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  1. hi, thank you for the insight, i chose this forum because i played most of the campaign with Dark heresy rules, i ascended my psyker but we still stick to DH, because ascension is kind of too overpowered, so i feel like im still playing DH and not ascension. thanks for the links i'll use them, and im a bit disappointed that my character is not realistic but well, a u said, averything and nothing is canon.
  2. Hi everyone, im a DH french player, my english is not perfect so i hope i dont make too much mistakes lol. I play an ascended Psyker, rank 11, but i have to introduce him a bit because he is quite original and weird. Well i started as a Savant rank 3, purified spirit, normal Imperial psyker, until i discovered i was in fact the result of an experiment made by a renegade inquisitor, who surgically implemented a Logis Demonae in my body to grant me my powers, then he removed my whole skin to replace it with the skin of an deceased registered sanctioned psyker (quite sick, my GM is a sadist), and erased my memory (i recovered my memories during the campaign). My inquisitor is a former sister of battle, when i discovered this abomination, i told her about it, and she really wanted me dead, but i've saved one of her sister in a previous adventure, so she brought me to a bunch of exorcists/techsorcists who removed the demon inside the device. The outcome was that i became an Alpha wyrd, a very potent version of the common wyrds, and i could litterally learn every power of any discipline without any limit. But the counterpart was that i lost control of my powers, i was like a living bomb. Again, my inquisitor wanted to execute me but i saved her life once again against a chaos sorcerer, so she gave me another chance. After a lot of suffering and warp issues (nightmares, temptations, possessions attempts etc...), i finally encountered the lord inquisitor Ahmazzi who used to live in a former base of the well known Haarlock family, and he offered his help because we've killed a bunch of demons and saved his ass. Inside that base, i was introduced to a very powerful creature called the golden widow, who told me she could connect me to the astronomican, some kind of assermentation/sanctioning (?) in fact, and also learn me very ancient forms of powers. So my GM told me it was something called the third eye opening, which i performed, and became a primaris Psyker, but still not officially registered, well i admit i did not know that this game could offer so much mindfuck stuff about being a psyker. Ah and as a last experiment, she also turned me into an equivalent of an astropath, not without sacrifying thousand of destinies to perform the ceremony (i learn that after lol, i keep it secret of course). So i am at the same time, a biomancy master, have some powers from every DH disciplines and also astropathic powers, and its getting confusing (and a lots of madness points, i paid a high price for it). So i wanted to ask a few things. - I learned some powers from the rogue trader book, and it seems very different, because i just have to roll a Willpower test, i just wanted to know if concentration/focus (?) could give some bonuses to help me cast these powers. - I also wanted to know if it was possible to foul a true astropath with my aura, because my team want to infiltrate me inside a astropath temple, which i think is a very bad idea. - Finally i just wanted to know if you think that this kind of character could actually really exist in the lore, because i searched a lot about alpha wyrds, and found almost nothing.
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