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  1. Most definitely!

    The game itself looks like it should be a great time.  And so far they have posted lore for the 1st 5 clans they have previewed.  They are starting with a clean slate, so all the Old L5R stuff isn't canon here.  It's still really cool if you're interested - but those 5 fictions are all we have so far in the FFG world.

    And to second Croy, welcome to Rokugan! :)

  2. I think the Keeper/Seeker rules are pretty cool.  It doesn't seem like they're big enough to change the nature of the deck that you want to build, but they're not insignificant either.  It feels like a good balance to me that gives players an easy look into the results of the big tournaments.

    I'm a fan of the Hatamoto loyalty conditions too!

  3. I hope to see a couple of scorpion cards that play into the dishonor theme.  I don't think that dishonor will be a pure victory condition though.  Right now I see it more as a way to put pressure on an opponent, hurt their high glory characters, and then if the game happens to play out that way - a push for winning through dishonor.  So at the end of the day like OP said, you've got to be able to crack provinces, and dishonor is your side dish, rather than the main course.

  4. 3 minutes ago, agarrett said:

      There is one potential advantage, though, to going with the generics, though it depends on whether/how they use the experienced mechanic. Since the Eager Scout is eternally legal, I think it might be interesting to see more than one person 'experience' out of it. How many Hiruma vets started as eager scouts? Probably a lot, but they develop differently over time. Personally, I think I'd like that.

      Of course, if I were betting on it, I don't think they'll use Experienced at all, but just have different versions of the same character. I'd still like some way of indicating that this guy started as an Eager Scout, or whatever.

    I think that would be super cool!  I'm not sure how they might do that but I would be a big fan of that.  Any kind of 'experienced' or similar mechanic I would get on board with.

    I also like the point Mirith makes about some characters essentially being sacrifice bait.  A generic makes a lot of sense to me in that scenario.

  5. 12 hours ago, shosuko said:

    Not if you count follower cards - if you consider that new L5R doesn't have followers, so the generic cards that would be followers are included in the personality card pool instead, then we're at about the same mix.  Some personality cards do come from the conflict deck, which is where followers originally came from - so it's not even a stretch to count that.

    Just as a point on the numbers: There were 4,631 personalities listed on Oracle vs 749 followers, or 16% generic vs 84% named (maybe 17% generic vs 83% named with the personalities like Ninja Mystic etc).

    I definitely think that there is merit and a certain logic to each style on naming, and some blend of generic vs named is probably the ideal point.  I would lean towards more named cards than generic ones, but that is not to say that they don't serve a purpose or add their own flavor. 

    As others have said, I just can't get too invested into Eager Scout - that name doesn't have anything to draw me in, either as a new or returning player.  When I was new to L5R I would see the names for each character and think man, Hiruma Todori must have his own story, and his own life.  To me there was some level of importance and depth to that card, regardless of any appearances (or lack there of) in fictions that I had never read at the time.  Eager Scout is just someone who happened to be there, died, and no one cared - a red shirt or a storm trooper.  And that's not say that storm troopers aren't relevant to that universe, they are, but I would rather play with Finn or FN-2187 than Hesitant Trooper.

  6. 8 minutes ago, WHW said:

    Oh, I would love to, say, see the courtier from Lion Pride Brawler card evolve to Unique, and see her around in some fictions or something.

    But what I enjoy way more is that she gave birth to a whole *idea* and *concept* of Matsu courtiers. And I value that storybuilding way more than "crowd favorite" ascension. 

    I think that is part of what I'm afraid of losing though too.  I would certainly concede the point that not every named character had an interesting story, or any mentions in the story at all.  But having them as named characters allowed for character growth through out the story and the game.  You could see characters get a new experienced version of themselves, or be worked into the story in a meaningful way - and I don't think that is really possible with Lion Pride Brawler, or another generic card.

    I think both sides are looking for the story building, just in different ways.

  7. I think the Shadowlands backstory is pretty important in the context of flavor.  If you look at it as just 'evil stuff out there that comes to kill you' then yeah it is pretty interchangeable with anything else.  But through the lens of the Kami Fu Leng falling from heaven, creating the festering pit, the corruption of the shadowlands through Jigoku, and the taint, I think that the story and flavor of the shadowlands is pretty important to L5R as whole.  Maybe not the defining characteristic of the setting, but still important.

    Then again, I could just be biased as Crab player! :lol:

  8. Obligatory 'as an old CCG player' - I liked that each character had their own name, it made me grow more attached to the character and the card.  I just can't get that invested with Hiruma Yojimbo, or Eager Scout.  It's kind of like a Star Trek Red Shirt, why even bother with them?  For me it helped to paint a more complete picture of the world we were fighting in.  Generic character 3 defends against generic character 29 just doesn't have the same effect on me as Hiruma Todori defends against Akodo Daiken.

    Then again, I haven't played with these guys yet, so I'm trying to keep myself open to them growing on me.

  9. My wife got into L5R a little bit with me while still under AEG, around Ivory.  She has virtually zero gaming experience, so it was a slow process, and I definitely tanked a few games to try and give her some encouragement at the beginning.  Once she started to pick it up more it was a lot of fun to play with her at our local store or at home.  I imagine she'll pick it up with me again once the game releases.  I would say if you manage your expectations going in (much easier said than done) it can be a great time! 

  10. 16 minutes ago, Kakita Onimaru said:

    3. Kisada - Raw force but no glory limits his potential and his ability is easily played around


    How would you easily play around his ability? Even if you use a throw away action as your first move it is still delaying your first impact to the battle, like a built in sneak attack or going twice as defender.  Is there something I'm not seeing here? (I mean this as a legitimate question - not meant to come off as snarky at all :))

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