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  1. I have had trouble running scheduled Chainbound events. I know I should be able to go online on the ANA website and schedule or events, and I'm pretty sure this has worked, but this morning after creating an event for tomorrow for one of my stores, I was unable to see that event when I logged into GEM and created the tournament. I have talked my staff members through the process over the phone and most of the time we have been able to run the Chainbound events and report at the end, but this morning I couldn't even see the event when trying to create the tournament. I even clicked the Retry button several times. I wish creating the events in advance on the website and using the app to run the event felt a little more connected (see Wizard's Event Reporter).
  2. We had a store tournament here in KS w/ 10 people and two of those players were basically brand new to the game and won first round against veteran players with new Vader lists. One of them was very close and got a little lucky but the newbie in that game hadn't even played with command cards yet! I've played against new Vader once and killed him pretty quick but he soaked up a lot of attacks so and ended up losing so as a mostly Rebel player I am terrified of Vader.
  3. Haven't played him yet, but I kind of disagree with this. It allows you to run someone into your opponent's territory, and if they take him/her out, Chewy gets the bonus. If they don't, you have something just getting free reign, finishing them any way you choose. One figure that fits that role well would be Ashoka, b/c of her insane speed. She also packs a punch for her cost. Jyn could be good, too b/c of her cost, decent attack and surge abilities and Hair Trigger. Best of all could be Obi-Wan- if your opponent kills him you're getting two focused figures (one for Into the Force, and one for Debts Repaid). Combo Chewy/Obi-Wan with some eRangers and support and you have a decent list imo. Top tier? Maybe not, but definitely playable.
  4. Oh ALSO, according to ICv2, Imperial Assault was #8 ok the list of top 10 selling Hobby Channel board games in the fall of 2016. Case closed.
  5. Okay... Settle down, people. First of all, I'm a little skeptical about your source. Distributors typically do not send out product announcement emails until FFG has actually announced the product themselves. How do I know this? I am a FLGS owner myself. If what you say is true then Alliance might be in deep, deep crap, possibly jeopardizing their exclusive relationship with FFG/Asmodee NA. Secondly, the "rumors" about FFG ending IA are probably false. Yes the competitive side is not doing super well, but sales for the game overall are still decent, and an official FFG Twitter account stated just a few months ago that they were still working on the official campaign app. Now would I like to see Legion be real? Yes! Just don't immediately believe everything you hear.
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