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    Thank you a1bert! I was sure you have the answer
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    Here is a shorter version for each character's back story if you would prefer to use these for your games instead.
    Dour, steadfast, and pugnacious as always, "Wildfire" has really only ever felt at home on a battlefield; a wolf ever searching for the next hunt. Responsible for the death of his Jedi Commander during the events of the nefarious Order 66, CT-1701 would forever be haunted by his past actions. Years would pass and a new dictatorial and authoritarian regime would come to power; the Galactic Empire. The remaining Clones were promptly put to use in quelling rebellions and enforcing the motives of their new masters. At the height of Imperial power, CT-1701 inevitably hit his breaking point with his service in the Imperial military due to the various atrocities he was forced to commit. "Wildfire" would come to develop an intolerance for subordination to a cause he couldn't believe in. Vowing to forge his own destiny, without the malicious direction of enslaving "masters", who viewed the remaining Fett clones as expendable, outdated, relics to be discarded at a whim. "Wildfire" escaped to the Outer Rim planets in search of the Rebellion, hoping to enlist, and regain his lost honor. "Wildfire" has decided his waning years wouldn't be spent in leisure; this old soldier is determined to die in combat- for glory, for his friends, and for a noble purpose of his own choosing. Having seen service since the earliest days of the Clone Wars, "Wildfire" has never truly adapted to the current methods of warfare; he still prefers to use a gun as old as he is: the DC-15S Blaster. "Why fix what isn't broken.”
    Tress Hacnua
    After losing both legs and an arm in a string of various tragedies all culminating in the death of her father, Tress earned a second chance at life thanks to the efforts of a humble elder of the Teräs Käsi Order. Out of options due to her recent status as an orphan, Tress would inevitably join the order, receiving a set of robotic limbs to replace her own. After years of practice, Tress is now well adapted to her mechanized appendages and is freely able to operate much of her body without severely impacting her own stamina reserves. Through her multifaceted martial-arts training, Tress found that she could strike harder, and move much faster than the average opponent, receiving a distinct advantage in combat. Her many studies have honed her mind, body, and spirit to endure. Over time, Tress has developed into a determined, witty, and cocky woman with a passion for combat; empowered by the flow of battle, and the achievement she gains from conquering a worthy challenge. Never forgetting her many losses in life, either physically or of her loved ones, Tress vowed to never be helpless again. She is a warrior, re-forged in hardship, and has a monster of her own to slay before she's done. One day she plans to confront the creature that cost her so dearly...
    Tactical, savvy, and prepared to face the unexpected, Ko-Tun Feralo is a steadfast ally in the thick of combat. Having worked as a quartermaster for so long, Ko-Tun has learned the value of being adaptable; commonly bringing large reserves of ammo, and weapon modifications for her squad on each outing. In the early days as a scout sniper, Ko-Tun racked up 31 confirmed Imperial Officer kills across the galaxy; all thanks to her trusty Service Rifle- a standard issue marksman rifle that she has effectively mastered. Now dubbed-“the Merchant of Death” by her comrades, Ko-Tun has worked her way to the top of her field by sheer effort. Dutiful, honor-bound, keen-eyed, and brave, Ko-Tun helps bring some added perspective to her new unit. In her spare time, Ko-Tun focuses her efforts on locating new business deals for Gideon's Cell, and the Rebellion at large, or more intel on her MIA father. Caught red handed by the Imperial Security Bureau, the Imperial Senator, Sahm-Ken Feralo, was indicted for espionage; communications with his rebel contacts promptly ceased and Sahm-Ken was last seen escaping into the shady under-city of Corruscant to evade capture. No word has come regarding her father's well being, good or bad; the silence is what kills her... 
    Once a talented General of the Onderonian Military, later, a chief warrant officer of the legendary Alliance SpecOps unit- Saber Team, and now, the Commander of an elite Rebel Cell of his own making; Gideon Argus has forged a name for himself as a renowned leader of fighting men. Gideon has dutifully served his entire life in war; leading his men to countless victories. Despite his age, Gideon is a formidable soldier in his own right, and the strain on his body does not prevent him from fighting beside his men on the front lines from time to time. Gideon’s weapon of choice is a concealable Holdout Blaster, a memento from his wife, to keep him safe until he can return to her. Gideon's greatest strength is his ability to command and inspire others, using his tactical knowledge to focus their efforts and embolden them to victory. Yet war does take its toll; the many losses of friends and allies over the years have served to strengthen Gideon's resolve, but has also left him and fatalistic in mentality. Despite his jaded outlook, Gideon always presents himself to his men as dignified, resolute, brave, and unwavering. Soldiers are easily drawn to his charisma and know that with Gideon leading the way, they would always win the day... 
