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  1. The only current example where I see this being true is if you plan on only ever running 2x1 Archers. However for every other unit in the game I don´t really see the same problem as the normal way of running them will be in larger formations than how they come in the expansions.
  2. I love how Lingering Dead also makes the Necromancer a fairly viable choice for any unit that can take both.
  3. For sure! I am confident that alot of more advanced conversions could be made fairly easily, especially for someone who has a little bit of green stuff experience. Really looking forward to seeing what people come up with when it comes to conversions for these models.
  4. Thanks, Ill finish him up over the weekend and take a few more pictures once he is done.
  5. Me and my friend split 3 Core Sets. It was all great value, but we ended up with 3x Kari and 3x Ardus. So me being the Daqan player traded one of my Kari models for a Ardus model. I am not very comfortable with using Greenstuff, so I wanted to do some very simple conversions, without using any Greenstuff. I knew that I wanted to make him into a Champion Upgrade Figure, to use with the Daqan Spearmen Unit. In order to make the model look as similar to the official Champion figures, as possible I wanted to use a bald head and make sure to keep Ardus dual wielding. What I ended up doing was cutting off Ardus head, weapons and all Spikey bits from the model. I replaced his head with a Space Marine Sergeant head(slightly modded to remove minor cybernetics) and his weapons with a Space Marine Combat Knife and a Clansman´'s Claymore(From Warzone Ressurection). The picture below gives you an idea of what it looks like, even if the quality of the picture is not the best. Kari to the side, for scale.
  6. Hi @Sorastro Just wanted to say thank you for making your guides. I have not followed them 100%, but I used them as a basis for my units and I learnt a lot of new techniques and styles. I have not gotten so far yet, but below you will see how far I have gotten so far. I will keep at it and hope to have a full army on the board soon. (The pictures does not really show off the lighting effect from the runes, which is much smoother and clear in normal light).
  7. We had Betrayal deal 15 damage to a 3x3 Spearman unit with Frontline Rune Golem. We have had incoming Cavalry charges turn around just before be able to impact a group of archers and then having to reform and charge over 2 more turns, while being decimated by arrows. Getting stun tokens at the wrong moment can be devastating, missing a turn or a charge is just the worst. Loss of faith is always a tough one aswell, removing a full tray of units. Overall I have to say that Morale effects in Rune Wars is far more devastating than critical effects in Armada or X-Wing. Controlling the panic levels of your units is key to victory.
  8. I have 2 core sets. Most of the mould lines are hidden in such a way that you have to really look closely to notice them. The few that I needed to remove took me maybe 1 hour for both sets combined. It sounds like the mold you got, was really bad. If you took any pictures of them, you could send it to FFG for investigation.
  9. I painted it as fur, it will work either way you want to paint it tbh.
  10. Scrum is a Project Mangement system. Scrum boards are a tool you use to track the progress of a project, you generally do this in Projects that have a few participants. It is useful both for anyone performing a task in the project and for Project Managers like myself, who need to keep an eye on progress and resource allocation.
  11. Lets just say that I have set up a Scrum board to track my progress with painting this game. It is actually surprisingly useful and motivating. Good place to track what colours and mixes you used when painting aswell. Always awesome to see a burndown chart go down when you spend a few hours painting. Must find all the ways to motivate myself :D.
  12. It would be really wonderful if you found the time to do that. I will for the first time ever, try to follow a painting guide, as I loved the way you painted the Rune Golem. I have bought all the colours for it and I stand ready, so it would be great to be able to start on the rest of the army aswell. Thank you again for making such amazing videos, it is very appriciated.
  13. Any chance that we will get the paint guide for the Spearmen by Thursday @Sorastro? Would like to see what you did with them before I start painting my own :D.
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