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  1. Awesome! I actually really like that Kisada is 0 glory, I think that fits his character well. I like the sacrifice system within the context of fate. Once a character is about to leave play from running out of fate, might as well sacrifice him! Ah - I just want the game in my hands already!!
  2. Ah man - I came here looking for some high drama theatre production with an Oni cast in the lead role. Bad pun/joke aside I could see the 1v3 mega shadowlands deck being a really fun way to bring them into the setting and provide a little more variety in gameplay.
  3. It's also along the lines of impressing the kami. If I understand correctly the shugenja would more ask the kami spirits to do what they wanted, and then the kami may or may not heed their prayers depending on that individual shugenja's connection with them. (I /think/ this is correct. Please let me know if I'm wrong!)
  4. I'm a runner, so probably Hiruma runner on the wall delivering messages. I also tend to be pretty sarcastic, so maybe that could transfer into some kind of Yasuki courtier focusing on sadane kind of thing?
  5. Not gonna lie - pretty hard to argue that point But we look, like, super cool while we do it at least.
  6. I think part of that is that the Crane are kind of the low hanging fruit of the setting in my opinion. It's easy for everyone to bash on the clan of perfection and beauty, kind of like bashing on celebrities - especially for us thick skulled berserker types. Harder for us to actually beat a Crane in anything besides arm wrestling.
  7. I think Shosuko hit it on the head, with not a single one of his children being as well rounded and capable as Kisada. I think as a Crab I would prefer O-Ushi as the next champion, but Yakamo is clearly the heir, and probably makes for a more interesting (in a blood, guts and conflict kind of way) story.
  8. Um - I think we would like to point out that it took an actual (big K) Kami to take down the glorious Great Bear. Otherwise Crab would clearly be ruling the empire and the strongest and most deserving Clan.
  9. I love the smacktalk personally, although I would typically only engage in it with my playgroup/friends and in a good-natured, ribbing kind of fashion. I saw a post here a while ago that I think drew a pretty solid line, it was along the lines of: 'Scorpion players are untrustworthy, so I'm going to request that you shuffle your deck again while I watch' which I would characterize as too far, implying a real negative trait about the character of the individual playing the game. In general though I think the banter is part of the experience. The more creative the better!
  10. I truly don't mean for this to sound rude in any way, but I'm curious what you see the Phoenix job/role as? I ask because I struggled to define that in my head (and you seem to be a foremost expert on Phoenix). I kind of came up with elemental experts/keepers of knowledge, but I would defer to you.
  11. The one thing I would say about the Crab fiction vs Lion fiction (and I really liked the Lion fiction) is that Kisada comes off as much more of a tactician than Toturi. Not to say that the Crab aren't tactically smart, but there were times in this fiction where it almost had a Lion feel to me. Not even a complaint, just a thought. This was awesome!
  12. I completely agree with ItsyBitsy. And I love how Kisada's grunts are adequate communication! Loved it overall!
  13. Because the Scorpion would wait until everyone else had made their moves to take the most opportune action!
  14. If you can't beat 'em - join 'em. Wait - no ... That went poorly last time Fight fire with fire maybe? haha
  15. Ooh - I hope that Crab have some other guys that trigger bonuses if they are sacrificed or die in battle... Edit: Apparently that is already known! haha
  16. I never really knew about it - looking into it now! Thanks!
  17. I would go all in for Risk: L5R, and for a miniatures game. Just thinking about those makes me giddy!
  18. I've never been a fan of a side board. I certainly see the point in combating a tough meta, but I also think that is part of what makes deck building for a tournament so interesting. It's about making those trade off decisions - do you make a pure Lion military swarm deck that will excel at that one thing - or do you include more meta cards that dilute your deck? For me a side board makes those strategic deck building decisions less important. Maybe I approach it the wrong way though, I see the deck building process as equally important as the gameplay itself and like to see a great, all encompassing deck make it to the top.
  19. Hm, I got the impression that their stats would be added as bonuses.
  20. Yokuni looks like a beast! And his ability looks really interesting too. All that fate manipulation seems like it won't be fun to play against!
  21. I've like all three stories - and Lion are my 2nd clan! Go, go action story team!
  22. Agreed - I love me some Yasuki dishonor shenanigans though!
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