    Born on the war-torn planet of Mon Cala, Loku has devoted his life to bringing peace to his people no matter the personal cost; quickly bounding his way up through the ranks of the military as an elite Sniper. Through the rigorous training undergone by all Mon Cal Special Forces, and an innate talent for observation, Loku is able to gather every piece of relevant information about the battlefield. Loku can quickly become a focal point of clarity in the chaos of battle. His talents as a scout, combined with his remarkable aim, enables him to spot and eliminate enemies before they even become a threat to him or his allies. Loku prefers to wield a durable and reliable All-Weather Rifle, (resistant to the harsh climates found across the galaxy and able to fire while submerged) and prefers to find locations on the field where he can attack from range, to provide direction, or distraction, for his allies. Eventually he would use his abilities to aid the Alliance to Restore the Republic when an union formed between them and his people. Though no Imperial has ever witnessed him in direct combat, Loku has made a name for himself throughout the Empire as a highly dangerous threat; Loku takes pride in the fact his enemies fear him, and that they will never see him coming...
    In some circles, Jyn Odan is an honest and hardworking tradeswoman, in others, she is the best kind of Smuggler; with a record so squeaky clean authorities can't help but fall for her many ruses. Through unfortunate circumstances- mostly beyond her control, Jyn was betrayed by her accomplice Szark, a money-grubbing Trandoshan; losing her ship, the Valkyrie Corona, and a large sum of money in the process. The Corona is Jyn's pride and joy and she will never rest until she regains custody of her "baby." Now grounded, and broke, Jyn has recently taken to joining Rebel operations, occasionally, in the hopes that she can quicken her search. Jyn spends much of her free time trying to track down that deceitful snake Szark, or, further details on which Imperial detaining facility contains her abducted spacecraft. Jyn prefers Blaster Pistols to rifles, and is most comfortable with an older Vintage model given to her by her father when Jyn first left her homeworld to travel the stars. She is both lithe and agile, making her way across the battlefield with ease and elegance, and finds that most problems can be solved by getting to an objective first, and firing a few blaster shots along the way. Helping the galaxy is all well and good, but Jyn doesn't like being tied down for long.
    Mak Eshka’rey
    A natural at sleuthing, stealth, and espionage, Mak once willingly served the Empire through employment within the nefarious Imperial Security Bureau; eventually defecting to the Rebels cause. While on a mission on behalf of the Rebellion, the ISB made an attempt on Mak's life; utilizing a "Shadow Suit", this assassin was able to camouflage with his direct surroundings. Mak was able to defeat this deadly foe, but knew the threat was dire if this new Imperial tech were ever mass produced. While in the field Mak commonly utilizes an array of tech from his connections in the Bothan Spynet or his past allegiance with the ISB. He has recently taken to wielding a modified Longblaster; a civilian, hunting weapon, Mak has re-purposed in the attempt to disguise his assassinations around the galaxy. He prefers to take out high-priority targets from long range, but isn't opposed to a more intimate fight if he must. Mak has a talent of “melting” in and out of combat when enemies are not paying attention; waylaying his foes and causing distractions to catch them unprepared. In his spare time, Mak attempts to gather volunteers to aid him in removing the threat of the Imperial "Shadow Suits" and end any advantage the Empire could have gained from their creation...
    Diala Passil
    Successfully escaping Order 66 at the tail end of the Clone Wars, Diala Passil would inevitably take shelter within the arms of the Rebellion. Due to the tragic loss of her Master, Shu Yen, and her fellows of the Jedi Order, Diala now bemoans the lost opportunity to finish her "accredited" Jedi training to become a Knight; lamenting that she was unable to create a lightsaber before her master fell. Thus, she wields a durable, yet unremarkable, Plasteel Staff, with a skill and ease only a force sensitive could conjure. Representing the "Golden Age" of the Republic's Jedi Order to the many soldiers of the Alliance, Diala is well regarded for her sophistication. She is both dignified and perceptive; garnering much respect by her cohorts for sharing her wisdom of the Force with those who will listen. Diala is able to remain calm and focused under fire in combat, using the defensive saber forms taught to her by Shu Yen, Form I, Shii-Cho, and Form III, Soresu, to protect herself. During her meditations Diala is often granted visions of future events that may yet come to pass. Repeatedly these visions end with Diala being mentally drawn back to the grave-site of her fallen Master; beckoned by a dark, foreboding, presence she now feels haunting the ruins where he fell...
