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  1. I think one of the things about L5R that engendered so much involvement on the part of players was how the games actually played out. I don't think I've ever played another card game where I could feel the effects of my tactical/strategic decisions so acutely. To me it really felt like an environment where skill in playing the deck, and forward thinking made more of a difference that just 'who had the better/rarer cards'. And I think that, combined with the sense of ownership players would get from seeing story line prizes for their clans pop up in fictions, was easy latch onto. Add to that the expansive history of fictions, multiple win conditions, and friendly fanbase among other things and it's kind of hard not to get invested!
  2. I would go the other way. As of right now I'm the least excited for Fate - but hoping that I come around to it. I think I'm most excited for the way that the rings are being implemented with the conflicts. I think that will make for some very interesting gameplay decisions, and a more balanced meta.
  3. Colorado Springs! Haha seems we're all pretty spread out.
  4. The more I think about it, the more I like how the rings are being implemented here. It seems like it provides at least a little bit of an ever present meta nullification. So you can avoid those games where you come up against that one type of deck that you know you are screwed from the start.
  5. Excited to see all of this! Obviously a lot of changes that will take some time to get used to, but I was really encouraged by pretty much everything I saw... with one exception. I really don't like the idea of the Fate Tokens on characters killing off someone after X turns. I suppose I'm open to being proved wrong about that, but my first reaction is really, really negative to that system. I'm stoked that they're keeping provinces, the two deck system, and honor/dishonor victories. A little bummed to see enlightenment go, but not distraught. Just my first reactions right now - but I for one am very excited!
  6. Well now I'm all riled up! This reminds me of being a little kid and urging time to move quicker so that Christmas would come. Hurry up and get here tomorrow!
  7. I would like to see that. I know one of the knocks on L5R was 'too many useless keywords!', but I think it would be cool if there was note included that a personality was Crab/Tortoise. For me that was something that I found really interesting when I was getting into the game. All the keywords hinted at a depth a backstory that I didn't know was there until those keywords prompted me to do some digging.
  8. Ah, my friend that I played the most against ran a Battle Maiden Military/Honor switch deck with those two that was just infuriating to play against! Stupid rich ponies!
  9. Personally, I have always preferred tournaments with just one deck, no modifications. When changes are allowed in a tourney it just seems to cheapen the competition to me for some reason. I feel like the deck building aspect is lost a little bit. It's easy to build a deck specifically to counter one particular type of deck (Elite Orks from Kempy's example, or maybe a Mantis Ranged Attack deck) if you know you're coming up against that. It's a lot harder to build an efficient, strong deck for anything you might come up against within the meta, and that is what I think should be winning tournaments. I know the counter argument to that is 'you could change your deck too', but this is just my preference that a well built overall deck should win out over a deck designed for that one match.
  10. I liked that idea a lot. And I really liked the way Hand approached stories too. He was my GM in winter court (if I remember correctly) and he was fantastic in there. I would've loved to see more fictions authored by him! In general I loved the idea that the fictions were effected by players and events, but I feel like that is also what led to some of the less than spectacular stories. It can be hard enough to craft a compelling narrative as it is without working to satisfy tourney rewards A, B, and C (which can make it difficult to plan anything long term), while trying to move forward a main story line, give each clan some love and flesh out the world as a whole. That's a pretty big ask of any writer.
  11. My recollection of playing with him was that, like Kempy said, he was a bit too expensive. Once he hit the field - great! But I just found he wasn't always the most efficient. I always included him, it just seemed like he rarely saw meaningful play. Then again my recollection of this era was pretty blitzy too.
  12. I would argue he is probably the best/most reputable/most well informed source of information available on the game outside of the design team itself. He is *far* from being just some dude.
  13. Hida Kaiji was my guy. He was so impractical to use, but I loved his story and would bring him out whenever I could. It helped that at the time my playgroup had a lot Unicorn/Movement shenanigans and he could cancel those out. https://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=10040,#hashid=1cd556ce542b5f423181c726b1ab20c1,#cardcount=0
  14. For what it's worth, I always really enjoyed the fictions. Sure there was room for improvement, things could always have been done better, and some clans could have been given more attention - clearly the Phoenix being a prime example of that. But overall this was a labor of love for AEG and the writers themselves. Plenty of games get by without the incredibly deep back story that L5R has, and they could always have decided to do away with the fictions and let everyone get by with flavor text on the cards and the occasional story insert with a box set. Instead they busted their collective asses to give us more than the bare minimum and to flesh out the world in a really incredible way. I think we should be appreciative that they put so much effort into something that existed solely for the players/enthusiasts and didn't directly generate a dime a revenue. [I know that the stories kept a lot of people coming back, myself included, I'm just saying they didn't actually profit from putting out these fictions and that can be a difficult expense for a business to justify]
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