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  1. I think the wave will be a shadowlands horde moving against the wall. (Maybe I'm biased) Loved the story overall, it had a great feel to it. I was just waiting for Nerishma to be ambushed by the Perfect Land Sect.
  2. Whoa - was never trying to say they were more badass than a male unit, or anything like that. Just said I thought they were cool.
  3. I actually thought that the Lion's Pride was super cool as an all female elite unit. They were badass!
  4. Did they take out the 3rd seal in the process - or was that what started it? In any case I take your point and agree that if something like a clan destruction were to happen it would need to be for something entirely more epic - or for doing something super terrible (like Crab leading a Shadowlands Army?). I also agree that the Mantis already have a rise from nothing type story, so I think this happening to another clan would have made more sense.
  5. I think you are 100% correct in everything that you just said. But I still have this deep internal resentment of the CCG Crane carrying over to FFG Crane that I can't get rid of!
  6. The Crab are awesome! They man a massive wall that protects the empire from the Shadowlands, and all the Oni, Goblins, Ogres etc that want to parade into Rokugan and eat everyone. As a result they are often more pragmatic and straightforward than other clans (some would say to the point of rudeness). They have gigantic berserker characters who charge in and smash anything they can; craftsmen who repair the wall and build crazy war machines to fight the hordes; scouts who roam deep into the Shadowlands; and a badass family of (dishonorable) merchants who keep everyone funded and fed. Basically the Crab are down on the wall doing the real work so that the rest of Rokugan can have their petty squabbles about who served tea in the wrong order.
  7. That's why I said that I understand why they would steer away from temporarily destroying a clan, because players wouldn't all like it. Regardless of which clan would've been destroyed I thought the idea of the community getting to rebuild the Mantis how they wanted to, from scratch, would have been such a cool story. I think it would've brought together the player base in a unique way to rally behind the Mantis and restore them to their rightful place. I mean if you're looking for a game/environment driven by community results with an epic story, it doesn't get a whole lot better than that. In some senses it could be the Hero's Journey played out on a clan scale. Again, I totally get that some players wouldn't like it and the reasons not to do something like this. But I also think it would make for an amazing story, buy in from the entire player base, and would install the Mantis as a clan that everyone had a personal attachment to.
  8. My sacred cows to kill would be: Supernatural Big Bad Guys - I think the occasional story about this alright, and even really interesting. It just felt like it had become a norm near the end. An external force uniting the clans together can make for good stories, I just want it to be more rare so it feels special. Weakness/Power of the Emperor - To be honest, I felt like I could never get a bead on the Emperor's power. Sometimes they would be able to do whatever they want with a nod, or had otherworldly spiritual connections to Tengoku, other times it seemed like they would be swept aside rather easily. It just felt like this varied wildly based on story designs to me. Same with the Imperial Families to an extent. Dueling - I think dueling is a really important part of the setting, but I hope it plays out differently now (and it looks like it will). I just hated the old mechanics where if you came up against a duelist you had no chance whatsoever. It always felt really anticlimactic to me in game. Lack of real high level consequences - This might be unpopular, and I understand the reasons why a game would steer away from it (alienating players and all that), but I was actually really excited for the Mantis storyline at end of AEG days. Being almost completely destroyed as a clan and no longer a playable faction, with the opportunity to rebuild the clan in coming arcs and tournaments seemed like the most exciting storyline I could imagine and I was looking forward to following it in the worst way. I even wanted to help recreate the Mantis and restore the clan. It made me invested in the game in a way that 'Person X becomes Position Y' never did. Those rewards were always cool too, but I was ready to dive in and fight with/for those dirty pirates!
  9. I really hope they do create experienced versions too. When I was a newcomer to the game seeing Exp. 3 card or something like that got me so interested to learn more about the character, or find his other cards. It just reeled me in so effectively and made me want more!
  10. I'm actually kind of a fan of Toturi and Hotaru being counterparts to each other. I think its kind of cool and builds up the 'Right Hand' vs 'Left Hand' of the Emperor thing. Also - excited!!!
  11. The only thing I would say on the Deus Ex Machina debate is that calling this story an example of that would seem to make half of all plot points DEM. In my opinion Deus Ex Machina was reserved for the truly out of bounds, Gods came in to fix everything, egregious examples, and in my opinion this didn't rise to that level. Just my two cents though.
  12. "Tsuko crashed into her, disrupting the pretentious fluidity of the Crane fighting style and landing a killing blow." That line made my inner Lion smile and laugh I thought this was a great fiction! It really drew me in right from the start.
  13. Need more l5r information... World going dark... Need fictions ... Or spoilers... Anything! Need more of my precious. More of the 5 rings!
  14. She had a pretty cool story too, where she challenged the Dark Naga to a duel. It didn't work out in her favor but it was an epic showdown!
  15. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of scantily clad characters out there that could be verging on fan service - but that isn't everything: https://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=3847,#hashid=a05f490a48efde3d48864a4e34580b0e,#cardcount=2 https://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=10445,#hashid=4e306411a6865f68144770bfadd92486,#cardcount=4 https://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=590,#hashid=f75c83611d98072e6912bb2f258ec2b6,#cardcount=0
  16. The Crab excel at 'splatter art' - like Pollock we are just ahead of our time....
  17. Will there be any mechanism for clans as a whole to make decisions (story impact/cards/anything else)? Kind of like how clan participation in Koteis would award points that each clan could vote how to spend. I think that generated a lot of buy-in from players back in the day!
  18. I do seem to remember AEG doing a thing where each participant in a Kotei won points for their clan as a whole - then the clan could vote on how to spend those points for certain story prizes. I thought that was pretty cool! I think it still remains to be seen exactly how FFG will handle that for L5R though.
  19. I think the idea was they didn't eat red meat. Seafood and chicken were alright though.
  20. Agree with all of that. Clan loyalty makes the fictions, and personal interactions a lot more interesting for me. As far as the game itself - I always loved that the majority of games felt to me like they were determined by player decisions (split my forces to defend 2 provinces, or stack them at one / accept or deny the duel / use my kill action now or save it, etc.). That involved feeling I got from L5R games was what really kept me interested over a long period of time. I feel like other games I've played just haven't given me that sense of control and impact over the outcome (as opposed to games where unstoppable combo #2 goes off and there is nothing in the world that could stop it).
  21. I think a longer fiction to start with, using a slow build up might have been counterproductive and turned some people off. I think 11 pages with some action and some pictures is about right. Not so much for new players to look at and think 'wall of text - I'm out' but enough to get you interested and provide a brief introduction to the setting. Just my opinion though.
  22. I think that one thing we should maybe keep in mind is that a lot of these first fictions might be written with a new audience in mind, that hasn't spent the last 20 years reading AEG's fictions. So I think some 'clunkiness' or straight forward writing is to be expected, and is warranted. Not everyone is going to know what Niten, or the proper honorifics (-ue, -san, -sama etc.) are, and I think the writing should be accessible to new players. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we probably should not be judging the writing or fictions based on the groundwork that they are laying right now with the first few stories. (I mean I thought it was a good story, but that's just me! )
  23. I would triple like that post if I could haha
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