    Imprisoned by the Republic for his loyalty to the Separatist regime during the Clone Wars, Biv Bohdrik, was entered into the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center on Coruscant as a POW; facing justice for his role as an elite bodyguard of the Separatist Parliament. Tortured and shamed over the course of many years for his past allegiances, by the warden of the prison, Kayn Somos, Biv developed a strong hatred for the Empire at large, but, focused his frustrations on the stormtroopers in particular. His years as a prisoner were not spent lying down; Biv eagerly committed to a stringent training program to increase his general strength, endurance, and stamina. After his escape from incarceration, Biv fell-in with a group of Rebels who were undermanned in a fire-fight with the Empire. Having no qualms about looting the corpses of his fallen foes, Biv eagerly took a Repeating Blaster he pilfered from a nearby fallen stormtrooper. With no true fear of death or injury, nor patience for cowardice or hesitation, Biv held the line; gaining much respect from the Alliance. Biv still bears a bloodthirsty vendetta against Kayn Somos for his many abuses during his incarceration; luckily his years of imprisonment have taught him patience. Vengeance is only a matter of time.
    Onar Koma
    Cloned for combat on the aquatic planet of Kamino, Onar Koma was born and bred in a laboratory using the DNA of an ancient Aqualish, Ualaq, gladiator. By employing extensive Gene-Modification and steroid therapies, the Kaminoans forged Onar into a living weapon of immense mass and muscle. Onar was created to function as an elite, personal-bodyguard, for a now long-dead crime lord. Onar Koma is not good man, in fact he is a very bad one; like most of the Aqualish race- he is gruff, brash, cruel, and impatient. Onar has a bad reputation for being quick to act and quicker to anger; one must choose their words carefully around this aggressive titan or face his wrath. Onar revels in combat, being amongst the strongest brawlers in the galaxy, easily weathering the many blows his enemies land on his Durasteel-hard hide. His favorite weapons are his fists, though he is also partial to the Bodyguard Rifle issued to him in his days of "service" to the Black Sun crime syndicate. The Rebels don’t trust him, yet, need any help they can get; regrettably beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to galactic freedom. Rebel High Command has determined it is better to keep tabs on Onar and attempt to minimize the chaos. The enemy of my enemy is my friend; at least for now...
    The Mandalorians pride themselves in the art-of-combat, training their youths to be skilled in all manner of martial arts, melee weaponry, and marksmanship. Shyla above it all, prefers her specially crafted Duelists Blade, meant for precise and deadly strikes. The Ancient Mandalorians once fought Jedi with these unique blades, called vibroswords, crafted specifically to contend with the Lightsabers of their enemies. Shyla would come to make a name for herself in the Outer Rim as a talented mercenary and bounty hunter; responsible for bringing in many high priority bounties for the Galactic Empire. This partnership would last many months until a high paying contract Shyla completed was reneged by the Empire. With her trust in the Empire shaken, thereafter she decided she would take contract work for the Alliance to Restore the Republic instead. Introverted, conservative, professional and skilled, Shyla, is a true force to be reckoned with. In her free time, she often researches into the Mandalorian splinter faction, Deathwatch, in an attempt to feel closer to her personal heroes; gleaming as much knowledge as she can from the long-dead coalition. Something at the back of her mind seems to entice her about the organization and she plans to get to the bottom of it...
    Vinto Hreeda
    Born to a world of criminality, destitution, and depravity, Vinto has gained a stern intolerance for those who would abuse the poor and needy. Determined, grim, and solemn, Vinto has led a long and tired life of near constant combat. He has plied his trade as a mercenary for decades, completing hundreds of kill or capture contracts across the galaxy; his tenacity pushing him ever forward. Over the years, Vinto has earned many scars, each a testament of his will to survive, and evidence of his purpose being anointed. Many claim to have killed this elusive Rodian over the years, yet, Vinto always seems to get back up ready for more. His many "deaths" have earned him the nickname, "Revenant", leading many to believe the Rodian vigilante is a cursed spirit who travels the galaxy seeking revenge. Vinto is a natural with a blaster, his favorite weapon being a modified Hair-Trigger Pistol, which has been greatly upgraded to increase its firing rate; often dual wielding a Secondary Blaster, to lay covering fire, and assist in keeping his enemies at bay. Vinto’s trick shots are legendary; commonly leading blaster bolts exactly where they need to go. He plans to fight until there is nothing left of himself to offer the galaxy; luckily Vinto is just getting started...
