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  1. You might be looking Edge of Tamriel: It has talent trees for Gladiator, Nightblade, and Scout.
  2. One thing to note is that since I forked stoogoff's git repo, I created my own branch rather than mess with master. If you clone the repo, you'll need to checkout the GenesysVersion branch to see the Genesys adversary JSON files in src\media\data\adversaries Does that help a bit?
  3. Nice. Thanks for the breakdown. Looks like it’s worth getting the PDF when it comes out.
  4. Since reading through the EPG I was excited to put the new CR guidelines to good use. Creating some new adversaries, and using the provided suggestion to put together vaguely balanced collections of official adversaries, etc. However, with my group of four PCs (and just two of them last session) I have found every encounter to not even be close to difficult. I understand the point that this is only a guideline and there's that callout about "Know Your Group!", but I thought it would feel at least close. They're not all super-strong either - fantasy setting, we've got one face character, one ranged soldier-type character, one offensive mage and one defensive mage. They've faced all different combinations - a small group of rivals, a single rival with some minion groups, a single strong nemesis, lots of minion groups - and I don't think using the CR has helped at all. Has anyone had the same experience? Or do most people find it works just as well (and saved time) eyeballing it?
  5. This is really interesting. It's a topic that's always nigglrd at me so it's cool to see you've tried a different approach. As you say, it's not necessarily better or worse, but if you want to try a slightly different play experience, it's probably with a shot. I think we'll stick to the default in my group, though. I don't feel like putting stickers on my dice.
  6. It's nothing original, but I thought I would share what I've done anyway. This is my first Genesys campaign and I thought it would be fun to do something homebrew. During our session zero it came out that my players enjoyed Final Fantasy and Diablo, so I got the idea of dungeon delving with magical technology. A lot of the content for species and careers is from Realms of Terrinoth, with a few reflavouring options. For example, I only have two magic skills - Esper, which is about using the energy from the planet and living creatures, and Arcanics, which is more logical and about manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe. I've put all the credits at the bottom, but I was influenced by one of the Final Fantasy settings here, and the Elder Scrolls games, plus a few pieces from the Edge of Tamriel setting here and a new species from D&D's Temple of Elemental Evil Player's Companion. Basically, a long time ago there was a great dwarf empire across the three continents that was winning all the wars thanks to their superior magic-infused technology. Many remaining kingdoms and duchies banded together to fight them, but one day all of the dwarves disappeared (*cough* Morrowind *cough*). In the ensuing centuries, the old alliances have splintered into the original realms, all fighting each other often. The old dwarf ruins are still full of magical treasure and guarded, so the players are a part of a sort of treasure hunting guild to get stuff. That's about all I've developed so far. There's a bit of padding in the document but a lot is just me making up names that I might turn into adventures later. https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LqPzvKyWdWrBm40IF3R
  7. @IamGazrok, I'm happy to add new adversaries to the to-do list, if you're happy for them to be there and public. It can take a while to convert lots of them, though. It's an interesting idea, @KelYco, but I'm afraid that won't happen. I didn't do any of the actual coding - just some tweaking of the colours, symbols, and the data entry. I would have no idea how to use images, nor where to find enough of them that are free to use.
  8. There is no glossary. Mostly because I can’t JavaScript. Those codes are the adversary decks. Some of the adversaries contained therein were not in the splat book.
  9. Just posted my first version of the Genesys Adversaries site. I think that would be nice to put here.
  10. A long time ago I was pointed to the amazing resource of Star Wars: Adversaries (http://swa.stoogoff.com/#0-0-0) by @SkyJedi and others. I thought it would be really cool to have a Genesys version - a utopic open-source catalogue of Genesys adversaries, nice to use and all stored in a nice (JSON) format that could be used in other cases. After some help from Stoogoff with Windows hosting issues, and @drainsmith for a text dump of all of the official adversaries, and a lot of manual copy-pasting, I've finally finished the first iteration. http://genesysadversaries.dylanpetrusma.com Big thanks to @Direach, too, for letting me use the stats from the fantastic Creature Catalogue to fill the site. All the code and stats are open-source, available on Github. If you want to add any adversaries, you can either do it yourself by following the format in the src\media\data\adversaries folder and creating a pull request, or sending me the JSON file, or just asking nicely and I might add something. You can filter by name, tags (I've started with the adversary power levels, the setting, homebrew vs. official, and a few misc categories like "Undead") and Source (GCRB, EPG, etc). You can keep track of wounds, add more tabs for other adversaries (down the bottom of the page), use the links on weapon qualities to look them up, even create your own adversary on the site. Again, I did none of the actual coding - just some data entry and slight layout tweaks (colours and Genesys symbols). There are a changes I made to the abilities as printed to better fit with generic ones, and I have some to-dos in the readme file in the Github repo. I hope people find it useful.
  11. dipicacyx

    Well Shît

    Hopefully the foundry can stay open. Whilst this definitely sucks, with the quality of some of the foundry content I've seen, i think there's potential for big foundry setting books to sort-of replace the official ones. As long as people are willing to pay for it, of course...
  12. I converted an existing DnD adventure called "The Dreaming Heralds" to Genesys. It was for a competition on EN World about using a certain map and designing an adventure. I think it turned out alright.
  13. It'll be interesting to see how this affects the growth of the system. Is there any quality control? Do FFG check to make sure what you upload on Drive-Thru RPG is not junk? Will creators that have uploaded their setting documents here take it down to put up on Drive-Thru RPG? I think it's great that they've allowed this, that the creators can receive some compensation, but things might be a little funny the next few days I think.
  14. Thank you so much those who put the effort into this. I use LibreOffice, and unlike Word you can't set outlines to text, so what I'd done before was save an image of each die and create a AutoText to insert the image. It worked well enough, but this seems a lot better.
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