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  1. 4 minutes ago, KakitaKaori said:

    As the smack talk starts ramping up, I am starting to cringe again at all the anti-Crane smacktalk. I hope it's only online, but it brings back pretty rotten memories I'd rather stay dead.

    I think part of that is that the Crane are kind of the low hanging fruit of the setting in my opinion.  It's easy for everyone to bash on the clan of perfection and beauty, kind of like bashing on celebrities - especially for us thick skulled berserker types. ;) Harder for us to actually beat a Crane in anything besides arm wrestling.

  2. 17 minutes ago, TheItsyBitsySpider said:

    I never miss a chance to remind the Crab that the only difference between Kisada and Kanpeki was that Kanpeki actually pulled it off


    Um - I think we would like to point out that it took an actual (big K) Kami to take down the glorious Great Bear.  Otherwise Crab would clearly be ruling the empire and the strongest and most deserving Clan. :lol:

  3. I love the smacktalk personally, although I would typically only engage in it with my playgroup/friends and in a good-natured, ribbing kind of fashion.  I saw a post here a while ago that I think drew a pretty solid line, it was along the lines of: 'Scorpion players are untrustworthy, so I'm going to request that you shuffle your deck again while I watch' which I would characterize as too far, implying a real negative trait about the character of the individual playing the game.  In general though I think the banter is part of the experience.  The more creative the better!

  4. 6 minutes ago, Shiba Gunichi said:

    Okay, see, here's the thing that the maho-heads keep obfuscating in their loud calls for more blood sorcery because for some reason they think it's fun/cool-


    If the Crane are the arbiters of Rokugani artistic and social culture, if the Crab are the guys who hold the line against the Shadowlands, the Phoenix are supposed to be the guys who look out for spiritual threats (not just heresy or maho or the like, but also stuff like, "whoa, the spirits of that river are ANGRY, let us see if we can work something out, and if not... uh, stand clear). They're meant to be the guardians of orthodox Rokugani spirituality- part of why they historically got written as not being too big on the Jade Championship is that it is (rightly, going off of their basic purpose) seen as an insult to their expertise.

    They're not really about navel-gazing enlightenment or deeper unknowable wisdom (that's the Dragon), they're about making sure the spiritual rules of Rokugan are respected and obeyed to maintain harmony.

    Thanks - much appreciated!

  5. The one thing I would say about the Crab fiction vs Lion fiction (and I really liked the Lion fiction) is that Kisada comes off as much more of a tactician than Toturi.  Not to say that the Crab aren't tactically smart, but there were times in this fiction where it almost had a Lion feel to me.  Not even a complaint, just a thought.  This was awesome!

  6. I've never been a fan of a side board.  I certainly see the point in combating a tough meta, but I also think that is part of what makes deck building for a tournament so interesting.  It's about making those trade off decisions - do you make a pure Lion military swarm deck that will excel at that one thing - or do you include more meta cards that dilute your deck?  For me a side board makes those strategic deck building decisions less important.  Maybe I approach it the wrong way though, I see the deck building process as equally important as the gameplay itself and like to see a great, all encompassing deck make it to the top.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Crawd said:

    Correction, Crab don't have the time to do so. In order to keep most of the Shadowlands away from the Empire, they have to sacrifice something, which is the time to do political. It's a task Crab decided to do with very few recognitions by the Empire, except for the Scorpion, who understood it once they had to deal with the second festering pit.

    I will agree that Crab are at the bottom of the political aspect though.

    Agreed - I love me some Yasuki dishonor shenanigans though!

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