    Trained on Kashyyyk as a Demolitions and Munitions expert During the Clone Wars, Drokkata has gained a love for all things that go “boom”; the sound of an explosion would quickly grow to be his favorite noise in the world. Tragically Drokkatta would come to be enslaved alongside his people for many long years at a Labor Camp on Geonosis, shortly after the Wookiee's homeworld was seized by the Empire. Drokkatta is now a ticking time-bomb just waiting for the chance to go off. The Imperials took his home, his freedom, and his family, but they would never take away the spark of rebellion he garnered in his heart. One day he would see the Empire go “boom” for what they had done. Drokkatta prefers to wield a MGL-9 Thermo-Grenade Launcher, titled “Boomer”, a devastating, concussive weapon provided to him by the rebels for use in taking down lightly armored vehicles, gun emplacements, and structures. He works hard for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and with their backing, will one day return to rescue his fellows still trapped within the labor camps on Geonosis. Above all he knows that the Rebellion must be cautious in the liberation attempt, or risk losing his people to Imperial Genocide. He had seen it once before...
    Davith Elso
    In the waning years after the Great Purge, Davith's faith in the Jedi's path was sundered. Resentful of his new Imperial enemies, Davith was horrified that the Jedi Order could be brought so low, so easily. To survive in times such as these, he determined that he would have to follow his own path. Seeking shelter in the arms of the Rebellion, Davith martial skills and anger would be put to good use. Under the new call sign “Hawkbat” to protect his identity, and honor his past, Davith would eventually be given high priority black-op missions by the Rebellion to assassinate key Imperial Leadership across the galaxy; becoming one of the most effective cogs in the Rebel machine. In a bid for vengeance, Davith would eventually team up with a secretive Intelligence contact: "The Duke", together forging a meticulous plan to end the Emperor's heinous reign. "Hawkbat" would first enlist as a stormtrooper, and eventually, promote to the ranks of the Royal Guards, thanks to the efforts of undercover Rebel allies in high government positions of the Empire. Betrayed by "The Duke" at the cusp of his success, Davith was foiled in the attempt on the Emperor's life. He now spends his time hunting down the identity of "The Duke" to repay him in kind... 
    Born within a diminishing clan of destitute families, confined to the scrap-planet Lotho Minor, Jarrod Kelvin’s upbringing was the embodiment of the phrase “survival of the fittest.” The planet to which he was born is a literal garbage dump, where scrap, refuse, and worse is collected from other nearby worlds. Jarrod’s parents “made a living” as scavengers and antiquated engineers within an allied commune, barely holding itself together due to the hardships of the land. In an attempt to gather enough credits to rescue himself and his clan, Jarrod stowed himself onto the first offworld spacecraft he could find. Upon landing, Jarrod was caught, and promptly escorted to the Holowan Mechanicals security office. When inquired about his trespassing, Jarrod was able to convince the executives to witness his robotic engineering abilities. Impressed with the young man's talent, Dr. Orus Graves, shocked the gathering by offering the young man an opportunity to become his new apprentice. Months later, Dr. Graves and Jarrod worked diligently to forge a new droid model, the J4X-7. That night the droid plans were stolen, Dr. Graves was found dead, and Jarrod made a vow to find the culprit. Willing and able to help, the Rebellion's intel would come at a price: his talents, on and off the field of combat.
    Murne Rin
    Murne Rin is an eloquent and well loved Ithorian Senator representing the Life Zone of planet Bespin. She is well regarded amongst her peers for her fairness during negotiations, skill at standing her ground against her political rivals, and willingness to offer relief aid to other planets when times are tough. The Galactic Empire regards her as an ally, commonly treating her with more dignity and respect than most; a luxury many in the galaxy never receive. Little do they know that Senator Rin has been an Architect of the Alliance to Restore the Republic since its formation; amongst the founding members of the Alliance Intelligence and Rebel High Command itself. Murne is never directly linked to her hoaxes, using scapegoats and aliases to cover her tracks. Though she actively avoids combat, Murne does carry a Diplomat Blaster Pistol within her robes at all times due to the clandestine nature of her operations. Her true talents are in supporting her allies and bodyguards in the field; whether by offering data regarding troop movement, intel from her spies and allies, or by releasing false orders to Imperial officers. Murne is working hard to see the Galactic Republic Emerge Anew and is willing to die for her efforts; they just have to catch her first...
