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  1. Just remembered this thing that I flew a couple of times ... I call it the token explosion ... and it works by generating Vennie mods irrespective of if he gets bumped or not. The Ronith slot can be filled with any 4th ship, I used to have a generic T-70 in the spot as this Vennie doesn't quite have the burden of being 50% of the list so needing protection via the A-Wing turret. This works in Short because Finn co-ordinates Nodin who then proceeds to take up to 4 actions! Co-ordinated action Ability action from being coordinated (to co-ordinate Vennie) Ability action from co-ordinating Regular action! Then PZ-4CO allows for a focus to be passed later if needed later. There's a lot of wiggle room in the list for playstyle / specific upgrades. Is this better than having Cova/Leia ... maybe not ... and weirdly I found myself overloaded with tokens unspent each turn (too many actions!) but it hits hard, albeit it is pretty slow moving and doesn't turn around well at all. Vennie (56) Perceptive Copilot (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (10) Finn (29) Heroic (1) C-3PO (6) Nodin Chavdri (36) Korr Sella (6) PZ-4CO (6) R4 Astromech (2) Ronith Blario (34) Heroic (1) Advanced Optics (4) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  2. Yep - I caught my own error and have edited since 😄
  3. Paige: After you drop a device, you may spend 1 charge to drop an additional device. Trajectory Simulator: During the System Phase, if you would drop or launch a bomb, you may launch it using the [5 ] template instead. Yes - Paige pilot can launch both bombs in the system phase.
  4. Oh ... hey, been away from the forum for a bit @gennataos so didn't see this until this morning. There's a lot of fun ways to build out Vennie. The way I fly him is with Bastian as an M9-G8 carrier, and then an A-Wing. Had my best success with Lulo, but since then, Zizi has appeared, and I've had my head turned that way. So my 'standard' Vennie build that I go to is this: Vennie (56) Trajectory Simulator (6) Pattern Analyzer (5) Perceptive Copilot (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (10) Paige Tico (7) Proton Bombs (5) Seismic Charges (3) Zizi Tlo (40) Heroic (1) Advanced Optics (4) Lieutenant Bastian (47) M9-G8 (7) Integrated S-Foils (0) Total: 199 I've had a number of discussions in the past about my choice of Paige over Rey Gunner, and I have played with both. With this many points sunk into a single ship, I need to be getting two shots a turn. So pairing VTG with Paige allows Vennie to shoot twice a turn, every turn, with a consistent 270 degree arc. M9-G8 covers blanks on offence and you can leverage the A-Wing arc to trigger Vennie's ability if ships don't fall into his own turret. Rey gunner can be outflown removing the ability to double tap. I find that Rey is a more defensive option, and certainly it makes the very hard to kill Vennie even harder to kill with a force point. It also removes the need for M9-G8 to deal with your blank results. My preference for Bastian is the target lock shenanigans that can ensure from him. Either Bastian can acquire a lock for a double modded kill shot after Vennie has tagged someone, or you can drop a lock on an opponent ace to force him to reroll away his crits/hits. The action economy is crazy good. The problem Bastian has is that he dies. With no access to heroic, and a singe focus, he can be easily bullied by most other ships. One squadmate has overcome this by switching in a Red Squadron Expert with Herioc to keep M9-G8 on the table for longer. It seems strong, but I'm not sure it is worth losing the initiative parity with Vennie and the TL shenanigans. Regarding the A-Wing choice. I'm not convinced that Zizi is the best choice. I might still like Lulo in the spot. Having the quasi 3 dice gun really helps to push damage when needed. The issue now is that he is more expensive so it actually worth chasing down. Zizi is very defensively strong though, and keeping him alive to maintain Vennie as an unkillable monster is tempting. This list sets a really tough puzzle for opponents to unpick, and many people are unfamiliar with it, so if you can jump on top of the triggers (they are many and varied) you can ride this list to a comfortable 4-2. Top players know how to approach it, so pushing on from there comes down to doing the unexpected plays (3 bank over a rock into a pattern analyser focus is a favourite) to make the predictable space whale a bit more erratic. Another list I've played about with was taken by another UK Vennie fan - Ryan Sharpe of the weekend Warlords to win a HST. Stealth Device Vennie with 3 A-Wings in support. It's not a super-vennie build, with no VTG but he acts as a focal point while the A-Wings buzz around. I'll have a bit more of a think over the next while and see if I can think of anything else useful to say 😄
  5. No-disarm on reload is busted, I really hope not
  6. I'm pretty excited for the new release, whenever it comes out - I think it will definitely be Poe's x-wing (Max left little doubt about that) and then one of either an alt paint A-Wing (Snap, maybe some other pilots) or another skin to the Falcon. I'm hoping the A-Wing as I already have two falcons, but will be happy with either. Thinking rationally, it is most likely to be the falcon because it brings it into hyperspace.
