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  1. "Say you have the Flesh Ward spell card and the Enchant Weapon spell card. They both say Any Phase. Can you cast both spells one after the other say in combat?" Yes. Harvey's Strong Mind ability only covers sanity loss, not cost. Spells reduce his sanity.
  2. "how people can manage to play under 4hrs?" By playing more. "probably gets faster with experience" That's absolutely right. 90- 180 minutes (Depending of expansions, if you want a short game try King in Yellow Touring Performance.) How many rounds you've played? (count the mythos cards at the end of the game) Longest game I played was Tsaghoggua, 31 (worst AO I think). shortest one was one absolutely brutal Yog Sothoth game, 6 rounds. Shortest King in Yellow game 8 rounds. Shortest win was againt Yig, 8 rounds + final battle (yes, it's a win, not a draw...It was a bloody battle. hah) "I think what is dragging most is gates are always surging" Sometimes gate surge is good a thing, even two or three in a row. This is a "problem" which goes away the more you play. Are there any tips to reduce the play time? Close AND seal gates. Or go for the final battle (leave gates open/only close the gates).
  3. Forsaken Lore is the one everyone recommends, but every expansion adds to the replayability. First small expansions: -Forsaken Lore (like said before ,it adds to the base game AOs, Nasty AO, no Investigators) -Cities in Ruin (Best small expansion. Filled with theme, Disasters!, 4 excellent investigators) Big expansions: -Mountains of Madness (Adds everything. Most content, Good AOs, sideboard adds its own Research encounters not tied to any AO, 8 investigators) -Under the Pyramids (Good sideboard to use with everything. Adds most Expeditions. Both AOs great, 8 investigators)
  4. 4. Next encounter is in the Other World. So, no location encounter. 5. No.
  5. 1. You get the explored token. 2. In movement phase. 3. No. They're not on the game board. 4. Investigator goes to the Other World. 5. Terror Track goes up when Outskirts limit is passed. (if the limit is 4, then the fifth monster triggers the terror track). Some Mythos cards text could also raise Terror track .
  6. Have you playtested this? Results?
  7. The card: "Test Lore+1. If you pass, you may gain 1 Item or Trinket Asset from the reserve with value equal to or less than your test result. Then flip this card." It doesn't say: Test Lore+1. Then flip this card. Then resolve the effect on the front of the card if you passed the test. 1. do you flip the card after this: Test Lore+1 2. do you flip the card after this: Test Lore+1. If you pass, you may gain 1 Item or Trinket Asset from the reserve with value equal to or less than your test result. If you chose 1, you made a house rule. Nothing wrong with that, just use it for every card. Flesh Ward becomes pretty useless unless you succeed by 3+. if you chose 2, you followed the official rules (Cards > Reference Guide > Rulebook) (Poison Mist still works)
  8. All of your wishes materialize before your eyes
  9. It does. Rules reference page 11 "Tests": "test modifier (the number that follows the skill icon on the effect)" And the reasoning behind this ruling is: You're testing lore against strength, so the same modifier applies now to your Lore test, instead of being 0 (no lore)
  10. That's Personal Story card, so he's an investigator.
  11. New investigator.... https://scontent-arn2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/22339010_851998598293470_8118410762526700331_o.jpg?oh=7a9e31470cd9d30cc98d8bd7592370e3&oe=5A47BBD4
  12. Patrolling the street triggers. Monster had 3 toughness when you encountered it. During a combat encounter, the monster's toughness went to 0 and it was dead. Patrolling the streets: "During combat encounter" means you can't use dynamite or any action phase spells. You have to fight and kill it during encounter phase.
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