    Saska Teft is a black market tech dealer and engineer living in Mos Espa, the principle city on the planet of Tatooine. Due to the nature of her work, Saska often overhears a lot of jucy gossip going on around Tatooine. Her memory is Eidetic, and she rarely forgets a fact, making her quite dangerous to the people involved; luckily for these shady individuals, Saska is much too self-absorbed with her own work to care about these incriminating facts or circumstances, most of the time.  Saska prefers to use a heavily Modified Blaster of her own creation while in combat, as well as, a comprehensive tool kit, and the many varied and useful gadgets she has built over the years. These items range from personal energy shield devices, to adrenal injectors, and even explosives. Saska’s inventions, while many times unconventional, can mean the difference between success and failure in the hands of the resourceful; though none is more resourceful in a fight than Saska herself, who uses her own devices and illegal weapon modifications to wreak havoc on the Imperial forces. The Imperials brought her wrath upon themselves by stealing her life's work; they will soon realize how poorly equipped they are by comparison.
    Once a premier agent of CorSec, Verena Talos, lead the Tactical Response Team on the planet Corellia, performing precision strike missions against terrorist encampments and organized crime rings. Her twin brother Ivan on the other hand, served CorSec's Intelligence Division under the tutelage of his Imperial Security Bureau Liaison, Agent Blaise. Ivan chose to excel in information gathering; analyzing CorSec's enemies to pinpoint their weaknesses. Verena focused on fine-tuning her close quarters combat skills and her proficiency with firearms. Behind the scenes, Agent Blaise, worked to convert Ivan to transfer fully into in the ISB organization. Thus Ivan began to withdraw further and further away from Verena. When she discovered that Ivan planned to join the Imperials, Verena informed her brother of her critical views; believing that the Rebellion was a better cause to stand behind. With that, Ivan was truly angered, he viewed all rebels as terrorists. Upon reporting this conversation to Agent Blaise, Ivan was instructed to kill his sister for her heresy; accepting the mission without hesitation. The Fighting Knife she now carries is a constant reminder of his treachery; having pulled it from her abdomen during the events of her escape...
    Originally garrisoned at a hidden Rebel Base on Arda-1, Fenn Singis served two full tours of duty with a mobile strike force to lock down the region. He quickly set himself apart from his fellows by always seeing a mission through to the end, even if that meant alone. Due to his continued successes in the field, Fenn and his team were regularly tasked with many dangerous and high risk operations; with Fenn witnessing the death of what few friends and allies he had to the Stormtrooper ranks over the coming months. He was no stranger to loss, and took his punches better than most, but these deaths seemed to affect him more and more as the war pressed ever onward; a burden of guilt that the directors at HQ did not have to consistently bear. Fenn intentionally remains distant and professionally short with his squad-mates, despite this, many highly regard him for his efficiency and reliability. A lone wolf in every meaning of the word; Fenn is tactically aware, cunning, and practically feral towards his enemies. Fenn’s favored weapon, his Infantry Rifle, was the standard equipment for his squad while fighting on Arda I; Reliable, consistent, and comfortable in his hands, he has carried the weapon through some of the toughest of fire-fights in the galaxy...
    During the early days of the Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk, Gaarkhan, his brother Jirritt, and Grozlanna, a Wookiee elder to whom Jirrit was indebted, gathered members of their clan to cast-off the new invaders. Losing himself to his anger upon his brother death, Gaarkhan utilized his "natural weapons" to strike down the Imperial Officer responsible; forever shaming himself in his clan's eyes. Now banished from his homeworld, he hopes to make things right by freeing his people from slavery and servitude. In combat, Gaarkhan is the epitome of Wookiee ferocity: he charges forward to engage the enemy with his favorite weapon, a deadly Vibro-Ax. Any foes who are lucky enough to survive his savage attack will quickly find that he is most dangerous when injured. Gruff, moody, ferocious, and intimidating, Gaarkhan surveys his surroundings with a critical eye; those foolish enough to threaten his allies will know the true definition of fear. Taking great pleasure in battle, this hulking Wookiee warrior happily puts himself in harm’s way to protect his fellow soldiers; appreciative of any excuse to fight another pawn of the Empire. Chains can't hold him, slavery can't break him, and his rage can sustain him; the Empire will know the wrath of a Wookiee warrior...
