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    YasukiKaito reacted to Tetsuro in Spoiler: Censure. Worst card so far?   
    L5R players? Are you sure?
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Ignithas in Dishonor is not inherently NPE - The sour grapes need to stop   
    I think it is interesting that Backhanded Compliment is NPE, when half of the core set is NPE as well. Lion attacks with Toturi and plays 2 Way of the Lion to get him to 24 str., Kuroi Mori makes it almost impossible to break your stronghold, LPB kneels your characters every turn, Miromoto's Furry kneels your best character for only one fate, Tsukune simply triggers two rings without any conflict, free event cancels, free attchment removal etc. 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Tokhuah in Dishonor is not inherently NPE - The sour grapes need to stop   
    Nobody wants to play a non interactive game of either honor or dishonor.  The way FFG has redesigned conflict there is plenty of room for dishonor strategies imbedded in military or political form. Court Games or variations on dueling, for example, are delivery methods for more interactive honor or dishonor exchanges.  With this in mind I do not particularly care for Backhanded Compliment in the environment for what it represents the same way I would not like a card that simply reads, "Gain 2 honor."
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Bayushi Tsubaki in Dishonor is not inherently NPE - The sour grapes need to stop   
    For more than a decade, people have complained that anything that isn't pure "bushido brawl" (ie: smashing face via military, or now mil/pol I suppose) is bad for the game and unfun inherently. Dishonor has taken the brunt of the hate, in my experience, but Honor has had it's fair share too.
    I was reaaally hoping this nonsense would die with the CCG. Unfortunately it doesn't seem so.

    Stop. Just... just stop. This dead horse needs a break from the beatings.
    There is more than one victory condition in this game. If you don't plan for that, you're going to have a bad time. It's not the victory condition's fault, it's your fault.
    Build your deck appropriately, or expect to get destroyed by play-styles you *decided* to ignore.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Notorious I.D.E. in More Card Spoilers   
    YASUKI TAKA!!!!!!!!!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to TheItsyBitsySpider in More Card Spoilers   
    From the Kolat Informant!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Hinomura in Clan Role Choice   
    Seems like a genuine question, and while it's getting frustrating explaining the same thing over and over, I'll give it a shot one more time!

    Couple of very important things to get clear straight away. I'm the person who made the pick, and I also made the pick for Scorpion at GenCon where I topped Swiss on the Friday,  meaning I picked before anyone else. My deck in single core ran Seeker of Void.
    The Dragon Hatamoto who surrendered his Hatamoto status because he felt strongly that Scorpion with Backhanded Compliment would be something that would negatively impact the game for the next twelve months is Brad, and he was willing to shoulder a considerable amount of abuse by trying to take top Scorpion so he could pick a non-Keeper Role.
    I've only met Brad at tournaments, but man, he's a seriously cool and friendly guy. So much so that he sought me out when I arrived on Thursday to make sure I wasn't angry or upset with his plan - I absolutely wasn't, because one person willing to take on every other Scorpion player present because of his desire to make the game a better experience...man, that's absolutely epic. I understood where he was coming from with his concern - Brad is a highly skilled and talented card gamer, so he wasn't just pulling this stance out of thin air. I clarified with him that he just wanted to take a non-Keeper, and asked that if he was in a position to make the selection, he would at least pick the best Seeker possible for us. He was happy to do this.

    Bear with me on a couple of little tangents here. I've been friends with Jon Butler for many years. He's one of the best Scorpion players I've ever met, but he's also someone willing to put aside personal achievements in order to help run events (and indeed the Dojo of Lies forum and Loyalty of the Scorpion FB group). Although we first played against each other during the Samurai Era, Jon knows I played Scorpion back in the day (more on that in a moment), and we talked a lot of strategy and nonsense over the years.  I asked for his advice before the Kiku Matsuri, and he offered not only some invaluable tips, but even gave me his deck list to run. He talked through his selections and his strategy, and I went on to do really well with the deck. We conferred about what Role I should take, and our conclusion was that even though Seeker Void was better for the deck, Seeker Air wasn't far behind and would give the clan a great chance to do well at Worlds, while keeping Void available for selection at Worlds for the next twelve months. That's what I went with, and immediately upon making the selection and receiving the Role trophy, I walked over and gifted it to Jon...he had absolutely done all the hard work, and I'd just rode that to success.

