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  1. EZPZ: Dengaroo. It's ok though, because they are in love. HAAM (but worth it!): Brobots, after the Jumpmonster came out. Seems like a lot of similar answers from my Scummy associates. Chromed out murdermachines take some work to get humming.
  2. OP's post is a grain of truth safely tucked away at the core of a huge pearl of bullsh*t. Has the game's direction been steered by the critiques of the customers? Likely. Should people who behave consistently obnoxiously be hailed as heroes every time something vaguely in-line with their rantings changes from on high? Absolutely not. Rewarding negative behavior begets more negative behavior. A ****-spiral eternal. You dont get a medal.You don't deserve it. I agree with @Jeff Wilder in that all criticism, valid or no, is lumped in with whining on these forums, and that's not right. Further, though, I blame that on the babies in the various screeching minorities having turned the entire idea of discussing a problem with the game into something so toxic that the knee-jerk response has become to dismiss it out of hand as whining.
  3. I refuse this invitation to the pity party. I'm actually pretty incredible awesome decent. I could be better, yah, but I make good lists, fly them hard, and try and learn from mistakes. The main repeating flaw in my play makes for great stories: when you let Rear Admiral YOLO take the helm, stuff can get weird quick. Expectation: Reality: Don't always allow the Rear Admiral to have control, but sometimes you gotta put your shades on and let chaos reign.
  4. Is Sunny Bounder confirmed? If not, then Sunny Bounder.
  5. Gotya, thank you @tsefardayah and @J1mBob. So much info to process, didnt realize the two parts of the dial are oriented differently in 2.0.
  6. Wouldn't this set up allow a perceptive, informed opponent to know what you dialed in by the back of the dial? Am I missing something? Please tell me I'm missing something.
  7. E Chu Ta

    Scum in 2.0

    Freebies will still exist, and you get to fly 3!
  8. E Chu Ta

    Scum in 2.0

    Not disputing this, and further I think the new Starviper looks like a blast, but nobody brought up the IG-88s yet. They demand respect.
  9. E Chu Ta

    Scum in 2.0

    IGBots! We may be able to put 3 of the murdermachines on the table in a normal game now. So tech!
  10. All is forgiven. The "ferrets are rodents" misinfo campaign must be stopped, but that's not your fault. Here's another ferret jumping into a trash pail.
  11. The ferret is the domesticated member of the Order Carnivora, Family Mustelidae and Genus Mustela. This means that ferrets are meat-eaters and one of the members of the weasel family. Did you even read the rulebook?
  12. <Lifelong loyal Scummy Villain self-employed entrepreneur: STILL want to run 5 (+!?) TIE Strikers. They kept all the fun stuff that made me consider infidelity in 1.0! Also la bomba!? Yas! I am all about these zippy little bangers.
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