    This units’s earliest records are of forced service to the notorious Crime lord, Ziton Moj, of the Black Sun crime syndicate; who used the droid’s multifaceted capabilities for healing loyal allies, and torturing his many captives.  "Doc's" past is checkered at best, having been responsible for cracking the psyche and skulls of many fools who attempted to resist the Black Suns aims; these Files are rarely utilized, but MHD-19 has been known to "Turn The Safety Switch- Off" when necessary. This unit’s service lasted for many years until his master's death. Near the end of the Clone Wars, the Pyke Syndicate and its mercenary allies, led by a man named Draylen, were in open war with the Black Sun, due to their frequent attempts at a hostile takeover of Pyke territory. Victorious in the ensuing battle, Draylen would find, reactivate, and eventually, befriend MHD-19; even giving him a nickname a few weeks later, "Doc". Now due to the rise of the Empire and its injustice to the galaxy, the pair has recently decided to work with the Rebellion in mercenary capacity. At the request of Commander Argus, MHD-19, would be promoted to the lead medic of Gideon's strike force, while  Draylen assists Rebel High Command with precision strikes as an undercover operative in hostile territory.
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    IMHO this can't be the end of a miniature based Star Wars games.  I think we will see this come back in some form.  If you think about it Disney is just about to release a slew of new content including:
    Season 7 of the Clone Wars The Mandalorian  Episode 9 Resistance Season 2 Casian Andor TV Show Game of Thrones Trilogy Rian Johnson Trilogy There is so much on the horizon it would be silly to simply walk away as the brand is about to take a huge leap forward.  As a product manager myself you only pause a product for a few reasons
    FFG is going through a re-organization behind the scenes Once the business and HR stuff is out of the way they may start supporting it again Product sales have flat lined and there is no pivot which allows the product to grow in it's market or increase it's market share This means the product is in a sustain pattern of 2-3 years before official cancellation Minimal investment to keep current customers active and reduce customer abandonment They are innovating on the product; meaning the IA team generated an idea during development and market analysis indicated that idea would be better as a stand alone product to build a new product (game) from I am assuming new game development takes a few years so this is why they aren't saying IA is canceled, they want to sustain their current customer base while building it's replacement  I think it's the last one and they are working on something new that may be a year or two out.  Only FFG really knows but that's my best Product Manager guess.
    What do you guys think?
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to GuillotineTE in New map announced.. Ewoks?!   
    I don't get why everyone has to be so negative about IA's future all the time. I doubt it will be discontinued anytime soon, it's Star Wars after all. Runewars was an original concept without any preattachments making it not as appealing to potential players.
    Even if IA is officially discontinued, we can still play the game. Yeah we won't get anything new and most stores will probably stop hosting tournaments since there wouldn't be any new tournament kits, but we could plan stuff as a community and join to play our favorite game.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Bitterman in Imperial Assault Tools - List Builder, Card Editor, more... - now works on Windows 7!   
    Another update, and this one is quite exciting in my opinion.
    The game data now uses the correct style for quotation marks. (That's not the exciting bit). Command cards can now be cloned in the Card Editor. (Not that exciting either). Skirmish army lists can now be exported as images in the Army List Builder - ooooooooooh! Perfect for showing off on forums!

    Please note that the fixed text on these images will not be made translatable. Sorry.
    One word of warning - I changed my build environment since the last update. No-one should notice any difference at all, but if you do encounter any strange behaviour, let me know.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Bitterman in Imperial Assault Tools - List Builder, Card Editor, more... - now works on Windows 7!   
    Yeah, looks pretty sweet, doesn't it?
    But if you think that's good - there's been yet another update! (What can I say. Must be in the mood). I've added Editor support for the remaining Item card types, other than Weapons (which were already supported) - so Supply, Modification, Equipment, and Armor cards are all available.

    I know some people have been waiting on this for a while, I just hadn't got around to it until now. Hope it was worth the wait!
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Bitterman in Imperial Assault Tools - List Builder, Card Editor, more... - now works on Windows 7!   
    Announcing the Imperial Assault Card Viewer!

    Very simple one, this - lets you view entire groups of cards all at once.
    Currently only supports Deployment and Command cards, but plans are to be able to do things like show the Hero sheet and Class cards for each Hero, to help you compare them and choose who you want to be in your next campaign... and for the Imperial player to be able to do something similar with Imperial Class cards and Agenda cards. None of that is in there yet, but it's something that I think might be quite useful.
