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  1. hawk32

    How will quick build cards work?

    Presumably they are balanced around the initial release of each ship, and so will be basically useless after each point update.
  2. hawk32

    2.0 Acrylic Checklist

    I'd say drop shields off the Kit A, and add more charge and force tokens.
  3. hawk32

    Anyone converting FFG acrylic templates for 2E?

    Just do the other side.
  4. hawk32

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    I really enjoyed it... way more than TLJ.
  5. Duncan was LW Ryad not QD
  6. Was it Dash/Poe?
  7. Outstanding job on this... can't wait to see the final product.
  8. hawk32

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    corran in an xwing
  9. hawk32

    X-Wing Worlds 2018

    Tell me more about these unique Euro inventions of palp aces or bro-bots
  10. Maybe add reinforce?
  11. hawk32

    conversion kit pricing

    It's more than I thought it would be, but it also includes more (cards) than I thought it would.
  12. hawk32

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    I stopped running it for a bit because I'm helping local players prep for worlds, but I'll be bringing it back out next week.
  13. hawk32

    Calling all players; please respond

    If it is possible to slide the ruler between the bases, it isn't over the base of the ship that is firing.