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  1. re: actions in planning phase- This would be easy to implement. You one-sided tokens representing the action or actions chosen face down on each ship card. You reveal the tokens after you activate that ship.
  2. And does it provide enough clearance for banks without bumping?
  3. The howl tax exists. If a tie FO can cost 26, and has all that extra cheese over a humble tie LN, how could the LN be costed at 23 without some kind of tax?
  4. This guy gets it. I’m glad the Krayt running group keeps me motivated. Gotta keep that core and those hammies in shape for all the swarm play.
  5. I learned a lot from those Team Covenant blogs, too. I was quite disappointed when they chose to focus on Space Yhatzee.
  6. @Brunascaring about TIE aggressors reminds me of A-Aron’s show and the great YouTube videos he made of those early tournaments.
  7. Prize support is the last thing on my mind when I choose to go to a tournament. Playing x number of matches is the first, and how hard it is for me to consume alcohol at the venue is the second. Adepticon was the best, by the way.
  8. I agree. Anakin knocked me out of the cut in round 7 on day 1a of Gencon. It was a letdown after a very long day.
  9. My takeaway from Gencon is that Jedi running away and regenning are something I need to learn to beat, because they probably aren’t going away any time soon.
  10. I have never flown any scum, ever. In 2.0, I have only flown the “bad guy” factions.
  11. EJ is not on this thread to my knowledge. He plays at the same store I do in NWI.
  12. No, it needs to be a game mechanic with an easily mitigated downside, so he can take some combination of crew and upgrades that gets around the downside. Duh.
  13. I have flown 6 vultures and Grevious with Kraken a few times, and each time I get to the midgame, I wish I was flying the Inferno TIE swarm instead. Even seven TIEs with Iden/Howl feels better to me than the clankers. I like flying swarms, but the drones just keep letting me down, and it’s hard to quantity why.
  14. I put optics and fanatical on the fo and sf, and promptly forgot to ever trigger them, so your strategy sounds better.
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