    Download the installer from the usual place to get this and all the other tools you know and love.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Bitterman in Imperial Assault Tools - List Builder, Card Editor, more... - now works on Windows 7!   
    And another update! This time, the Skirmish List Builder supports auto-filtering of Skirmish Upgrades (especially Attachments) with restrictions, though take care - it only checks whether any groups are able to take the attachment, it doesn't check that (for example) each group has only one Attachment... the different combinations of that get crazy fast.
    Also several other lesser but still helpful fixes. Go get it!
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    Ace_of_Spades got a reaction from angelman2 in Any hope for the Empire?   
    After reading this topic i decided to share my last ToL campaign story.
    I have a veteran group to play with. We played 1 Core campaign  me as imp,  Garkhan, Mak Fenn Gideon was rebels. I was steamrolled and defeated. After that i played several App game with them. Even in hard mode we not even sweat
     Now they asked me to play the Imp again because the App is not even chalange for them. (I chose to not suggest them to use not A or S tier heroes) Honestly I was desperate for a payback.
    So they chose Garkhan Vinto and Ko-toon. I chosed Military Might. Started with "Endless Ranks" and i spawned mainly Deathtroopers, dewback raider and Jet-troopers like a mad man. My onley realy used Agenda card was "High valued target"
    Imagine the faces at 5 threat lvl when after you make the first hero wounded and next round you spawn 1 more elite and 1 more regular deathtrooper on the board...
    At the begining of the last round was the point when i saw the hoplessnes in those eyes and as an imperial that is exactly what i wanted to saw in those rebellious eyes.
    But as a friend i felt sorry and i let them win by missplaceing the target figure and not moveing it out of the fire zone. But is was too transparent.
    We end up with an agreement to use balanced groups and class decks to keep the fun.
     But the conclusion: If you want to mop up the Rebs you have the tools for the job.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to burek277 in Any hope for the Empire?   
    Thanks for the tips, everyone, and for the clarification about Pin them Down. It's a shame, that would be devastating!
    I managed to eke out a win in the end - end of round 6, three heroes wounded and one halfway there, with one terminal standing. Bringing in the Dewback at end of turn 1, using Heavy Stormtroopers, using my survive items at the first opportunity, and constantly pushing them back with Embrace Suffering slowed them down just enough.
    I only attacked with Embrace Suffering once and that was a dodge, but the threat of me using it made them think about a lot of things. Pushing them back was also useful because it moved the circle of MHD's Bacta Radiator.
    I'm really looking forward to the next one!
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to FrogTrigger in What does Outer Rim mean for IA?   
    Looks like a cool game, but no more impedes IA than Rebellion did.
    I actually wonder if they forgot about Rebellion, or if the first expansion was rushed so much to fix the combat as it did.
    Rebellion is such a good game.. I imagine Outer Rim will also be very well done.
  12. Haha
    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Pollux85 in Any hope for the Empire?   
    Just do what we all do. Give yourself extra threat. More powerful dice. Rerolls. Extra agenda cards. If they complain, tell them to deal with it because you are making things interesting. It's not cheating. It's a house-rule.
    You own this game. You own their fun. Remind them of that. 
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Kunitzu San in Humor and Drama in Campaigns   
    That's just a thing of pure beauty.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to 54NCH32 in My attempt at painting IA   
    Nice. Yeah man, I restarted my 28mm mini painting adventure (after a 15 year hiatus) with the IA core set. So the quality from Stormtrooper (white, black, boring) all the way to Vader (Highlighting and OSL!) definitely improved.

    Although 2 years down the line with better skills, kit and technique, I REALLY want to repaint or get a new core set now. (The rest of paint queue disagrees with this mad idea though ). 
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Utforskarn in My attempt at painting IA   
    Hello all!
    Long time lurker, first time poster
    I have some pics of my painted IA-minis that I want to share. I'm new to minature painting, have painted a couple of Mansions of madness-minis but other than that these are my first.
    It has taken me about one year to finish them, mainly because I paint soo slow but also due to lack of time to paint
    This would never have been possible without @Sorastro's excellent tutorial-videos, so a big thank you, kind sir I have followed these to the best of my limited abilities and I'll post the pics in the order I painted them. Hopefully there's gonna be at least some level of progress showing from first to last picture
    I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures, they were all taken with my phone. If the minis look a little crappy it could also be because I am a total amateur
    Feel free to criticize or bash , I really appreciate any pointers and/or tips to improve my painting as I will try to paint Jabbas realm next.
