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  1. Ace_of_Spades

    Everything is out of stock?

    I am not sure now was it a serious question or high lvl trolling?
  2. Ace_of_Spades

    Just Curious...

    Its a very good question... Did you searched before questioning? We have more topics about it if you have the time you can find them as well
  3. Ace_of_Spades

    Clone wars is BACK!

    Personaly I love the concept in this Comic: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Darth_Maul—Son_of_Dathomir
  4. Ace_of_Spades

    Clone wars is BACK!

    The idea came to my mind that after the Solo movie, it is reasonable that Clone Wars storyline need to be completed. We all know now who appeared in that movie. So they need to tell the story how it happened. Why Sidious let him go and how he ended up leading the Crimson Dawn. Knowing that half of it was told in the comics and those were made from the CW scripts it is totaly make sense So i realy hope we not only will see the Sige of Mandalore but the Nightsisters as well. And than imagine Nightsister Rancor Riders in IA.... omg I know it is dreaming but thinking about a CW era Starting Set with Camino and Dathomir map tiles or Asajj Ventress make my heart race not to mention the Clankers
  5. Ace_of_Spades

    New Tyrants of Lothal Campaign Article Up!

    the exact same idea came in my mind when i saw his ability
  6. Ace_of_Spades

    List of Revealed Tyrants of Lothal Components

    @a1bert pls correct me if i am wrong! With Blaise and endless ranks technically you can bring down 3 DT for 3 threat? If yes. that that will be the time when i will protect Blaise with all i have... its too good to be true...
  7. Ace_of_Spades

    How do you store your tiles?

    Can we ask you to share those templates? The map puzzle is a real pain to us as well
  8. We got Rebels expasion now. The new TV series (Resistance) will show us the Force Awakens backstory. https://m.imdb.com/news/ni62020251 I think as the game progress nobody will save us from getting BB-8
  9. It is super helpfull. I use this for all my coop plays. Cant thank you enaugh
  10. Go Twi'lek Dancers Go! I realy liked the Seductive dance ability
  11. basicly i dont want them to be targeted. i just want them to modify the LOS
  12. Thank you for all the great feedbacks. I realy liked the -1 VP idea for shooting one of them. btw i want to keep them as companions and test out the LOS forcing mechanic. If i will find it comoplicated i maybe change it to C3PO's distractiion. I think i should change the name to attract atention for prevent collision
  13. Thank you a1bert for the fast help
  14. Hello Guys! As i promised i tried to bring Twi'lek dancer-s to IA boards. My main concept was that they need to function as distraction or eye candy. I thought about restriction that they affect only male characters but i think we will have problems assuming the gender of non human species. I am insecure with the definition how it is working. So if you can help me to make it more "by the book" i realy apriciate it.