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  1. EJ is not on this thread to my knowledge. He plays at the same store I do in NWI.
  2. No, it needs to be a game mechanic with an easily mitigated downside, so he can take some combination of crew and upgrades that gets around the downside. Duh.
  3. I have flown 6 vultures and Grevious with Kraken a few times, and each time I get to the midgame, I wish I was flying the Inferno TIE swarm instead. Even seven TIEs with Iden/Howl feels better to me than the clankers. I like flying swarms, but the drones just keep letting me down, and it’s hard to quantity why.
  4. I put optics and fanatical on the fo and sf, and promptly forgot to ever trigger them, so your strategy sounds better.
  5. I actually had a ton of fun at our D’qar event using sense Kylo, Midnight, and Quickdraw. I thought the format would be garbage but the games were really fun.
  6. Delta 7 seems like a Eurofighter Typhoon or a Dassault Rafale to me.
  7. 85th at the system open, but 72nd in hyperspace. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you guys.
  8. Woah, the username/comment synergy is getting pretty deep here.
  9. No! Fun will not be tolerated while functionally worthless trinkets are at stake! Do you not understand that sparkly versions of dice you already own are out there, ripe for the picking? Do you not grasp the unending urge to collect templates, tokens, and cards that look different than the ones you currently possess?
  10. The spanish guitar from Zero gets me every time. That game had such style to it. It had the feel of a product made by a team that had mastered their craft and were just in it for the joy.
  11. They tend to make the useful stuff like range rulers and tokens only available to the top players. The end result under the current system would be Dee Yun using gas clouds and 0-0-0 cards as shield tokens.
  12. Yes, and I am willing to give them time to make their statement true.
  13. I own three scum ships. A starviper that came in the autothrusters expansion pack, a khiraz, and another starviper that both came in the harpoon missiles expansion pack. Never again, man. I’m giving FFG a chance to live up to the statement they made at launch. Also, I maybe, just maybe, could use another Decimator in some meme list. Breaking up a scum kit and selling it is more trouble than it is worth.
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