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  1. 43 minutes ago, Buhallin said:

    Now there are even bigger handicaps, because not only do I take an even greater penalty for not conforming to the meta, but I can't even take an advantage that might allow me to be more creative.

    I don't mean for this to sound dismissive - But I am truthfully at a loss for how 3 extra influence/the opportunity to double up on a province type if you want to (+ free fate) doesn't give a player more freedom in deck building. 

    Thats the actual mechanic: they are reducing limitations on your deck. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, Buhallin said:

    They haven't proven themselves against the best, they've just proven themselves against those who can afford the entry fee.

    You're so right! How could the people who do the best at Worlds when competing against other kotei and grand kotei winners and hatamotos possibly be in the top tier of players. Inconceivable!!

    I think it's a pretty reasonable idea that top of clan at worlds is one of the best players of that clan in the world, and has a thorough understanding of their clan within the meta. 



  3. 31 minutes ago, Buhallin said:

    Uhm... This is exactly what the game is outside of sanctioned tournaments. So yeah, they actually did design exactly that game.

    Oh - ok I apologize. I didn't realize that organized tournament play and casual play at your store were the same thing. My bad. 

  4. I suppose if you view it through the lens of 'I could choose any of these roles for myself based on whatever deck I would to build' then it could be construed as restricting player choice. But I don't think that ever would have been the case. 

    If you view it as 'oh now I have the opportunity to splash more cards/provinces and get some fate based on how I play' then it's not restrictive at all and does allow for more flexibility. But I think starting from the viewpoint that the game would've been designed so that any player could pick any role at any time isn't likely. I doubt they would have included a mechanic like that. 

  5. To be honest, I think this is kind of what makes the choice of role card so cool.  Like, the game hasn't even released yet and we're all worked up over someone that may or may not choose the role we like, and which may or may not have a significant effect.  

    The idea that player decisions within the game can cause this much of a reaction, and carry this much weight is part of what makes L5R so cool!  A game driven by player interaction - BOOM, here we go! 

  6. Aren't the Worlds invitation only? Its not like it is going to be random people showing up for the Tourney, unless I read the article wrong - which I very much could have.  Also it is free to go to Worlds if you win a Grand Kotei.

    "Top performers earn a personal invitation to the Winter Court—the World Championship—and Grand Kotei champions win travel and accommodations!"

  7. Didn't I see somewhere that Grand Kotei Winners got travel and accommodations to Worlds paid for?

    And I don't think that it is what everyone else is allowed to use.  That makes it seem like they are choosing a card to errata.  They are just choosing a small bonus for your clan, that they wouldn't otherwise have.  It's up to each player how they choose to play within that framework.

    edit: I'm also pretty comfortable with the idea that the winner of Worlds is better than me.

  8. Can we all take a step back here.  I mean we should probably realize that this meta that is supposedly being upset by the role cards, literally has not formed yet.  No one outside of FFG has played a game with all of the cards of available to them.

    So maybe lets see how things play out in the real world before we condemn or praise that one clan has access to a card that another does not. 

  9. I think the way to look at it is as a boon to your deck.  You either get 3 extra influence, or an extra province of type X if you want it - Yay!

    It's just deck building rules.  If we want to complain about these rules then we should complain just as much about only being able to include 3 of one card in your deck, or being limited to 40-45 cards per deck.  The fact that the best player in your clan chooses what that slight rule change happens to be feels pretty irrelevant to me.  In pretty much any event it is a good thing because it will give you more flexibility in your construction, and more fate based on the gameplay. 

    That's all to say that I'm excited for the role cards! And I think they'll more flavor to the environment.

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