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  1. hawk32

    Points and formats

    No it isn't. The falcon and striker aren't out yet. Anyone who wants to play those in hyperspace still has to buy conversion kits.
  2. hawk32

    Points and formats

    Why limit options if the power levels are the same?
  3. hawk32

    Points and formats

    For resistance and FO to be competitive in extended they need to be balanced against that. All of their options are available in hyperspace. So then the original factions need their hyperspace options balanced against extended lists.
  4. hawk32

    Points and formats

    Bold: what? If hyperspace is competitive in extended, then why have two formats?
  5. What hyperspace ship is more efficient?
  6. hawk32

    Points and formats

    Then justify having 2 different formats.
  7. hawk32

    Points and formats

    Should ships have different points for hyperspace and extended? Does costing FO and Resistance to be competitive in extended make them way under priced in hyperspace?
  8. The most expensive is 38 base. The cheapest is 32... 9pts more than a tie/ln but you get a hull bumped to a shield, an extra shield, boost and tl as actions, elite and tech slot, built in linked reposition, a turret, and the best dial in the game. If you can't spam them and make it work then I don't know what to tell you.
  9. It is about as ez mode of a ship as there is in the game.
  10. https://raithos.github.io/?f=First Order&d=v6!s=200!243:181,206,-1,182,113,-1:;235:-1,-1,-1:;262:181,-1,-1:;289:-1,-1,-1,183,-1,-1,-1,-1:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Think I'll try this.
  11. I'll have to give that a try... I had been thinking about dropping tavson down to SBP but tavson is so good.
  12. Of course I switched it up and decided to run hyperspace dormitz and sbp, plus QD last night to practice for a tournament in a couple of weeks. That clearly was time well spent.
  13. I've been running a lot of Tavson, QD, Scorch, Backdraft lately and having a lot of success.
  14. Don't the rules say you have to be moving to suffer the effect? "While a ship executes a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an obstacle, it executes its maneuver as normal but suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle:" "While a ship is moving, but not executing a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an obstacle, it executes its move as normal but suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle:"
  15. DICE MODIFICATION Players can modify dice by spending various tokens and by resolving abilities. Dice can be modified in the following ways: • Add: To add a die result, place an unused die displaying the result next to the rolled dice. A die added in this way is treated as a normal die for all purposes and can be modified and canceled. • Change: To change a die result, rotate the die so that its faceup side displays the new result. • Reroll: To reroll a die result, pick up the die and roll it again. • Spend: To spend a result, remove the die from the dice pool.
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