    Other tangent. I'm a player of corrupt decks and factions. I bought into L5R at the tail end of Imperial, picking up the only starter deck my local trader had in, which was Phoenix. I was down with the Taint from the first moment I paid seven gold using that stronghold, and switched over to Scorpion when they became a playable faction as I like playing the bad guys. I did very well with Scorpion at a time when they weren't considered a viable faction, culminating in making the final of the Battle of Kyotei Plains at UK GenCon 1999, the biggest storyline in Europe at that time. Before the final, I approached Mindy Sherwood-Lewis, who was there running events for AEG, and asked if it would be possible to cede the tournament storyline result to the Mantis if I won...both my quarter-final and semi-final opponents were friends of mine who played Mantis, and I had two incredible games to make it into the final (the game in the last eight against Ian O'Brien remains my favourite game of cards in any system to this day, eighteen years later) - I wanted to show my appreciated and respect to them both, and felt the story team could make it work. At the time, Scorpion and Mantis were locked in battle in the story, and my request (which ultimately didn't matter as I was absolutely smashed by Darragh Long's Unicorn deck in the final) didn't sit well with some of the other Scorpion players present. No-one said anything to my face, but complaints immediately sprung up online (back in the days of the clan Yahoogroup being the main hub of activity), and I decided it would be better to just distance myself from the Scorpion playerbase at that time...I don't respond well to bullies or intimidation, and I have little time for those who put an imaginary story ahead of real world friendship and respect. I moved over to TO duties, helped run some excellent events, and spent the next few years playing pretty casually, including championing the Shadowed Tower to convince misguided Greek Scorpion players that they were the righteous path. I did return to competitive play with corrupt Phrats and concede in the final of a Kotei, but left the game during Lotus before returning with Samurai Edition with Spider after a very good friend pointed out to me that a faction had been designed that would essentially tick every box with me. It did.

    Whether people consider me a 'true' Scorpion player or not is up to them. I can point at memorabilia accumulated over two decades or the fact that my online handle is my original Scorpion PC from 1st Edition, but ultimately, I have neither the desire nor the inclination to jump through hoops for others. My friends know me, and I've earned the respect of the people I care about. I'm already tired of trying to correct those with limited reading inability and a tenuous grasp of what occurred. It's 2017...most people have decided what they think happened already.

    So, to try and wrap up this epic...the decision to chose Seeker of Void was made before even arriving in Minnesota, for the reasons articulated far better than I could by Jon elsewhere. Brad's decision didn't sway me, but it did definitely help solidify the choice I wanted to make. I chose to give him the shoutout when making the selection because he deserved it and I abhor bullies. I respect that others have differing views on what should have chosen, but I work in a gas station for barely above minimum wage and I sacrificed a lot to make it to GenCon and Worlds so I'd be in with a chance of making those choices, so forgive me if I fail to take the anger and vitriol spewed my way too seriously.

    This decision was made with a clear conscience and with the intention of giving Scorpion the best chance to win more events going forward.

