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  1. There was a imp swarm with 2 bombers and 3 TAPs all with cruise missles that lost to jess, wullffwarro, lowhhrick in top 16 (I think?). Obviously not a high PS alpha strike though.
  2. My main issue is with reinforce, but the biggest issue is that the game has become more about creating crazy combos... which imps can't do by design. ept, 2 crew, 9 damage on a ship with white hards and a 180 arc... for 28pts what could go wrong?
  3. 1. you'll have to tell me about all those other 2+ tactician squads. 2. I'm ok with them doing fine.
  4. Does it cost 0 points and 0 slots?
  5. Then nerf reinforce to adding a green dice instead of an evade and be done with it. A rebel ship with 2 crew and ept should cost much more to begin with.
  6. reinforce is probably too good, but the simple fix to triple wookies if they get out of hand is easy... make tactician unique.
  7. If anything needs a nerf, it is clearly vader and quickdraw.
  8. Bumpmaster, fenn rau and asajj stress will eat them imo
  9. You'll have to point out where I proposed nerfing TLT. You, on the other hand, did.
  10. Tell me about all those abusive lists that are solved by making it unique. Good chat.
  11. Tell me about all those abusive lists that are solved by making it unique.
  12. kanan wookie, dash miranda, rey miranda, dengar nym, etc. all agree.
  13. You're right, it is a shame nobody runs Dash, kanan, lowhhrick, liberators, defenders, vessery, contracted scout, asajj, etc. ...
  14. Casual.
  15. Wut