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  1. Simple Nerf for the Ghost+Phantom

    If you go into the game thinking it's the ghost list on a timer, and not you, you're doing it wrong.
  2. G1-M4-C ''Dunelizard'' Fighter

    You'll have to be careful with a ship that has scum crew and astromech. The only other ship to have that combo needed to be nerfed to oblivion.
  3. G1-M4-C ''Dunelizard'' Fighter

  4. I'm not even sure what you're trying to say here.
  5. Don't nerf tlt.

  6. Let’s think of ways to hurt the Rebels.

    Only large ships can coordinate large ships... problem solved
  7. Not any closer than he needs to be for her ability.
  8. The insanity that is X-Wing in the UK

    Which is why the US has 5 SO, and Europe has 6. Not sure. How much of Asia is in the southern hemisphere?
  9. Trying the Alpha-Class

    I've never actually run it, but it could be good. Might try dropping crackshot and lwf from sabacc and giving him lone wolf. Or just switch crack for vi, depending on your meta.
  10. The insanity that is X-Wing in the UK

    Which is why you complained about none being south of the equator, of course. How much of Asia is below the equator? I think Australia probably should have one. As far as Europe getting more SO, compare regional sizes between the US and Europe. The three regionals closest to me were 140, 150, and 160 (estimations).
  11. Solo Teaser Observations

    Don't waste it!
  12. Trying the Alpha-Class

    This maybe?
  13. Trying the Alpha-Class

    Try QD and sabacc. They won't get ignored.
  14. Trying the Alpha-Class

    35 points is pretty much the sweet spot for imps to fill around... mix and match QD, Vader, OL, Vessery, Ryad, Inq, countess, pure sabacc, deadeye rho vets, etc
  15. The insanity that is X-Wing in the UK

    Sure... now draw in the equator. I teach geography for a living, and use that image in a lesson. Around 90% of the earth's population lives above the equator. The 4 main population hubs are east asia, south asia, western europe, and eastern north america. He can keep his snarky comments about the US, and go read a map.