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  1. No problem 🙂 ill buy 1 for myself and 1 instead of you 🙂 especialy if it contain figures on the power lvl of weequay-s or an epic figure like the Rancor
  2. Sorry that it took too long to answer. But better later than never 🙂 Red die is not optional. She makes you furious makes you angry. That not helps you in every situation. Dark Heal Works like this (@Grruberr also asked this): Vora Moves to a place where her teammates canot see her. Then use the darks side. (flavor text 🙂 ) So no ally has line of sight to her. She do an observation test and has 3 succes. Then she removes 2 dmg tokens form Fen and 1 from Garkhan. Than She place 3 dmg token on the officer who has no chance to evade this and now defeated. I need to playtest your idea with the Animal Bond and Lightwhip Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. This is a little side project for me: 0,12 USD and 3 minutes /"figure"
  4. The reward mission idea is some kind of initation ceremony. The reward card will connect to harmfull condition management. Like change one harmfull condition to another. Or 1 +dmg for each harmfull condition in prey on the weak Those are just ideas and i welcome wich you like more.
  5. The update as i promissed: For those who dont want to let her control a rancor: And some notes on the changes: She was quite weak on playtests... flexibile but weak. my group mentioned she is "they will not chose her ever again" bad... So i tried to make her a bit stronger but not too much. Prey on the weak: make the ability weapon dependent was a huge weaknes for her. Shroud of mist. Hidden is a must.place the ability to become hidden on an xp card was a mistake Enchant of Anger: mostly flavour reasons Animal bond: I noticed wll that it i a complicated ability but @Grruberr comment pushed me over my doubts. It is now simple. Wording surly not on @a1bert 's level but maybe enaough to understand. I created a no rancor card as well but i think not letting her control a rancor is against the Flavour. On Jabbas Palace it hits the Iperial player hard but to achive control she need to get Nightsister Initiate, Cybernatic arm and no strain at the start of her activation. Thats a lot of condition
  6. you mean something like this? Not done yet. I am playtesting her a lot to balance her out an update will comming soon. And she is now painted 🙂 by my wife @BeiLin
  7. Thank you @Bitterman! Using this tool saved me a lot of time! Do you plan to include the shapeshifter mechanic sometimes?
  8. To be clear. It was an existing miniature i found The blade of the whip, some scaling and the new base is my only work there
  9. The miniature is ready for the test print. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4052226 Its not yet printed! I will try it on an SLA printer soon
  10. There is a battle royale variant in BGG. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2255818/battle-royale-variation Not tried it yet and the feedbacks shows it is not 100% but you might get some inspiration from it.
  11. Repaired Now i started to work on the miniature (just a remix of an existing one), but if anybody have a thought about this hero don't hesitate Especially of this question: Is there any other way to increase a hero own endurance than his/her own skill cards and the cybernetic arm?
  12. Yes. It is Dathomir. Rather used a reddish place than the usual solution What should I say? The Intention was the damage tokens... Tried to fix it.
  13. The blurry had been solved The míthosaur get darker About the layout. This was an old layout built by myself. I love the IA card tool. No but, no if... all the cards were created with that tool but the hero sheet Print quality is what i tried to improve coz i am a maximalist on that. I am planing to create a higher quality IA like print template for the perfect end product. But that layout is custom (as this hero) and currently i like the idea to show it that way. Like all Tournament cards. they has the relevant informations with a little swing. Bigger contrast is something i will consider for sure
  14. Yes it was intentional. Thats wha she has a bow as starting and a reach traited melee weapon as well. But she dont have the strong special attacks as the heroes you mentioned. She is flexibile. Support with some dmg output. On the bow to make it stronger you dont have to say it twice ill modify it today. Vivious motivation. Its thematical for me to make it that way. When she use the dark side those who side with her and actualy good guys stress from it. (I know Mist and Binds dont work that way) On the otther hand yeah 2MP for 1 strain is not the best bargin. But we agried that Tactical movement is overpowered so i think its not too much room for movement here (pun inteded). I try to fix the rewording and typo mistakes. Thank you again! Here is a question i need a bit more help. Is there any otther way to increase a hero own endurance than his/her own skill cards and the cybernatic arm?
  15. 100%True. I think i just drop the melee starter weapon.
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