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  1. EZPZ: Dengaroo. It's ok though, because they are in love. HAAM (but worth it!): Brobots, after the Jumpmonster came out. Seems like a lot of similar answers from my Scummy associates. Chromed out murdermachines take some work to get humming.
  2. E Chu Ta

    Whining is annoying, but it solves problems

    ... and GIFs. Semantics and GIFS.
  3. E Chu Ta

    Whining is annoying, but it solves problems

    OP's post is a grain of truth safely tucked away at the core of a huge pearl of bullsh*t. Has the game's direction been steered by the critiques of the customers? Likely. Should people who behave consistently obnoxiously be hailed as heroes every time something vaguely in-line with their rantings changes from on high? Absolutely not. Rewarding negative behavior begets more negative behavior. A ****-spiral eternal. You dont get a medal.You don't deserve it. I agree with @Jeff Wilder in that all criticism, valid or no, is lumped in with whining on these forums, and that's not right. Further, though, I blame that on the babies in the various screeching minorities having turned the entire idea of discussing a problem with the game into something so toxic that the knee-jerk response has become to dismiss it out of hand as whining.
  4. E Chu Ta

    Why Are You Actually Bad At X-Wing?

    I refuse this invitation to the pity party. I'm actually pretty incredible awesome decent. I could be better, yah, but I make good lists, fly them hard, and try and learn from mistakes. The main repeating flaw in my play makes for great stories: when you let Rear Admiral YOLO take the helm, stuff can get weird quick. Expectation: Reality: Don't always allow the Rear Admiral to have control, but sometimes you gotta put your shades on and let chaos reign.
  5. E Chu Ta

    Pilots who you fear won't survive the 2.0 upgrade

    Is Sunny Bounder confirmed? If not, then Sunny Bounder.
  6. E Chu Ta

    How do you know which ship your 2.0 dial is for?

    Gotya, thank you @tsefardayah and @J1mBob. So much info to process, didnt realize the two parts of the dial are oriented differently in 2.0.
  7. E Chu Ta

    How do you know which ship your 2.0 dial is for?

    Wouldn't this set up allow a perceptive, informed opponent to know what you dialed in by the back of the dial? Am I missing something? Please tell me I'm missing something.
  8. E Chu Ta

    Scum in 2.0

    Freebies will still exist, and you get to fly 3!
  9. E Chu Ta

    Scum in 2.0

    Not disputing this, and further I think the new Starviper looks like a blast, but nobody brought up the IG-88s yet. They demand respect.
  10. E Chu Ta

    Scum in 2.0

    IGBots! We may be able to put 3 of the murdermachines on the table in a normal game now. So tech!
  11. E Chu Ta


    I got you, fam.
  12. E Chu Ta

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

  13. E Chu Ta


    All is forgiven. The "ferrets are rodents" misinfo campaign must be stopped, but that's not your fault. Here's another ferret jumping into a trash pail.
  14. E Chu Ta


    The ferret is the domesticated member of the Order Carnivora, Family Mustelidae and Genus Mustela. This means that ferrets are meat-eaters and one of the members of the weasel family. Did you even read the rulebook?
  15. E Chu Ta

    Tie Strikers Seem Good

    <Lifelong loyal Scummy Villain self-employed entrepreneur: STILL want to run 5 (+!?) TIE Strikers. They kept all the fun stuff that made me consider infidelity in 1.0! Also la bomba!? Yas! I am all about these zippy little bangers.