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    YasukiKaito reacted to Asako Michi in Organized Play information   
    Nothing that has been revealed up to this point, though it's possible there will be something in the unrevealed neutral cards in the core set which will have that restriction. Presumably, future events/releases/expansions will feature additional cards with the keeper/seeker restrictions. 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to JJ48 in Organized Play information   
    "Importantly, they cannot select a role another clan has already selected at this ceremony, and they must each select a different role from the one their clan held leading into this event!"
    Well, you're guaranteed to have to change some time...
    The clans don't have different boxes, and even if they did, they wouldn't have province strength.
    The clan strongholds on the other hand...
    I'm not sure casual players are really going to care about whether or not they use the correct role, are they?  As for the Hatamoto, he gets some cool stuff but nothing that really gives him a great advantage (other than just guaranteeing him a seat).
    I'm more concerned with the line:  "The Banzai chant at the start of each Kotei Series main event is lead by all Hatamotos who have come to prove their superiority!"
    So Hatamotos get a lot of cool stuff, but they're also forced to participate in Banzais.  I suppose every silver lining has a cloud. 
    It's not a thoroughly unreasonable concern, but what's the worst case scenario?  You get one bonus instead of another bonus.  Sure, certain clans may prefer a certain Ring or prefer one side or the other, but it's not like any role is going to be absolutely unplayable by any clan.  I like that it affects the game, but not so much as to throw the entire thing into chaos.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to fyrm in Organized Play information   
    I doubt this will come up too much. This looks like it will be at a rather major tournament, so I doubt any player there won't at least have a feel for which will be best for the clan. Also, if they were saboteurs from another clan picking to ruin the days of your clan, I could understand getting upset [although props to the dishonorable fellows, that is some strong adherence to duty], but to an unluckily lucky clanmate that just seems like a lack of compassion. They tried their best, and got their prize. If you think you can choose better, the go to those tournaments and do better than them.
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Casanunda in Scorpions Way   
    I hope to see a couple of scorpion cards that play into the dishonor theme.  I don't think that dishonor will be a pure victory condition though.  Right now I see it more as a way to put pressure on an opponent, hurt their high glory characters, and then if the game happens to play out that way - a push for winning through dishonor.  So at the end of the day like OP said, you've got to be able to crack provinces, and dishonor is your side dish, rather than the main course.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Yogo Gohei in Scorpions Way   
    In roughly two weeks time, I expect a spirited debate over what constitutes "cards which work towards a dishonour victory" :-D
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Mirumoto Saito in Which will be the last clan, and why do you think it will be Scorpion?   
    Nah - its going to be all about the Pincer Alliance!  Crab/Scorpion dishonor! (In my head at least)
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Kuni Katsuyoshi in Which will be the last clan, and why do you think it will be Scorpion?   
    Nah - its going to be all about the Pincer Alliance!  Crab/Scorpion dishonor! (In my head at least)
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Kitsu Seinosuke in Which will be the last clan, and why do you think it will be Scorpion?   
    Hang on. You mean that we, the most honourable, glorious and clearly best clan in Rokugan, are going to be in alliance with...
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    YasukiKaito reacted to shosuko in Which will be the last clan, and why do you think it will be Scorpion?   
    OH OH OH!!!  I have an answer now!!!
    Because all of the other clans are done, and they just spoiled a Unicorn card.
    Scorpion Clan is Last to be released - CONFIRMED 
    We can rest easy boys. 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to DarkHorse in Twitter Spoiler - Warrior Poet (Unicorn)   
    Unicorn Poet
    is spoiled. Clearly needs more
    haiku in this thread.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to shosuko in Twitter Spoiler - Warrior Poet (Unicorn)   
    Yeah, being a Crab you were prolly looking at how well she dishonors her opponents, even the gloryless dogs.  That is an important trait for the Crab these days, all politics and ad hominem.  Crafty devils ^_~
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Ide Yoshiya in Twitter Spoiler - Warrior Poet (Unicorn)   
    Sweeping down the hill
    Bushi with no battlecry
    But our beating hooves
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Ide Yoshiya in Twitter Spoiler - Warrior Poet (Unicorn)   
    I find the Unicorn are at their best when they're able to be subtly gaijin without beating everyone over the head with it.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Kuni Katsuyoshi in Twitter Spoiler - Warrior Poet (Unicorn)   
    It gets hot down on the wall.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to SHARKOSAURUS in Twitter Spoiler - Warrior Poet (Unicorn)   
    That doesn't sound like the saying...
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Kakita Shijin in Keepers of Harmony- Phoenix Card Spoilers   
    Eek - that is some scary manipulation they can pull off! Run Awayyy
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Bayushi Osamu in Shōrido, The Path of Five Rings   
    My brother -
         My talks with Sora continue to prove enlightening, as you suggested they might. The rejection of external influence is a noble pursuit – indeed, a path even the Little Teacher condones – but some among our family take it too far when they reject the Brotherhood's thinking whole-cloth. Yesterday in the temple one claimed that the Brotherhood's strictly traditional readings of the Tao did a disservice to the text's universal adaptability, and that as such no new thinking could emerge from their interpretations. Having spent many mornings of late with Sora, I could not help but smile at my brother Togashi's ignorance.
         The ideology we discussed is fascinating, brother. Fascinating beyond words in the way only enlightened thought can be. It is Void, an enigma, at once exciting and calming, mystifying and revealing. It consumes my waking thoughts, and the deeper I plumb the depths of its majesty, the more thoroughly it entwines with my soul. I firmly believe this way, if spread to other samurai, will be the dawn of a grand spiritual awakening in the Empire.
         It is Shōrido, the Path of Five Rings.
