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  1. Shout out to people wondering what the opposite of in is!
  2. Maybe I'm naive in saying this - but I think that the intent in the Utz/Banzai chant is pretty relevant to the discussion. In my experience there is no negativity associated with the chant at all. It's just some gamers who are excited about their magical samurai fighting.
  3. Looks solid to me! Under Theme I might add: Crab: Practical Lion: Tactical Scorpion: Loyal Unicorn: Compassionate Mechanics Crab: Sacrificing Characters
  4. It felt more to me like "We would NEVER even THINK of doing something like that" *wink nod wink* Meaning that they are thinking about pursuing the Scorpion Clan Coup. Just my 2 zeni though!
  5. The Yellow King! That's where I'll be mostly. I've heard that Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs has a sizeable group as well.
  6. But I don't do the twitters! How will they know of my support for the children of Hida!? All is lost!!
  7. Pincer Pals! Crab/Scorpion combo all the way!
  8. I don't mean for this to sound dismissive - But I am truthfully at a loss for how 3 extra influence/the opportunity to double up on a province type if you want to (+ free fate) doesn't give a player more freedom in deck building. Thats the actual mechanic: they are reducing limitations on your deck.
  9. Hm, that could be pretty cool if they allow anyone to play with one of the unchosen roles. Then story wise it could represent a faction of that clan following its own path rather than that of the clan as whole.
  10. You're so right! How could the people who do the best at Worlds when competing against other kotei and grand kotei winners and hatamotos possibly be in the top tier of players. Inconceivable!! I think it's a pretty reasonable idea that top of clan at worlds is one of the best players of that clan in the world, and has a thorough understanding of their clan within the meta.
  11. Oh - ok I apologize. I didn't realize that organized tournament play and casual play at your store were the same thing. My bad.
  12. Spoiling the scorp cards by sneaking them into other articles is just so perfectly scorpion - I love it!
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