  7. Recent events have conspired to get me playing on vassal. Which is good because I can try things out much easier. I've had a go at Leia (K2S0 crew), Luke & Thane (R4) - Great fun, 3 double modded 3 dice guns at i5 and mods to spare most of the time. Requires good first engage of all three guns pointing at the same target but is brutal when you do that. Cova(R4, Leia crew); Kaz (R5), Jess, Bastian - A brutal jousting block that can catch people by surprise. Cova is a real utility piece, and while tough to get the best out of her, is probably one of the best pieces in the Resistance. Jess and Bastian are a really solid pair too with passive mods available. Kaz fits nicely, but could just as easily be another T-70, though that removes the option of a fast, serious flanker.
  8. We regularly use 60-65minute games in GNK so we can get 3 rounds in over the evening. We did notice a shift in list types for the shorter games too ... more beef, more HP on the table. If you are gonna shorten games, you probably need to reduce the points of a list, or apply some other restrictions.
  9. I tried ... but ^^ Anyway Kulbee isn't good ... I mean, its fun, but not good. Reminds me of blue ace before they introduced intensity and flight assist astromech
  10. Again, you are reflecting your own interpretations here. I said something, that pretty quickly thereafter looked pretty dumb due to the changing position of my government (who I do trust to make decisions for the good of the country as a whole). I then kinda got yelled at a bit, which kinda got my back up. I have changed my own position based on latest advice. Because I am not an epidemiologist, I do not try to impose my views on others. There is enough terrible, incorrect, invalid information circulating that I choose not to add to it. I will continue to protect myself, my friends and family as best I can (including those with underlying health conditions, and the elderly) by following my government's advice. So shoot me, I was wrong, I've never said I wasn't, I've always said I'm following the advice from a source I trust. If that turns out to be bad advice then I will be angry, distraught and probably grieving, I will respond through channels that can influence and make a difference, not by coming onto an internet forum for plastic space ships and yelling into the void.
  11. Nah mate - I'm following the trusted advice of my government, not the advice from people on a space ships forum. I've no personal opinions on the virus, or the pandemic. As a squadron, we have now cancelled game nights our podcasts and twitch streams are slowing down (nothing to talk about if we ain't playing). We are self isolating in line with the advice of our government. And that is the crux of this, some guy online has got annoyed that I didn't accept his view as gospel truth - even if his line later turned out to be true, I will take my truth from sources I trust, not people on the internet who I can't tell whether they are legit, or some swivel eyed lunatic.
  12. I'm gonna go ahead and choose option C.
  13. You sure do take yourself seriously. Let's follow the lead of some others on here and keep the topic on that of spaceships and dice, rather than filling every single corner of the internet with views (ill formed or otherwise) about something that is inescapable elsewhere.
  14. So now that my govt advice has changed, I'll go ahead and listen to the advice of qualified epidemiologists - see how I am a rational person! I'm not gonna react to the shrill yelping of random internet people, I will react to Government advice. If I wanted to take advice from the online, I could go to r/tinfoilhat or twitter and have my fill of hysterical conspiracy theorists.
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