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  1. Fortifications are technically Crafted Items, and there's no way to edit options on Crafted Items without directly editing the code. Not yet, anyway.
  2. You cannot add them directly through the Character Generator itself. You need to go to GM Tools, then Groups, and start a group with only your character in it. In the window of options for that group, go to the Bases section, and then select 'New'. There is a drop-down option with base options - you want 'Shipboard Workshop'. You'll want a 'Cybernetics Shop' for the medical bay, and a 'Repair shop' for the droid bay.
  3. Hey, OggDude, question. Doesn't have to be right away, but can you give us the ability to make/modify Crafting Templates? Some of FFG's templates need work, and I'm sure people have extra ideas for stuff they'd want to craft.
  4. So, Ogg, what book is next on the docket for inclusion to the generator? Unlimited Power, with the final Crafting options? Knights of Fate, with new Lightsaber types? Cyphers and Masks? Or Dawn of the Rebellion, with boatloads of new worlds and NPCs, plus six Universal Specs for us?
  5. There is no 'official' list yet, but I can go ahead and tell you: the only books that aren't supported yet are Dawn of Rebellion, Unlimited Power, Knights of Fate, and Cyphers and Masks. Also, Disciples of Harmony is mostly supported, but OggDude lacks a detailed Mentor generator (you can fudge it a bit with generic NPC creation, but he doesn't have all the options regarding the different 'societies' Mentors can come from, not to mention the process is even more detailed than making an Inquisitor).
  6. So... @OggDude... Which book will you be adding next? Unlimited Power, for the Alchemy Crafting Rules? Knights of Fate? Or Dawn of Rebellion?
  7. Thanks. And I just checked, and the DL link on the first page did auto-update with the latest version.
  8. @OggDude Umm... I don't see a download link. EDIT TO ADD: Unless the DL Link on the first page auto-updates.
  9. I understand that, and know that. I am just saying that I have heard (second-hand, mind-you, but it appears to be official) that you can add weapons to a crafted ship using Integrated System. EDIT TO ADD: I am not disputing that you can add weapons after creation. But I am simply saying that for Integrated System, adding a 1HP Vehicle Attachment for free (and giving them a dedicated Hard Point slot), weapons apparently do count.
  10. Yes, you can. However, weapons do count as a 1HP attachment for the purpose of Integrated Systems. I believe that is official word from the Devs, but I do not know the appropriate source - if someone can kindly reference this for me, I would appreciate it. EDIT TO ADD: The information about weapons counting as a 1HP attachment is something I learned second-hand through fellow players of this one West Marches AoR Campaign. Again, I do not know the exact source, but AFAIHH it is official word from the Devs. Confirmation more than welcomed.
  11. A couple of ideas for implementing modifying existing ships: First, you could have it as a variation of the Crafting Interface, with a button labeled "Modify Vehicle". It'd be just like normal Vehicle Crafting, only instead of 'Vehicle Frame', you'd have the main frame of the vehicle being modified, and you could select whether you wanted to remove the existing Engines/Hull to add Hard Points or not. Option 2 would be to have Vehicle Attachments which simply set the requisite values for that ship at 0 and add the appropriate Hard Points (2 for Engines, 3 for Hull), and have an option to craft the replacement Engines/Hull as separate Attachments (though for Hull, anything chosen with Integrated System would also be added to the Attachments list as normal. Either of those seem workable?
  12. @OggDude OK, a few issues I see with the vehicle crafting, after playing around with it for a bit: Integrated System can only be selected once in the generator, when I assume it's meant to be selected multiple times. Furthermore, you are unable to select attachments to add in the generator's current state. (Also, I believe weapons would count as said attachments, too) There is a sidebar in FO that says you can swap out the hull or engines of an existing vehicle/ship for a crafted component, removing the older components to free up hard points. I am not seeing any such functionality in the generator. Hope those will be fixed in the official release.
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