         It is the perfect compliment to Bushido – where Akodo's great moral code serves as a set of ideals to aspire to, Shōrido describes the path of action one must take to attain those ideals – to serve – in essence, to be samurai. Atop that snow-swept peak, Sora described to me the tenets that opened the gates to a new life. The Virtues are a set of weaving paths, coiling and intertwining, each building on and enhancing the others as the student walks the Way.
         Knowledge, the basis of right thinking. Seek not only to understand that which surrounds your goal, but all things. In doing so, unexpected roads may present themselves. Thus, knowledge fosters Insight and Control, and when one knows enough to determine a course of action, it fosters Will.
         Insight, the ability to see truth behind facts. Observe the nature of all things. Understanding a man's weakness is but the most surface-level observation; to truly understand another, one must understand how they think, must see things through their mindset. Thus, proper Insight fosters Control and guides Will.
         Will, the resolve to see a task done. Based in Knowledge and Insight, one determines that a course of action must be taken. Will requires Control over the self, however, lest ones passions overrun them and they act in a way that forfeits Control. Will, therefore, is exercised as much in restraint as it is in action. Fortitude, not single-mindedness.
         Strength, the ability to act. This is the tenet so many samurai study to the exclusion of all others, thus a fuller study of Shōrido will benefit all who serve. The Matsu is her sword, the Bayushi is his tongue, but what are they without temperance? They are double-edged blades, as likely to cut the wielder as they are their target. Strength, therefore, is found in discipline, not wrath. Brash application of force is only the weakest display of Strength. Disciplined Strength fosters Control and Will.
         Control, the ability to guide events. For a samurai to serve, when set to a task by his lord, he must be able to control the outcomes of his actions. However, a samurai must first exercise full control over himself before he can do so to the world around him. In practice, Control is both gained from and burgeons all of the other virtues.
         Its culmination: Perfection. From the Lion's honor to the Crane's artistry, all samurai endeavor to Perfection in order to better serve and honor their lord and Emperor. For a perfect hand must bear a perfect tool, and the blood of the Kami runs strong in the veins of our masters.
         A question certainly now arises in your mind, as it did in mine; why call this the Path of Five Rings? It is, I must confess, perhaps a bit of my worldly hubris that I have yet to shed, as I deigned to give it this name. In discussing the Virtues with Sora, I found that each aligns perfectly with the Elements, the fundamental forces that describe the universe! It is the surest sign that this Way is true.
         Air - Impermanence - Knowledge. That which is true one moment may be false the next, particularly when one acts to change it; knowledge is by nature impermanent and fleeting.
         Water - Change - Insight. The adoption of different patterns of thinking is an immediate act of change in the student, but such endeavors mold ones nature gradually as well when new perspectives reveal new truths. Exercising Insight, therefore, is inherently an act of change.
         Earth - Resoluteness - Will. Most Rokugani well understand the relation between Earth and Will. As the mountain never wavers, so stands the samurai's resolve in service of his lord.
         Fire - Inspiration - Strength. The relationship between inspiration and the ability to act is readily apparent to any. The fires of passion fuel the movement of any who heed them.
         Void - that contains all - Control. In nothing, everything; in inaction, action; in pointlessness, meaning. As the emptiness before existence begat the world, so too does the unguided existence of the Virtues beget Control.
         Thus, Shōrido can be visualized as a series of five interweaving Rings, the paths winding and interconnecting. The student walks along the path, seeking the next turn, ever attentive, ever honing himself on the whetstone of Virtue.
         Walking the Way, then, to see the rings as they interlock, is Perfection.

    Peace be with you, brother. May you find your own Awakening.
    Togashi Katsu
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    YasukiKaito reacted to OokamiGauru in Clan Music   
    I always figured the Scorpion theme song was AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
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    YasukiKaito reacted to The Spider in A few questions from a newcomer to L5R   
    Hello, Everyone. I am new to the forum and LCG, I recently started looking to get into LCG and came across L5R. 
    I really like the art, game mechanics, and all the fictional writing that gives the world depth.
    Now for a couple of questions if I may
    1. Can anyone point me to a link that shows all the current cards revealed, please?
    2. Are there more cards to come per faction or are the factions revealed so far complete?
    3. Are the Spider Clan scheduled for release?
    4. Could you recommend a YouTuber that is noob friendly and goes through the rules and cards?
    Many thanks all
    Looking forward to my new L5R adventures
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Fumo in Clan Music   
    Thunderstruck. Those Moshi love a bit of AC/DC.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Mirith in Clan Music   
    I'm assuming Lion gets Hamster Dance.
    The first thing that popped in my mind for Crab was Bad Boys for some reason, which then spiraled into a L5R Cops parody in my mind.
    Badger Clan of course gets: https://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Tonbo Karasu in Risen from the Flames - Phoenix Fiction   
    So, now we've solved the entire mystery of the first two fictions - The Lion Clan poisoned Doji Satsume, it took Hotaru a few weeks to work out who it was, so she went off to execute the Champion of the perpetrator's Clan, since one cannot live under the same sky as the man who killed one's father.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Kuni Katsuyoshi in Risen from the Flames - Phoenix Fiction   
    I began singing the Aladdin song as soon as I read your post.?
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    YasukiKaito reacted to franzvong in Risen from the Flames - Phoenix Fiction   
    I understand that many old players are waiting to see beloved characters and plots, but I hate the idea that as a new player I will be continually exposed to spoilers..
    I seriously hope that FFG will write a new story and will not follow the old one at all, other than the initial setting. No coup, different wars, different enemies altogether.
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    YasukiKaito got a reaction from Fumo in Clan Music   
    I. Absolutely. Love this video.
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