    Hope you enjoy!


























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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Mandelore of the Rings in New App Campaign: Hoth now available   
    Ha!  Or you get to Regionals and everyone is running Yoda and Luke with 3x rEwoks and it's the first time you've seen or heard of any of it.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to shmitty in New App Campaign: Hoth now available   
    It's ridiculous, but even things like an FAQ update have to go to the Mouse for approval. 
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to subtrendy2 in New App Campaign: Hoth now available   
    I half expect to log in to Amazon some day and find out a big box Endor/Dagobah expansion has been out for the last six months.
  20. Thanks
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Bitterman in Imperial Assault Tools - List Builder, Card Editor, more... - now works on Windows 7!   
    No problem, it's been fun. Still some more stuff I'd like to do, though not sure when that's likely to happen.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to subtrendy2 in It's FRIDAY!!!!! Who will we see spoiled today??   
    Rogue One is basically what would happen if you managed to entwine a massive game that incorporated Legion, Armada, and Imperial Assault all interacting with each other on different tables.
    I'm just sayin', I'd buy hard into both of those other games if that were ever to get an official release.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Kunitzu San in Humor and Drama in Campaigns   
    BT is menacingly stalking down the halls toward the Rebels, all the while singing the Doom Song.
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Masterchiefspiff in It's Been Some Time Since Our Last Dumpster Fire...   
    Part of the problem is it’s the OP department this tweet was to/from. So it’s not the people above that directly. The company as a whole needs to communicate with us/the whole customer base more. State of the game style at the bare minimum. If you haven’t announced anything/given some kind of positive forecast for a game in 2-3 months and you’re expecting that game to live on or to not do damage to that community - something is wrong with your understanding of how to grow and support a competitive game. 
    I don’t care if skirmish was a technical afterthough originally in the design process for IA - you have (and have had) hundreds of players who play it (many of whom also play other FFG games) and all it takes to sour them to the whole company/competitive/op experience is silence. And it’d be one thing if it was just IA but it sure sounds like it’s not. Armada has serious issues. Destiny. And even the poster child Xwing can’t have a definitive announcement of whether the points rebalance will happen or not before the next major tournament? Just make a decision and say it. Communicate. Tell us something IS being made to continue the skirmish side of IA for at least one more wave eventually. Even if that’s 6 months to a year from being a reality I still want to know the game won’t be dead after this botched up worlds audible (which also had no communication until it was too late for the vast majority of people to even try to act). 
    I love this game. I consider it to be FFG’s best game (I get other people like other styles for their skirmish) but grid based, customizable command decks, and small squad tactics for a tight organized play experience just checks all the boxes for me and I hope this game has another 2-3 Years at least in its OP/competitive life. But I guarantee it won’t if they don’t do a better job communicating with the players/customers. I’m not any of the big names out there, but I’ve been playing the game since the beginning and seen a lot of content providers for this game fall by the wayside - largely because FFG didn’t say what they were doing enough to support and curate the skirmish side of the game (even when they had stuff/fixes in the works...)
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    Ace_of_Spades reacted to Trevize84 in (Spoilers) The Pirate's Ploy - Don't do this to your rebels   
    I brought 2 Nexus regular a Rancor and a lot of DTs.
    At setup, I got optional deployment and deployed two nexus in such a way the second was occupying deployment point of e-xd. E-XD had to be deployed surrounded by nexus and wall. So it's difficult to focus attacks on  him at round one. Also divinatory rituals invoking dodges worked well.
    End of 2 round, droid is basicly dead, 1 HP left. Redeploy 2 nexus in such a way the second is right in front of the door. One round wasted to kill e-xd and the first Nexu. Then the second activated and took the space left by the Nexu who died. More time wasted.
    First activation of round 4, door finally opens after 4 dodges, block token spent by nexus and trandoshan hunters hitting like trucks using dice pool of Rancor thanks to my class card Limitless Arsenal.
    Regular nexus on this map blocks LoS a lot. Also block tokens on them make them absolute tanks. If you get dodges you win the game. CT's Pin Them Down command card against Nexus works well against Cunning because of weaken but the stuns are a minor issue. Nexu are able to eventually remove the stun and move+attack with pounce.
    If you want to still have friends after this mission don't do this.
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