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  1. I would advise checking out http://www.186th.org for our podcast or even https://suchanxwinghipster.wordpress.com if you're looking for good, regular European material (All about the self promotion !)
  2. Quite an interesting discussion here. Text wall incoming! I live and play in the UK but have been lucky enough to so a fair bit of travelling for x wing. Even getting to worlds in 2015. I've definitely noticed some trends in the differing environments over that time. Interestingly enough the general spread of lists in most tournaments are similar, the difference tends to be what the top players take and practice with. In the US the top players generally stick to the tried and tested lists. 'Meta' if you will. They make sure they understand them and when a good player takes a good list they do well. In Europe the top players are more likely to see what the top lists are, and then spend their time developing counters to them. Either by changing the top lists slightly, or by introducing auto thrusters to a turret meta. (Martyn and a few others going to kylo ren in the present meta is a good example. If you have been paying attention, there has been Miranda rey and ghost everywhere and kylo is the natural predator) This method does take time however and if players are unable to test their ideas across multiple tournaments this could be a reason the US players are more likely to take the top lists. FWIW I think Poland's meta game is one step ahead of Europe's as they are already looking to counter the counter that might evolve. Finally, having played in both environments and as a few others have mentioned. There is very little difference in tournaments in the US or Europe. There is DEFINITELY a difference in reactions and analysis. This might be a little cultural, not sure, but the american podcast pages have been really really salt filled recently. I'm confused as to why because we are probably in the most open meta ever. Yes we can't fly b wings anymore but lots of different lists are viable right now, you just need to be aware of the big bad ghost or Miranda when you put them together
  3. Thanks Sozin for saying all of this. I've done my fair share of arguing and firefighting alike over this past two weeks and it's really been getting me down. Your post has helped remind me that it's important to remember there are multiple sides to every story and where the focus should lie. The onus is on FFG to balance their game and lumping decisions on the community shouldn't be a thing.
  4. Hey all my new article is up this time I've paired up with Phil GC of Firespray fame for a dual look at the meta and what to do with it Enjoy ! Oli and Phil “M*ta: It’s Not a Dirty Word” https://medium.com/@oliverpocknell/m-ta-its-not-a-dirty-word-a152343b9d2
  5. Nah don't worry bud, I think I caught the wrong meaning there first time round and snapped at ya, Its incredibly frustrating how arc dodgers have been edged out for the last year and a half. My favorite pilot is and will always be Jake Farrel with prockets and I had many a good duel with Vader and other interceptor pilots. The main issue I have found is the defense of things at the moment, its that much harder to kill something with a well placed squint than it used to be and so you have to fly perfectly again and again and again to make a dent. As you say its almost impossible now. Makes me sad but I'm getting Jake out of the box again for wave eleven to see if he has legs! Jess Jake and Nym is a good one that I'm looking to try right now !
  6. Nothing as far as I'm aware, just that with the bomblet generator taking up two slots I think we will see more reveal bombs over the action bombs when the havoc drops. Squints are better at dodging those with the boost barrel roll
  7. @clanofwolves Firstly was my blog. Not Jespers or Simeon's, Secondly, if you said fly interceptors a year ago, then you would be playing easy mode. Its how the meta itself shifts. Why not bring your own shift on how to kill the present meta and see how it goes for you. Instead of trying to shoehorn a perceived 'bad squad' into someone's hands just to prove to yourself that they're not all that. I think its going to be squints time again soon, with less action bombs and more tlt on the horizon. We will see but I intend to try and read and take advantage of it
  8. The guys at the 186th squadron have been fairly active with blog posts recently too, feel free to check us out on our medium page, or on our website https://medium.com/186th-squadron 186th.org
  9. I wrote an article on this yesterday updating it for the present game https://medium.com/@f48847fcc626/f2fa7595fbfc Builds Paul's article, hope you enjoy! Oli
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