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  1. I'll answer as best as I can - let me know if wrong! (I'm sure someone will :))


    1) Is a Province destroyed if the attacker equals the defense or must it exceed?  

    It is broken (not destroyed) if the attacker equals defense of the province + the defense of any units at the conflict.

    2) Does damage carry over between rounds or must it exceed the threshold all in one attack?  

    I believe it would be in one attack.

    3) Can the same Province be attacked in one round, one military and one political conflict?


    4) Are Provinces and Strongholds separate cards chosen before the game like the 7 cards from Game of Thrones?  

    I can't speak to GoT but these would be chosen before the game.

    5) Do each of these cards grant individual bonuses?

    From what I've seen it looks like each province would have individual traits/bonuses.

    6) If a Province is destroyed is there any detriment other than discarding/replacing the card on top of it?

    Getting one step closer to a military victory.

    7) What is the difference between dynasty and conflict decks?  

    The dynasty deck will be your primary source of personalities and holding, and will be played from provinces.  Your conflict deck will be more along the lines of attachments and actions that you can play from your hand in combat.

    8) Can a character be recruited from hand and from on top of a Province?

    It looks like some characters might come from your hand, but would likely be different from those in a province, and would be played in a conflict.

    9) When does a player flip over the "hidden" card on top of the Province and when does the Province get revealed to the opponent during conflict?

    Cards are flipped in dynasty phase.  Province is revealed when you attack it (I think)

    10) Can a character have more than 1 honor?  

    I don't think honor really exists in the same fashion in this game.  Now it is glory and yes.

    11) If a character has an honor token and gets dishonored, does it go to neutral or straight to dishonored?


    12) Does a character only get stat boosts for the honor token based on Glory such as zero Glory on a card, zero stat boost?


    13) What is "Influence Value"?  Does this have to do with mixing Clans in a deck?

    Yes, to bring in a set cost of outside cards.

    14) Do characters only leave play when a card specifies and after conflict if they have zero fare tokens?


    15) What can you do if you draw a unique card already in play? Discard it to add fate to it? Nothing?

    Correct - discard and then add a fate token

    16) How many of each card allowed in a deck? 


  2. 3 minutes ago, slowreflex said:

    Any logic why you have to only break 3 provinces before you can attack the Stronghold?  Doesn't bother me per se, but am curious why it wasn't all 4.

    I don't know if they had specific reasons, but in Old5R you had 4 provinces and the stronghold was its own separate thing.  So when you destroyed those 4 provinces the game was over.  Now it's still breaking 4 provinces, just slightly different.

  3. My impression so far is that the game will not be very static - in the sense that one individual strategy won't always be the best way to go.  It seems to me that the game is designed to reward flexible play styles and reading your opponent well.  There are so many decisions each turn that interact with each player that I think the game state will change very quickly and will reward flexible players.  In that sense I think it will be a difficult game to master, but relatively easy to pick up.  And I think that's awesome!

  4. I've been a pretty dedicated L5R fan for a while, and I think that the LCG switch is great!  I was never able to sink a bunch of money going after those chase rares, and then coming up against someone in a Kotei with a $600 deck and getting stomped was incredibly frustrating.  So I'm really excited for this format, it has made me really excited to play again.  I think they've addressed some of the clunkier mechanics of Old5R while maintaining the deep tactical considerations of the game (from what we've seen so far).  In the new model I think most people will still have their primary clan(s) and play around with others occasionally.  I'll always play Crab 1st/Lion 2nd, and then fiddle with some of the others based on mechanics or characters that I like.

    Also - go with the Crab!  Clearly better than all those other wimpy clans... :D

  5. 1 minute ago, KerenRhys said:

    Or not. Please refrain from generalization like that as they are useless and almost always wrong.

    I actually quite liked the Spider, even though I never played them.  In fact, I was routinely beaten up on by my friend's Spider deck.  And I have to say, Spider players were typically some of the nicest guys to play against, whether it was in a Kotei or just a pick up game. 

    Here's one fer the Spider!

  6. 5 minutes ago, Wintersong said:

    Nononononononono. You are painting it like if it was Hello Kitty-chan's home. The Shadowlands, with a Festering Pit of Fu Leng connecting Ningendo with Jigoku, is infested with Onis, goblins, undead, bloodspeakers, deadly frakking flora and a long list of other threats. And if that was not enough, and even if you managed to avoid all of the other threats, if you run out of Jade in your journey? Get Shadowlands Taint and a probable place in some Crab legion of damned. If you managed to go back to the wall in one piece (mentally and physically).

    :lol: haha I may not have given proper attention to the terribleness of the shadowlands.


  7. A couple more:

    Shadowlands: A wasteland filled with terrible creatures (oni) that want to kill you - influenced by jigoku [Crab protect the empire from the shadowlands]

    Jigoku: Realm of Evil

    Oni: Demonic evil beasts

    Tengoku: L5R heaven

    kami (little k): Elemental Spirits

    Kami (big K): Children on the sun and moon, founders of the clans [Shiba, Bayushi, Hantei, Fu Leng, Hida, Shinjo, Akodo, Togashi, Doji]

    Nezumi - Ratlings

  8. 5 minutes ago, A_to_the_C said:

    Nobody should be afraid to comment on the actions of FFG due to fear of losing access. If that is the lesson they are learning here, that would be a pity.  We're not punishing them.  We're simply saying that this could have been handled better.  I'm guessing they'll use this feedback and do better in the future when engaging with customers/fans directly, which is kind of the whole point.  

    And I agree they should take that feedback in.  It just feels to me like the type of response that doesn't encourage open conversation or access.  It felt more like a torches and pitchforks response rather than a constructive criticism.  That's just my interpretation though, maybe I'm way off. (Happens a lot!)

  9. I think that the context of the comment is important.  This was in the rather informal setting of a reddit AMA.  The whole point was to provide a platform for quick, direct communication and off the cuff responses to questions from the L5R community.  I'm not trying to come down on one side or the other of the debate as far as the pillowfight comment goes.  But I do think that this kind of reaction to a comment on reddit (of all places) would really discourage FFG from giving this kind of access to their designers in the future.  I think it was an amazing thing that FFG did to provide the designers of our favorite game in a forum where we could ask them anything we want in real time.  For me, FFG should be applauded for giving fans of the game that kind of access to designers.  And now it seems like we're punishing them for that.

    I think this type of reaction would just encourage them to put out sterile PR speak all the time.  (If anyone here is a football fan - like the New England Patriots response to every question - "We played hard as a team and we're going to work hard in preparing for the next game": repeat for every question.) "We're very excited for the release of L5R and we are looking forward to Gencon.  /  The next L5R expansion will grow the card pool and provide interesting new game interactions."

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