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    YasukiKaito reacted to Tetsuhiko in New Guy   
    Depending on who you ask, each clan is a good guy and a bad guy.
    Crab (Good): Defenders of the Great Wall of the South, devoted protectors of Rokugan against the monstruosities of the Shadowlands
    Crab (Evil): Bloodthirsty berserkers believing the end justify the means.
    Crane (Good): Paragons of the Samurai virtues, always striving for perfection in all things, from art to warfare.
    Crane (Bad): Manipulative sycophants who bullies those who disagree with them with death threats (aka duels)
    Dragon (Good): Monks and Scholars  devoted to contemplation and introspection, always looking for the hidden truths.
    Dragon (Bad): Isolationists who prefers to hide and let the rest of Rokugan deal with its various problems while flauting their superior understanding of the universe.
    Lion (Good): Ultimate followers of Bushido and Honor. They always respect their word and they participate like no other to the Rokugan war effort to protect it against internal and external threats.
    Lion (Bad): Warmongers who uses their military might to establish their dominance on the rest of Rokugan.
    Phoenix (Good): Scholars and Priests devoted to research for the betterment of mankind, as well as a greater understanding of the different Realms of existence. 
    Phoenix (Bad): Power-hungry spellcasters who jealously keep their discoveries secret and never hesitate to willingly uncover knowledge man wasn't meant to know.
    Scorpion (Good): The most loyal followers of the Emperor, willing to sacrifice their own lives and honor to protect Rokugan.
    Scorpion (Bad): Miachiavellian manipulators twisting and corrupting the very concept of honor.
    Unicorn (Good): Courageous and honorable explorers, always greeting others with open arms and an open heart.
    Unicorn (Bad): Opportunists with no sense of honor, willing to forget millenia of traditions for a momentarly advantage that can be disastrous on the long run. 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Hellvlad in New Guy   
    Good... Good...
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Hellvlad in New Guy   
    And never trust someone on this forum that has a Scorpion clan mon as his avatar
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    YasukiKaito reacted to shineyorkboy in Better Be Certain - Shadowlands Fiction   
    So the main question I'm left asking is, is Shiro Hiruma not in enemy hands in the reboot?
    Also, the idea of a demon deck is amusing.
    If only it were that easy. Everyone always thinks their problems are more important until they have demons knocking on their doorstep.
    Suffer not the Taint to live!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Shiba Gunichi in Better Be Certain - Shadowlands Fiction   
    Spooky: Still got it.
    My favorite type of horror story- the monsters are scary, sure, but nothing compared to the fact that, well...
    Some things will never be certain.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Toxium in Better Be Certain - Shadowlands Fiction   
    Well that was dark...
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    YasukiKaito reacted to LordBlunt in Better Be Certain - Shadowlands Fiction   
    How much more proof do we need???!!!
    The real enemy is beyond the wall -  not your neighboring Clan!
    Clans of Rokugan, unite! 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Yakamo no Oni in The Fate of Flames - 2017 World Champion Story Choice (Lion vs. Crane)   
    Let me throw in the Lost in the conspiracy theories of who`s pulling the strings. This is a new setting so there's no need to have the Shadowlands be restricted to hordes and legions of foul, dumb creatures running at the Wall. As the Crab Core Set fiction shows, the Shadowlands is on the march, preparing for a major attack, already kind of pushing the Crab. Infiltrating the Empire and orchestrating the Boar Ronin massacre, pitting the clans against each other (divide&conquer), yes, I could see some smart Jigoku followers behind it all.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to shineyorkboy in The Fate of Flames - 2017 World Champion Story Choice (Lion vs. Crane)   
    Of course not. It will be a Crab. That's why so many of FFG's pre-Worlds interviews have been with Crab Hatamotos.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Jorgyn Ryss in The Fate of Flames - 2017 World Champion Story Choice (Lion vs. Crane)   
    I never payed any attention to the old story at all.  This games fiction is amazing!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to shineyorkboy in The Fate of Flames - 2017 World Champion Story Choice (Lion vs. Crane)   
    Coming from the point of view of 'what's in the best interest of the Crab' I have a hard time seeing how war between the Crane and Lion at this time would do anything other than threaten our supply of food imports. The longer the Crane lands remain under-productive the greater the risk of a shortage leading to price increases and the Scorpion making money hand over fist as the Empire's sole remaining breadbasket.
    Best to send Kuwanan to his sister in an effort t deescalate the situation.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Ishi Tonu in The Fate of Flames - 2017 World Champion Story Choice (Lion vs. Crane)   
    You guys said doodie.
    I loved reading the part with the Boar's leader bragging and having no clue he was already dead.  Anyone that knows Tsuko from the old story knew that ronin signed his own death warrant the moment he walked into that tent.  
    That's the Lion I remember!
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    YasukiKaito reacted to TheItsyBitsySpider in The Fate of Flames - 2017 World Champion Story Choice (Lion vs. Crane)   
    This and the Gencon story choices have been SPOT ON for being really clever. Both are technically correct answers, depending on what virtues you fine more favorable.
    Fiction was great at showing a good lion. They are monsters that hunger for slaughter, but only on their terms.
    "What else were they trying to gain—she swallowed a snarl—or what is someone trying to take from me?"
    THAT is how a lion would think, and I adore that.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to TheItsyBitsySpider in Release Kit Ripoff   
    I want  Lanyard...
    I collect the pins... 
    I want the gorgeous clan champions... 
    Its ok to not like the offerings, dont go to the release event if you think its a waste of time. Me? I want ALL the Tsukune artworks! 
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    YasukiKaito reacted to DarkHorse in Release Kit Ripoff   
    Pin and full art Kisada for me.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to RandomJC in Release Kit Ripoff   
    *player who wants both pins and lanyards.*
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    YasukiKaito reacted to maniacmcgoo in Release Kit Ripoff   
    OP kits for L5r did seem a bit off imo. Not to the point of being worthless. Those full art champs are going to be really nice to have a few expansions down the line. X-wing typically comes with a stack of an alt art pilot and a stack of an alt art upgrade in addition to acrylic tokens. Maybe due to the launch they felt the swag like ring and lanyard will be cooler for many players to  have than another set of alt arts.
    Also, I know their alt art cards are typically printed in house. So the cost of creating 7 alt art cards for the launch of a game may have been much higher than we would imagine. Assuming it's a cash grab by them after only the first organized play event of the game is a bit hyperbolic imo. Relax and 'Fly Casual' there will be bumps along the way but hopefully we're all here to look at pretty pictures and imagine magical samurai bushi fighting.
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    YasukiKaito reacted to Hinomura in Release Kit Ripoff   
    I'm with Matrim. The kit contains support for three events. Even if it 'just' had the full art champions, it's definitely something that will draw players in. The extra bling may not be to everyone's tastes, but I've seen enough positive reaction from both old and new players that I'm fine with it being in there.
    The other parts of your post are so clearly trolling that they're not worth addressing. I'll just label them politely as wildly inaccurate and leave it at that.
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