everyone jumps down my throat, I love L5R (SO MUCH!) but I think it's important to recognize the *** things about the culture it portrays even if they are 'accurate'. I know I purse my lips a bit at anyone who goes all starry-eyed and romanticizes the setting too much and wants to live there or whatever.
    EDIT: Just to add, I don't agree with everything that's being said here, but I am so, so pleased with how this discussion is going and how comparatively civil it is. Not once I have seen someone rage about "PC/political correctness" or use the term "snowflake" or bring political affiliation into it. Thanks for still being decent folks, L5R community.
    Like, even the folks I disagree with I feel like if I met you in person we'd have no trouble hashing this out over a drink.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Yogo Gohei in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    I will admit that the term virtue signalling has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overused in today's society.  Basically, anyone expressing an opinion online gets accused of it.  Because the internet is terrible.  But, to me at least, this a a pretty black-and-white case and it isn't helpful.
    None of these people have given any indication, whatsoever, that they are being insulted or offended.  No one that is creating the game / chanting / cosplaying is doing it in a way that is intended to cause offense.  The only Asian person I have seen that was offended by any of this is in the SUSD comment thread, and his issues stem from an apparent deep hatred of the Japanese, and not anything inherent in the card game / pageantry.
    If no one is intending to offend, an no one is actually being offended, what is the point of being offended on someone else's behalf?  It's absurd.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Daigotsu Steve in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Sometimes it has to be said. There is a danger is taking these people seriously. Not to say every single instance of this kind of thing is without merit, and that certain conversations aren't worth having, but inserting political agenda and attempting to enforce civic virtues in the comment thread of a review of a card game? Nah.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to qwertyuiop in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    I find it fascinating that anyone cares what the reviewer had to say about anything aside from the game.   
    Are people really trying to probe the feelings of paid actors over a job they chose to do?  Do they not have minds and emotional fortitude to stand up for themselves? Are they voiceless?  Did FFG somehow bamboozle them? Were they told they'd be shooting a samurai themed Old Navy ad when suddenly they were accosted by energetic chanting card players? The shame! The horror!  We thought these swords were for slashing prices!
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Yogo Gohei in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Maybe I'm naive in saying this - but I think that the intent in the Utz/Banzai chant is pretty relevant to the discussion.  In my experience there is no negativity associated with the chant at all.  It's just some gamers who are excited about their magical samurai fighting.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to MrMenthe in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Yeah, I love it too. It makes me feel being a part of something greater than a card game.
    I understand that some people don't like it and I am 100% supportive if they chose not to do it.
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