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  1. That sounds like an interesting concept and I would love to see something similar to that, BUT anything resembling flotillas right now rubs me the wrong way lol! Then again if it's an attack flotilla it would be forced to be in the center of the action allowing it to be killed easier than the ones we have currently!
  2. Don't they seem a little small to be StarHawks? I mean this ship is supposed to go toe to toe with SD right?
  3. I have doubts, but since this wave is going through production so quickly, they might tease the next one. It's been speculated that if they release a wave for Christmas that it will be quite expensive as that will give us some time to save some money to spend on it, so I could see a CC like ship expansion with two Med/Large ships
  4. Same and the following John Williams performance just knocked it out of the park. I always tear up hearing the Star Wars Theme, but at that point it was just free flowing! No Shame! Anyone else see @Crabbok's YouTube video where he showed off the FFG Celebration stand and the new models? I was waiting for the money shot from beneath the Quasar and I finally got it thanks to him! Unfortunately it seems as though they aren't painting the actual hangars (which doesn't surprise me as they haven't painted the hangers on any other ships) as I had kinda hoped. When are they streaming the rebel's panel? I'm having trouble finding the date and time
  5. That would be awesome! Maybe even bring in the AFMK2 and some EU characters! Dash is probably gone forever though?
  6. Hey guys and gals, Happy Star Wars Celebration 2017! I was just wondering what y'all are looking forward to seeing and theories on what news stories/trailers we will get? I personally am looking forward to the Last Jedi panel and am hoping to see some more of that Star Wars Viceral open world game! Since this is an Armada forum and we love speculation on our favorite game, do you think we will get any news regarding us? Perhaps at least an article or two? Or maybe they'll finally drop the FAQ? One can only dream!
  7. Yes granted that, but they do have only one more shield than a GR-75 and have three less dice than a CR-90 with none in their rear arc. A ship build for (and that has titles that encourage) ramming is going to need more hull. I believe that evens them out. I don't believe they will cost more than a CR-90b.
  8. Agreed. My guess would be in the 28-36 range
  9. I certainly agree with that! I could definitely see it helping some with the damned flotilla problem.
  10. But if they are as expensive as CR90's point wise (as previously speculated on this thread) and can fulfill a similar role as them, than that would be a bit OP imho I think that task force perhaps will allow for multiple ships to have the same non-unique title thus benefit from that task force's perks
  11. Perhaps they are drawing from the episode of Rebels where he was one of the leaders for the boarding party to take over the Quasar orbiting Ryloth? Thus allowing for FFG to create unique boarding parties. But I agree it bothers me too because he was the leader of the Ryloth Resistance Movement during the GCW...
  12. To my best recollection, I believe that there were a few gunships in the fight, unless those were just different shots of that singular ship
  13. I believe that you might be correct! The Cham Syndulla card in the Hammerhead expansion seems as if it might be a unique boarder. He requires the Weapons Team and Offensive Retrofit upgrade slots just like the other boarding cards. Then again we will have to wait until they do the in depth articles of the expansions to get any more information!
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